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Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
Album by willyp. Photos by sksnut. 1 - 51 of 51 Total. 22719 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Type63 SKS right view
The SKS mfg in N Korea known as the Type63, it's almost identical to the very late Soviet mfg side rail mkd guns, this rifle is an original, all matching & correct Type63, N Korean SKS's can be found w/a gas shutoff for a grenade launcher but this one does not have one. Assuming the Type63 relates to the N Korean year 63 that would date the type adoption date as 1974!, well after the Type58 or AK47 in N Korean service.

Enlarge photo 2

Type63 right w/bayonet extended
It's "assumed" (again) that the Type63 is patterned after the late era Soviet rifles as the N Koreans had extremely close ties to the Soviet Union & this rifle is identical to the Soviet guns as compared to Chinese.

Enlarge photo 3

Type63 right buttstock
Type63 rifles were fitted w/laminate stocks

Enlarge photo 4

Type63 right action view
Compare the pics of the Type63 w/the Soviet 1953 Tula shown further down for comparison.

Enlarge photo 5

Type63 right forend

Enlarge photo 6

Type63 right front band
Standard type (as compared to Soviet)for the blade bayonet model.

Enlarge photo 7

Type63 R gas port
Note, this particular rifle is not equipped for a grenade launcher

Enlarge photo 8

Type63 right muzzle w/bayonet extended

Enlarge photo 9

Type63 right muzzle w/bayonet folded
Slight machining difference in bayonet mount vs the Soviet (below).

Enlarge photo 10

North Korean oiler bottle
Same style as Soviet w/N Korean characters. Note: this is a web photo not mine.

Enlarge photo 11

Type63 left muzzle w/bayonet extended

Enlarge photo 12

Type63 left muzzle w/bayonet folded

Enlarge photo 13

Type63 stock cutout for bayonet

Enlarge photo 14

Type63 Bayonet folded into cutout

Enlarge photo 15

Type63 left forend

Enlarge photo 16

Type63 Rear sight
Another minor difference is the battle sight markings, on the Soviet guns it's a Crylic character similiar to n

Enlarge photo 17

Type63 left action

Enlarge photo 18

Type63 left side markings
Marking are in same location as the Soviet guns but the N Korean has a star in a circle & serial number, no Crylic characters are seen on the rifle.

Enlarge photo 19

Type63 Receiver cover marking
Star in circle (N Korean marking) & 63 w/Korean character (assumed to indicate Type). Again the marking locations are the same as the Soviet as opposed to the Chinese whose covers aren't marked.

Enlarge photo 20

Type63 TriggerGuard

Enlarge photo 21

Type63 mag

Enlarge photo 22

Type63 left buttstock
Showing markings, note the side mounted sling swivel, this is Chinese styla as opposed to the Soviet swivel location which is on the bottom of the buttstock.

Enlarge photo 23

Type63 butt marking detail

Enlarge photo 24

Type63 left side bayonet extended

Enlarge photo 25

Type63 left side bayonet folded
The N Korean Type63 is an extremely rare SKS type to be found in the US & it most likely the few here were all bringbacks from Viet Nam as thee never has been any known imports of this type.

Enlarge photo 26

Comparison of Type63 & Soviet SKS
The following pics show a direct comparison between the Type63 & a Soviet 1953 Tula (mid production).
The major differences are the Type63 uses a laminate stock & a side swivel. Most of the machining is identical w/very minor differences in the take down lever & the bayonet mount.

Enlarge photo 27

T63vs53 Tula right w/bayos extended
The Type63 appears to be based on the Soviet late SKS (the one in the pics is a mid, 1953), the late Soviet guns were marked on the side rail, not on the covers but did use laminate wood starting in late 55-56.

Enlarge photo 28

T63vs53 Tula buttstocks, right side

Enlarge photo 29

T63vs53 Tula Takedown Levers
Minor difference in takedown levers is more of a dfference in the welding connecting the lever to the crosspin.

Enlarge photo 30

T63vs53 Tula right side action view
The North Korean rifle is basically the same pattern but the machining & overall appearance are a bit "cruder" than the Soviet.

Enlarge photo 31

T63vs53 Tula rear sights

Enlarge photo 32

T63vs53 Tula rear sight leafs

Enlarge photo 33

T63vs53 Tula forends

Enlarge photo 34

T63vs53 Tula gas ports
Again, about identical to the Soviet mid/late style gas port

Enlarge photo 35

T63vs53 Tula front sight & bayonet mount
There are very minor differences in the machining of the bayonet mount.

Enlarge photo 36

T63vs53 Tula right side muzzles w/bayos folded

Enlarge photo 37

T63vs53 Tula right bayos extended

Enlarge photo 38

T63vs53 Tula left muzzles w/bayos extended

Enlarge photo 39

T63vs53 Tula left muzzles w/bayos folded
Here you can see the slightly different "cut" on the bayonet mount of the guns.

Enlarge photo 40

T63vs53 Tula left gas ports

Enlarge photo 41

T63vs53 Tula left side forends

Enlarge photo 42

T63vs53 Tula bayonet cutouts

Enlarge photo 43

T63vs53 Tula mags

Enlarge photo 44

T63vs53 Tula triggerguards

Enlarge photo 45

T63vs53 Tula left side, actions

Enlarge photo 46

T63vs53 Tula buttstocks
Again the Soviet (on the bottom) has the sling swivel on the bottom of the stock vs the N Korean which is on the left side, similiar to some (but not all) Chinese SKS's.

Enlarge photo 47

T63vs53 Tula left side buttstocks

Enlarge photo 48

T63vs53 Tula buttplates

Enlarge photo 49

T63vs53 Tula left side

Enlarge photo 50

T63vs53 Tula left w/bayos extended

Enlarge photo 51


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