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Welcome to Ye Olde Book Shoppe where you will find a wonderful variety of books, both new and used, covering many vintage topics, such as vintage costume jewelry, and beyond. If you find what you are looking for please email the owner for details..Enjoy your stay and feel free to read the books while you are here. We have a very comfortable chair for you to use and refreshments will be served...Thank you for stopping by...Management

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Ann Pitman
This is the first book in the series Inside the Jewelry Box, by Ann Mitchell Pitman. This volume features over 1,000 full color photos of gorgeous vintage costume jewelry, vintage ads, and a chapter of some of the best websites for cj collectors, including those of many JR members.  
Book price is $24.95, with shipping of $4.95 Media Mail or $6.95 Priority Mail.  Email questions to annpitman@yahoo.com

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Ann Pitman
Here is the newest book in the Inside the Jewelry Box series.  This volume features nearly 1,000 full color photographs, and like the first book, close ups of jewelry marks or signatures. Like the first book, it has information on some jewelry companies that are rarely seen in other books. There are more vintage ads and all new cj websites.  
Book price is $24.95, with shipping of $4.95 Media Mail or $6.95 Priority Mail.  Email questions to annpitman@yahoo.com

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Jan Gaughan at Eclectic Vintage

What's It Made Of? jewelry materials identification guide by Sherry Shatz, Certified Gemologist, S.C.C. is a *must* for the jewelry collector or dealer. Learn how to "properly" test using various methods for gems, precious and non-precious metals, amber, bog oak, bone, crystal, ivory, horn, jade, jet, pearls, plastics such as celluloid, casein, bakelite, cellulose acetate, lucite, shell, tortoiseshell and vulcanite.

Price: $15.25 (free shipping)

Click here to purchase:

What's It Made Of? Jewelry Identification Guide

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Joy Tumlin

CAMEOS OLD & NEW 3RD EDITION By ANNA M. MILLER, G.G. Author of Gems & Jewelry Appraising and Illustrated Guide to Jewelry Appraising.

Thank You.

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Costume Jewelry 202 outlines the process of dating vintage costume jewelry clearly by separating it into 6 methods. Filled with simple to follow instructions, over 600 color photos, patent number charts and design information.
Collecting Costume jewelry is a must-have for both the beginning and more advanced dealers and collectors.
Collecting Costume Jewelry 202: The Basics of Dating Jewelry, 1935-1980, Identification and Value Guide, Julia C. Carroll, Collector Books, 2007, 495pp, soft cover, 8 1/2 x 11.  
New Book, Price $23.95, Shipping $5.00
Rita Perloff

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2006 edition of the prized Bille Hougart book, The Little Book of Mexican Silver Trade and Hallmarks, which is a must for every lover, collector and dealer of Mexican Silver Jewelry.  It contains a brief history; actual photos of designer and trade marks; an alphabetical list of marks, including eagle numbers and letter/number combinations and a complete chronology of the Mexican silver jewelry trade. 287 pages chock full of information.
A great gift item as well as a fabulous reference on Mexican jewelry.  
New Book: Price $22.99 Shipping cost is $5.00.
Rita Perloff

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The Necklace from Antiquity to the Present by Daniela Mascetti, Amanda Triossi
"Short or long, choker or sautoir--two London-based Sotheby's experts tidy up the history of the necklace, from 30,000 B.C. to the present day. The emphasis here is on trends, with the authors examining the evolution of techniques and styles as well as of the high society, royalty, and celebrities wearing the art. Much information is captured within captions; the reader will learn, for instance, that nineteenth-century micromosaics were usually fashioned from glass tesserae found in Italy and that gas pipe is the term of preference for sinuous 1940s necklaces." Barbara Jacobs. This hard cover book is in excellent condition with only minor scuffing of the dust jacket.
Used Book: Price $65.00
Shipping will be $6.00.
Polly Curtiss

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Guido Gregorietti-Jewelry Through the Ages
New York: American Heritage, (1969). First American Edition, 319pp. Illustrated throughout with more than four hundred reproductions, half of them in full-color. Red cloth over boards with titles stamped in gilt on spine, device in gilt on front cover. Fine in a Fine dust jacket.
Used book: Price $30.00
Shipping in the USA will be $5.00.
Polly Curtiss

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Jewels of the Romanovs - Corcoran Gallery
Jewels of the Romanovs - Treasures of the Russian Imperial Court; American-Russian Cultural Cooperation Foundation published this soft cover book in 1997. This Hard-To-Find book is in very good, used condition. It measures approximately 8.75" x 9; 72 glossy pages, odd pages are full-page, full-color photos, plus other full color photos on even pages. "Catalog of the exhibition held at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and other American venues." Insured Shipping will be $5.00
Used Book: 14.99
Polly Curtiss

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100 Years of Collectible Jewelry by Lillian Baker.
171 pages Updated 202 values 8.5" x 5.5"
Hundreds of pieces of jewelry are photographed in beautiful full color and are presented with authoritative descriptions and market values. A most enjoyable value guide full of information and a must for jewelry lovers and collectors.
$10 with shipping

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Warman's Antique Jewelry Field Guide by C. Jeanenne Bell, G.G. Values & Identification
• Perfect pocketsize makes it easy to carry to flea markets and antique shows

• Covers Antique, Modern, and Costume jewelry

• Helpful tips for novice and experienced collectors alike
$10.00 with shipping

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Costume Jewelry Identification and Price Guide (Confident Collector) by Harrice Simons Miller
384 pages published Dec 1993*
Popularized by Coco Chanel in Paris during the 1920s, costume jewelry -- from the inexpensive to the extravagant -- has come into its own, creating a skyrocketing market for both investors and collectors. This guide covers it all, from Coro, Eisenberg, and Trifari to Miriam Haskell and Joseff. Complete with the latest prices, descriptions, and fascinating histories of the most famous manufacturers, it provides new and essential information for every collector:

   * Listings for every major designer
   * The most current prices available
   * Detailed descriptions and photos for easy identification
   * Tips on buying and selling
   * How to spot fakes and forgeries
   * Detailed bibliography
   * Predictions about hot trends of the future
$15.00 with shipping