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LOLCats Contractors Series
A set of 4 series of LOLs (100 total) I created on cheezburger.com with the theme of "Contractors," gathered together for those interested in looking at (and hopefully laughing at!) my impression of contractors in the guise of animals. I hope you like them. Your comments, as always, are welcome. You can even make comments on the individual pictures. If you are visiting this album from outside of Cheezburger.com, please check out the site, http://www.cheezburger.com  (formerly icanhazcheezburger)and if you'd like to see more of mine, you can visit my Cheezburger page at: http://app.cheezburger.com/ImWoodChuck/    . Please click the thumbnails for larger images or better yet, use the slide show!
Album by Chuck Holcomb. Photos by Various sources. 1 - 24 of 101 Total. 0 Visits.
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