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Steve & Pat's Cheap Travel Newsletter
Welcome to Steve & Pat's Cheap Travel Newsletter (CTN) and our wonderful world of 'FREE' and dirt-cheap global travel. Our 'FREE' online CTN has published quarterly since 1999!

First, we introduce you to our CTN newsletter, then offer some bio details and many fun photos that are worth 'thousands of words.'

We hope you decide to join our ever growing free CTN newsletter family. Even more important we hope that you too share our love of world class free travel.

To read the text pages scroll to the bottom of the full size page. Then CLICK ON THE WORD ORIGINAL next to 'other sizes.'

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Date(s): November 4, 2006. Album by Steve Tanenbaum. 1 - 24 of 40 Total.
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Enlarge photo 1

1st Edition Cruise Guide
2nd Edition Vacation Guide

Enlarge photo 2

Steve & Pat's Cheap Travel Newsletter - Published quarterly since 1999. Cover of original 'snail mail' CTN. CTN has for many years been a free online publication.

Enlarge photo 3

Online CTN edtion cover page. Right column is Steve and Pat's vertical cyber-photo-album.

Enlarge photo 4

Typical CTN intro on page 2 of our free online edition with issue Highlights and more personal photos in the right column.

Enlarge photo 5

Steve's GIZMO column offering field test reviews of comfort, safety & convenience travel gear from ultra-high to fun low-tech products.

Enlarge photo 6

Paris Parc Vert Galant. One of Steve's 300 YouTube videos. Many CTN issues contain imbedded YouTube videos.

Enlarge photo 7

Enlarge photo 8

VISIT THE LOST ROSE CITY....Steve atop his favorite camel in PETRA.

Enlarge photo 9

Large promo poster for friend Roger Llwellyn's one man London based show. Poster photo proudly taken BY STEVE!

Enlarge photo 10

VISIT EGYPT! Still excerpt from the promo video we filmed for Sunnyland Tours

Enlarge photo 11

Steve'a publicity Pix
shot on some years ago at Moorea's  awesome Cooks Bay.

Enlarge photo 12

Spectacular Cooks Bay in Moorea (Tahiti). Our cheapskate price:   $498 each for hotel AND air. Edit

Enlarge photo 13

Our Kaveka Cooks BaY Bungalow on our 4th visit to Moorea. All trips $498 to $798/week air and land.

Enlarge photo 14

VISIT MOOREA! Tour of Kaveka (bungalows) bay side property.

Enlarge photo 15

VISIT MOOREA! Video excerpt from Steve's Moorea Video

Enlarge photo 16

Full two-page national publication article using Steve's photo

Enlarge photo 17

VISIT AUSTRALIA! Yes, they are staring at Steve & Patty! Our 3-month trip included FREE air to Australia, New Zealand AND Maui.

Enlarge photo 18

VISIT DOWN UNDER! Anaconda III's crew as we sail Australia's Whitsunday Islands

Enlarge photo 19

VISIT ROOS! Patty & new friend on Kangaroo Island.

Enlarge photo 20

VISIT NEW ZEALAND! Our all time favorite New Zealand Penguin shot

Enlarge photo 21

VISIT DOWN UNDER! Patty savors Kanagoo Island's Remarkable Rocks!

Enlarge photo 22

Travel columnist Mike Cleary's
front page 'rave' review. On bottom of page "other sizes" CLICK ORIGINAL for full size article.

Enlarge photo 23

Steve Jet Boating in Queenstown New Zealand. Zoweee!

Enlarge photo 24

VISIT ALASKA! Patty & Steve (waiving)on Alaska raft adventure. Six weeks in a 27ft Winnabego, $70/day unlimited mileage. (cruise america price: $191/day+mileage)

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Just discovered ( with difficulty) your website.  I cut out article in Contra Costa Times  a long time ago, and now rediscovered the article. Am trying get info on Paris.
Stanley Sizeler | size1@sbcglobal.net, Sat, 28 Apr 2012 9:31PM