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Vz24 Mauser Sniper (8mm)
Available for sale/trade                  The Romanians purchased the Vz24 Mauser from Czechoslovakia in the 30's as their standard arm & it remained in Romanian service into the early post-war years eventually being replaced by Soviet arms. A number of these rifles which had been fitted w/scopes/mounts were imported a number of years ago minus the mounts & scopes. This rifle has been fitted w/an original mount & a "sanitized" Soviet PEM scope.
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Enlarge photo 1

Rom Vz24 snip R actn
Action, scope/mount right detail Edit
Not all of these Vz24's set up for scopes had the stock cutout, I've seen a few w/smooth sides, also some w/straight bolts although most of these rifles have been reworked & are not matching so not much can be determined from these examples.

Enlarge photo 2

Rom Vz24 snip Top actn

Enlarge photo 3

Rom vz24 snip L actn
Note the odd scope mount w/the horizontal rail connecting the rings & the difference in diameter of the scope tube & ring diameter taken up by shimming the scope w/aluminum strips, also the turned down bolt handle & cutout in the stock compared to the standard Vz24's straight bolt & smooth side stock.

Enlarge photo 4

Rom Vz24 snip L
Vz24 right side Edit
This rifle is from the Romanian contract, denoted by the serial# begining w/AR. Some of these rifles were also imported w/Czech proofs. The 1 totally original VZ24 Romanian sniper I'm aware of is fitted w/an IOR (Romanian) mfg 4x scope which is a post war mfg scope. reportedly some of these were also fitted w/Soviet PE/PEM scopes as shown requiring shimming the scope to the rings.

Enlarge photo 5

Rom vz24 snip L scope

Enlarge photo 6

Rom Vz24 snip L scope mkg

Enlarge photo 7

Rom Vz24 snip no mount R

Enlarge photo 8

Rom Vz24 snip no mount R actn

Enlarge photo 9

Rom Vz24 snip no mount top

Enlarge photo 10

Rom Vz24 snip no mount R forend
Note the odd, but standard Vz24 front sight protector.

Enlarge photo 11

Rom Vz24 snip no mount L forend

Enlarge photo 12

Rom Vz24 snip no mount L

Enlarge photo 13

Rom Vz24 snip no mount L mkgs

Enlarge photo 14

Rom Vz24 snip no mount L f mount mkg

Enlarge photo 15

Rom Vz24 snip no mount L Actn

Enlarge photo 16

Rom Vz24 snip no mount L butt

Enlarge photo 17

Rom vz24 snip Buttplate

Enlarge photo 18

Vz24 mount R

Enlarge photo 19

Rom Vz24 snip R scope mkg

Enlarge photo 20

Vz24 mount bottom

Enlarge photo 21

Vz24 mount bottom1

Enlarge photo 22

Vz24 mount L

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