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Here is a growing selection of our 'best' to date Photo3-D photos. We have yet to master the best techniques for our camera BUT are having total FUN taking and then viewing the exciting early results. Starting in mid-May we shall be putting ourselves and Photo3-D to the test in Barcelona and Paris! Thank you Photo3-D.

Be sure to click on thumbnails to view full page size images. You click on SLIDESHOW below and on the left under this text tow run a slide show. ENJOY.
(c) Tanenbaum 2009
Date(s): January 21, 2009. Album by Steve Tanenbaum. 1 - 9 of 9 Total.
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Enlarge photo 1

Ten minutes after opening the box I took this FIRST photo

Enlarge photo 2

Famous Thai 'single' piece of wood carving purchased in Chiang Mai

Enlarge photo 3

Enlarge photo 4

Self portrait of Steve

Enlarge photo 5

Thailand Teddy....our favorite wood carded elephant we picked up in Chiang Mae

Enlarge photo 6

Oaxaca indians (Mexico) wood carved fantasy critters

Enlarge photo 7

Old Sacramento Wind Chime Shop

Enlarge photo 8

Buddy Stu. This is the singular best posed 'human' 3D photo I have taken

Enlarge photo 9

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