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In this folder you will find pics of our females.
Date(s): July 7, 2015. 1 - 3 of 3 Total. Shared
1. Autumn  (June 6, 2016)
This is our newest baby Autumn, she came to us from Jandee Kennel.  This little girl has a lot of spunk.  She is perfect for our family, our 5 kids just love her.
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2. Jorja  (March 4, 2015)
Jorja is a very loving dog who gets along with everyone.  She is very loyal to her owners.  Jorja is right around 20 pounds.  She is probably the best dog ever.  

Sire: Killen's Deacon
Dam: Red Rivers Cleopatra

DOB: 08/15/2013
Registration- NRTA, UKC, and AKC
PLL Clear/Normal through OFA
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3. Lexie  (July 7, 2015)
Oswayo's Lexie is probably one of the sweetest girls I have ever met.  She 1 1/2 years old.  

Sire: Briarbey's Chet
Dam: Briarbey's Grace
DOB: April 19, 2015

Lexie is registered with UKC and NRTA
PLL clear through parentage
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