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2019-2020 and beyond
Here are some upcoming litters to look forward to. If you are looking for a puppy please Email Us to get on one of our waiting lists.

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Planned Litters 2019-2020
1. Planned Litters 2019-2020  (February 16, 2017)
We are anticipating Rat Terriers in Spring/Summer 2019. We plan litters so that we are able to give puppies as much attention as possible. During 2019 our family will be rotating work /vacation schedules to accommodate for proper puppy rearing. This is a hobby-not a commercial endeavour.

For a puppy application click here.

You can fill out the Application in WORD save it as your last name puppyap like so: jonespuppyap.doc and E-mail it to us as an attachment. Subject line "Puppy application"
Or if you do not have MS WORD you can print the PDF and fill in the questions/ send a pic from your phone/scanner or copy/paste q&a in the body of your e-mail.

Contact Us if you would like to receive a puppy application and more information.
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