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Karine Jans' Theme Cages
"This photo album of our previous and current themes contains playtime ideas for playpens, cages, and hideys for piggies to sleep in. Make sure it’s safe for piggies: no sharp objects, no staples, no dangerous chemicals, nothing that can collapse or turn over easily." ~ Karine Jans

Album by Guinea Pig Fun. Photos by Karine Jans. 13 - 24 of 52 Total.
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Enlarge photo 13
Cardboard Cavies (make sure the ink is safe)

Enlarge photo 14
Cavy Town

Enlarge photo 15
Cheeky Cheeses

Enlarge photo 16
Circus Clowns

Enlarge photo 17
City Crew

Enlarge photo 18
Cleaning House

Enlarge photo 19
Cuddle Cups/Cozies

Enlarge photo 20
Davy Crocket

Enlarge photo 21

Enlarge photo 22
Fancy Farmers

Enlarge photo 23
Forrest Leprechauns

Enlarge photo 24
Hanging Gardens of Piggielon

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