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Roaring Wind Farm


The Coyle Family welcomes you
to Roaring Wind Farm and TAC Images
It is the Home of Champion & Champion bred POA Ponies & Border Collies
We occasionally have puppies for sale from our personal show & pet dogs
Pony Of Americas for sale
We hope you enjoy looking at our photos of our four legged companions.
Photos are added  often so be sure to stop by to see us again soon.
Home of Pony of Americas
KS'S Red White & Nifty- 53"

Border Collie Stud-
Windys Red Dragon- Red Merle



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PHOTOS by Tracey Coyle
unless otherwise noted..
No photos may be copied or used without permission.
WEBSITE LAST UPDATED September 9th  2016
Please also see my  website about my photography at http://www.tacimages.com
1) How many ponies do you have? -This varies quite a bit and changes often due to broke ponies being sold and foals being born or sold.
Currently we have 16 mares,geldings ,yearlings & foals We always have ponies for sale.
2) Do you stand your stallion(s) to the public? No we do not,sorry no exceptions
3) What breeds of dogs do you raise? Currently we only have Border Collies that we breed on a regular basis We have raised Border Collies for almost 30 years .
4)What breeds of cattle do you have? We currently have , Jerseys & Holsteins
5)How can I order prints? Email or call me and I would happy to price a print of any of my photos
6) What about deposits? Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another purchase. No animals will be held without a deposit no exceptions!
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Blue Merle Puppies
1. Blue Merle Puppies  (September 6, 2016)
Border Collie Puppies For Sale
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What's Up Whitey ?
2. What's Up Whitey ?  (January 5, 2016)
2010 POA Gelding- I like our Docs Ruff N Zip filly so much that I decided to add another to our farm, A gelding this time - he is over height but since I just want him for trail riding that is not important
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Southern Sweet T
3. Southern Sweet T  (April 12, 2015)
"Diva" Grullo filly- 2015 filly
SIRE- Pardon  Me John T -ApHc
Sired by The Secret Pardon-
Appaloosa Breeders Trust Stallion 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
National Champion Weanling Colt
Res. World Champion Weanling Colt
National Champion Yearling Stallion
National Champion Color at Halter
Res.National Grand Champion Stallion
John T is out of a granddaughter of National Champion Kelo Connecton

Diva is out of a Grullo ID POA mare sired by QH stallion Colonel Streak (Three Bar breeding) and her dam is a from the infamous Siri Chief line which is stamped in the quality and type of her head

Diva is very friendly and easy to handle

Diva may be homozygous black
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Windys Fancy Lady
4. Windys Fancy Lady  (August 7th 2012)
4 years old and under 50 inches - Started under saddle
Bayous Fancy has produced her best filly yet! Tiny dished head with petite ears,near perfect conformation.This filly is small but she has tremendous potential.At 11 & 1/2 weeks old she measures under 36" , I expect her to end up in the small mare class..
KSS'S Red White And Nifty X Bayous Fancy (Major Shannon)
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A Classy Lady
5. A Classy Lady  (October 25, 2007)
2001 POA Mare
Also for sale her 2016 chestnut roan snowcap filly
Classy is a very quiet large POA mare. Classy is a 1/2 sister to Int Champion Campbells Dreamcatcher,they both are sired by Campbell's Zippo(A leading sire of POA champions & high selling Int sale weanlings)Classy is a  daughter of a ApHc mare sired by  World Champion ApHc Kelo Connection) Classy was shown extensivly in  halter & lounge line and always did very well. She has been shown 2 summers under saddle in walk trot  by a blind child rider at both open & POAC shows -Always won her classes or placed at the top .Has enough state halter points & most if not all her Grands & Reserves for ROM(H) Beautiful mover,Professionally trained.This mare is quiet and has been handled by kids right along.Loads,clips(no twitching) and bathes well.No vices.
Leading sire of POA champions & high selling Int sale ponies
GS- Driftwoods Mr. Music
GD- Campbell's Ms Flirt

National Champion
1990 Get of sire
GD- LOOKS LIKE A STAR(2x Skipa Star)
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Luckey Black Cat
6. Luckey Black Cat  (June 16th 2004)
SMOKY BLACK - All her foals have been palomino,black or smoky black
Had 30 days as a two year old was shown halter as a two and three year old.
Easy to catch ,good mother
Kitty is a very balanced mare with a big hip and a beautiful face.She is very athletic and can spin on a dime.
"Kitty" came  here from Wi.
3/4 horse blood- Appaloosa
She is 55" tall
She is a dark buckskin or smoky black
Her sire is Luckey Strikes Gold-POAC
See his album here- Luckey Strikes Gold
his sire  Gold Bar Taps (ApHC),  ROM's in Junior Reining, Halter, Heading and Heeling, and Working Cow Horse and was a Year-End Finalist in Senior Cutting. His grandsire, Hollywood Taps GN (ApHC), won both the World and National Championships in Senior Reining and the World Championship in Freestyle Reining. His great-grandsire, the legendary Hollywood Jac 86 (AQHA),
Her dam a small black roan Appaloosa  with  halter & pleasure points winner at ApHc state and national levels
Click here to see her
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Windys Lonesome Cowboy
7. Windys Lonesome Cowboy  (July 16, 2014)
Two year old Leopard Gelding
apx 54"
Not started under saddle  
KSS Red White And Nifty X
A Classy Lady
"Cowboy" keeps getting better and better
Truly one of our best
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Call Me Impulsive
8. Call Me Impulsive  (April 04, 2016)
(Deposit required to hold until weaning in July)

Chestnut blanketed filly
Sired by HIS Onyxspected
Smoky Black snowcap
Bred by Ruth PeCoy
Sire JKA Spanish Agent
Dam- Cookies Fancy Maid (POA halter points)

This filly is out of
Justa Lil Impulsive and
born 4/04/2016
Her Dam's pedigree
Sire-AQHA World Champion Impulsions
•1989 Two-Year-Old Snaffle Bit AQHA World Champion
•1989 Reserve Champion Solid Gold Futurity
•1990 Solid Gold Western Pleasure Three Year Old Maturity Champion
•1990 Congress Western Pleasure Derby Champion
•World and Congress Champion Sire
•NSBA Hall of Fame
•AQHA Leading Sire

Dam- Lucky Mc Reynolds
sired by Mr Mac Reynolds -(Boston Mac)
•Top Ten World Show
•Superior Performance(Western Pleasure)
•Halter Point Earner
•ROM Performance
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Ones I am keeping
9. Ones I am keeping  (March 12, 2016)
Ponies on my keep list
5 Albums
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Dad's videos
10. Dad's videos  (November 14, 2014)
These videos are of  my Dad Paul E Stark playing his guitar He passed away November 11 th 2014
I miss him so very much..
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2016 POA  Foals
11. 2016 POA  Foals  (January 2, 2016)
Exposed to HIS ONYXSPECTED - (JKA Spanish Agent X Cookies Maid ( Docs Tough Cookie))
Smoky Black Snowcap for 2016
*Justa Lil Impulsive-Buckskin-AQHA
(Impulsions X Lucky Mc Reynolds)
28.13% - Bay Appaloosa
28.13% - Buckskin Appaloosa  
12.50% -  Palomino Appaloosa
12.50% Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Appaloosa
9.38% -   Smoky Black Appaloosa  
9.38% -   Black Appaloosa

*A Classy Lady- Bay with frost-POA
(Campbell's Zippo X Kelo's Star Lady)

65.63% -  Bay Appaloosa  
21.88% -   Black Appaloosa
12.50% - (Chestnut/Sorrel) Appaloosa
* Luckey Black Cat- Smoky Black-POA- Luckey Strikes Gold X Krugs Black Cat-ApHC)
43.75% - Black Appaloosa  
43.75% -  Smoky Black Appaloosa
6.25%-  Palomino Appaloosa
6.25% -(Chestnut/Sorrel) Appaloosa
Smoky Black filly
*CJ's Jazmin Cookie-Black with snowflakes-POA
*DBL D's Sweet Streak-Grullo ID
(Assumed homozygous Dun-6 foals all dun factor)
Colonel Streak- Aqha X Sweet
93.75% -Grullo Appaloosa  
6.25% -  Red Dun Appaloosa
GRULLA FILLY 4/12/2016

*Windys Ginger Snap Cookie-Chestnut with snowflakes
Two Eyed Ambition ROM(H) X Old Glory

50.00% -  Red (Chestnut/Sorrel) Appaloosa  25.00% -  Black Appaloosa  
25.00% -   Bay Appaloosa
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Foals of 2015
12. Foals of 2015  (April 5, 2015)
April 17th 2015- Windys Red Ferrari(Lexus)
Chestnut with blanket- SOLD
Snowcap colt (Classy)-SOLD
*Man In Black"* (Jazzy)- hold
Southern Sweet T-Grullo filly- For Sale
BAY FILLY -Windys Ayah Brown -NFS
701 Visits
9 Images
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News and Feedback
13. News and Feedback  (January 22cnd 2009)
Thank you to all the people who have taken the time to write to us and send pictures of your Border Collies,Rat Terriers and POA ponies .We are glad to hear from each one of you and are proud of your accomplishments!
Most of the Photos in this album provided by the people who sent their comments & info to me
New Pictures & comments last added August 2012
2453 Visits
26 Images
Gallery Album
2013 Foals
14. 2013 Foals  (October 20, 2013)
Foals of 2013

Those sired by Sunbright Coosanova-

Windys Story Hour- SOLD
Windys Red Friday- SOLD
Windys Golden Atlas - SOLD

Those sired by KS'S Red White and Nifty

Windys Sugar Cookie- SOLD
Windys One Tuff Image -SOLD ( Deceased)
Windys Pocahontas -SOLD
3 Albums
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2013 Landscape Calendar
15. 2013 Landscape Calendar  (November 27, 2012)
Email to order. Easter Special $10.00 each. The TAC images is not on the calendar images
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12 Images
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Portraits Fall 2012
16. Portraits Fall 2012  (November 12, 2012)
Photos of the kids and grandkids etc
460 Visits
5 Images
Gallery Album
Photos 2011
17. Photos 2011  (May 26, 2011)
Various photos 2010/2011
507 Visits
29 Images
Gallery Album
Photos by TAC
18. Photos by TAC   (April 16th 2010)
Photos by TAC
Photos of lots of different things
Click photo to enter &
Keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page they are in no particular order at all:)
2748 Visits
138 Images
Shared Album
19. Mopars  (October 30, 2011)
2 Albums
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WEDDING  Engagement,Graduation photos
20. WEDDING  Engagement,Graduation photos   (October 16, 2010)
Graduation,Wedding & Engagement photos
3 Albums
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21. Foals   (October 30, 2011)
Foal Pictures are from  previous foal crops
2010,2011 & 2012 foal crops - SOLD OUT
799 Visits
20 Images
Gallery Album
2009  & 2010 & 2011 Foals
22. 2009  & 2010 & 2011 Foals  (November 7th 2010)
2009 -Windys Black Gold - SOLD
2009-Windys Major Chaos - SOLD
2009-Windys Galaxy- SOLD
2010- Windys Icing on the Cake- SOLD
2010- Windys Hugs N Kisses- SOLD
2010- Windys Miss Fancy Pants- SOLD
2010- Windys Lucky Penny- SOLD
2010- Windys KC Sunshine- SOLD
6 Albums
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Ponies sold
53 Albums
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Family Photo Album
24. Family Photo Album 
Kids,cars,tractors,photos needing edits etc..
17 Albums
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25. Ponies  (September 9, 2004)
Ponies from the past Pedigree photos,Sold ponies,ponies that belong to friends etc..
17 Albums
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