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Hay Containers
This album shows the various hay containers that have been used in Kathy's theme cages.  The ones that have worked the best are the remote-control holder, the planter basket, and the ceramic basket. The other hay containers are by Alice, Calypso, LilyGrace, Lis, and Kristie's.  NEW photos added 12-3-12

Date(s): June 23, 2002. Album by Kathy. Photos by Various: see info. 13 - 24 of 51 Total.
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Enlarge photo 13
Lis' hay removable hay loft with ramp is suspended above the cage floor to allow use of area; the ramp is attached to the tub with nylon cable ties (the side of the tub near the top of the ramp is cut lower).

Enlarge photo 14
Wood is attached to sides of low storage tub with nylon cable ties; cup hooks attach to wood and fit over grids to hold in place. The sides are corrugated plastic and the back piece is attached to the front piece with nylon cable ties.

Enlarge photo 15
Lis' Hay Holder: place grid over PVC tube and mark where holes are to be drilled

Enlarge photo 16

Enlarge photo 17
Drill holes in PVC tube

Enlarge photo 18
Close-up of drilled holes

Enlarge photo 19
Attach diagonally to grid with mini-size nylon cable ties

Enlarge photo 20
Front view of attached PVC tube

Enlarge photo 21

Enlarge photo 22
Grid attached to cage near a liter box with hay

Enlarge photo 23
Hay hut by Coolcavy

Enlarge photo 24
Hay tub by Coolcavy; use dremel tool to cut out opening and then file edges smooth; make sure that any electrical cord is out of the reach of the guinea pigs

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