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GPF's Pens
The photos below show the various bonding pens and exercise pens that have been or are currently being used at Guinea Pig Fun.

Album by Guinea Pig Fun. Photos by Kathy/Guinea Pig Fun. 1 - 34 of 34 Total.
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Enlarge photo 1
Jungle themed-items purchased at Target for $2.50 each

Enlarge photo 2
Small pillow to knock or climb over or sleep on or toss about

Enlarge photo 3
Cat tunnel purchased at Daisio Japan; pad placed inside tunnel

Enlarge photo 4
Mini rug used as placemat

Enlarge photo 5
Tunnel was added later; they love it and kept going in and out of it

Enlarge photo 6
Hanging tunnel is made by Windespirit

Enlarge photo 7
Top closed

Enlarge photo 8
Grid top to keep kitten out: open

Enlarge photo 9
Items made and donated by Martha of PiggyBedSpreads.com: curtains, grid for hanging curtains, Sherpa fleece pad for underneath curtain area, two cozies, 1 piggy bedspread to fit 2 x 4 c 'n c

Enlarge photo 10
Molly checking the fleece placed over towel

Enlarge photo 11
Metal clip that secures sides and corners (I removed them)

Enlarge photo 12
Willie testing out the sleeping area

Enlarge photo 13
Bobby discovering Willie once again in his favorite areas

Enlarge photo 14
Dorita (kitten) loved the sleeping area and was wrestling with the curtain before she go escorted out for the umpteenth time

Enlarge photo 15
Pen is free of the cat inspectors!

Enlarge photo 16
Bobby in sleeping area ... he loves it!

Enlarge photo 17
Bonding pen wiith waterproof vinyl base

Enlarge photo 18
Bonding session (pen with puppy pads on rug); this bonding attempt did  not work

Enlarge photo 19
Jenni (missing one eye) and Sammy WC

Enlarge photo 20
Bonding session in pen with puppy pads on kitchen floor

Enlarge photo 21
Bonding session: bathroom floor

Enlarge photo 22
Bonding session: fleece on floor

Enlarge photo 23
New arrivals waiting for their cage to be set up

Enlarge photo 24
Overview of 3 x 3 grid c 'n c cage set up here as an exercise pen

Enlarge photo 25
Fleece covers a layer of towels

Enlarge photo 26
A fleece blanket is used to cover a layer of towels that covers the corrugated plastic base

Enlarge photo 27
Rosie loves to walk around the pen with the smaller igloo on her back

Enlarge photo 28
Ultra Carefresh is the bedding used here

Enlarge photo 29
2 x 4 grid c 'n c exercise pen; temporary pen held together with binder clips; Carefresh is in hay/pellet litter boxes

Enlarge photo 30
Overview of pen; grids only at one end to hold water bottle

Enlarge photo 31
Fleece covers a layer of towels; tunnel is a bent grid with a cover made by Angel

Enlarge photo 32
PVC tube and cat bed

Enlarge photo 33
Single step stool

Enlarge photo 34
Overview of  2 x 4 c 'n c exercise pen