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Guestbook for THE GRUMPETS. 31 entries. Sign the Guestbook
PeggyFri, 4 Apr 2003 12:05AM

Loved seeing the Grumpets and your "studio"  Thanks for sharing!

Louise SpellThu, 3 Apr 2003 5:49AM

Kim I love your little man and women. So cute

ChristineWed, 8 Jan 2003 5:40PM

Grumpets are adorable. Where is their little shopping cart?!

Debbie RosenFri, 27 Dec 2002 4:46PM

Kim- These are fantastic! Is there anything you can't do?! HaHa. Ladies and Gentleman- here is the next Lladro!

Michelle RobisonWed, 18 Dec 2002 1:52PM

Sooo funny ,it's a Depends moment. Can't wait to see more,we all need a laugh.WEll gotta bake a cake w/ a saw in it!

VickieWed, 18 Dec 2002 1:30PM

Kim, your little Grumpets are so much fun! First I felt like giving them a hot meal. Now I want to spring bail for them! Keep em comin! Great work.

JillWed, 18 Dec 2002 8:42AM

Kim, you are THE best!  Hysterical, fun, touching and perfectly executed...you GO girl!

IsobelWed, 18 Dec 2002 8:27AM

Love the Grumpets and love their story,  look forward to seeing more of them.

CharleneWed, 18 Dec 2002 6:59AM

Kim you out did yourself once again. They look like real people and also they look like they are in love for a long time. :) What a couple match made in heaven. You go girl. Love them. ***********************

LeahSun, 15 Dec 2002 11:23PM

I'm with Becci on this one, Kim........I thought they were life size!!  Great details and I love the earrings!!!  I love the poses of when they are laying on the bench!  Nice work!!!!

Charlotte DonahueSun, 15 Dec 2002 8:24PM

Kim, Mrs. Krumpet looks just like every old lady I've ever seen.  She is wonderful!  What expressions! What character!

Becci RenfroSun, 15 Dec 2002 3:12PM

What a crack-up!  I first thought they were life size!  They looked so real!  YOU GO GIRL!!!  :-)

MarkSun, 15 Dec 2002 7:28AM

Drving Mrs Grumpet!!! What A Hoot!!!
I especiallly like her handsewn....peekopocket! Kim Jelley's work is Simply Astonishing!!  Anyone who doesn't have a Kim Jelley original should definitely purchase one Today before these Limited Edition Triumphs are Gone!!!!

Margo begySat, 14 Dec 2002 8:16PM

They are wonderful; too real!  I have this sinking feeling I am viewing my husband and I in the future!

Maryann GSat, 14 Dec 2002 12:53PM

Beautiful work!! What a great talent! Nothing can compare to the lifelike detail created by Kim.

Diana PSat, 14 Dec 2002 11:19AM

Wow Kim!  They are excellent.  Quite a different subject matter for you, but the details and characters are a good as all your other work.  It's great to see your versatility!

Joyce K.Sat, 14 Dec 2002 8:49AM

They are so lifelike, it is unbelievable!
Excellent!  Excellent!

Bonnie JonesSat, 14 Dec 2002 8:40AM

Great faces with lots of character. Like the park bench, also. Wonderful work.

Forest RogersSat, 14 Dec 2002 8:09AM

Such wonderful characters, Kim!  Eager to see where they go next...

Rebecca SchumacherSat, 14 Dec 2002 8:05AM

Beautiful, realistic work Kim!  You are truly talented!

MartiSat, 14 Dec 2002 6:57AM

Fantastic work!  Extraordinary realistic detail.  This couple is so endearing.  Thanks for sharing!

Helen FernSat, 14 Dec 2002 6:56AM

I thought they were life size at first!! You are a fabulous artist.  My favorite picture is Mrs. Grumpet on the bench. GREAT JOB!

TammySat, 14 Dec 2002 5:44AM

Great job Kim, you did a really nice job of capturing their personalities.

cloraine saintcyrSat, 14 Dec 2002 5:31AM

Kim, the dolls are awesome, so life like and realistic!  I love them.  Keep up the good work

Karen GilbertSat, 14 Dec 2002 4:40AM

I enjoyed seeing your work/talent. Very nice. Thank you for being...

CateSat, 14 Dec 2002 3:51AM

Wow, Kim!  Totally different from your other work, as you said, but just as good!  Hard to believe that they're only 14" and not real people...

BarryFri, 13 Dec 2002 8:58PM

Kim you are a free spirit it shows in your work.Keep it flowing you are a great artist.

Cindy CelustaFri, 13 Dec 2002 8:42PM

Wonderful Kim!!  Thank you so much for sharing your talents!  Love the Grumpets!

DebraFri, 13 Dec 2002 8:00PM

Your sculpting is exceptional Kim! as is your attention to detail.  You are so creative!!! Keep up the good work!

MelissaFri, 13 Dec 2002 7:34PM

They look so real kim I love them . Again you have done a great job.

CheriFri, 13 Dec 2002 7:09PM

Oh my!!! They look so real!!
You are a fantastic Artist and have
done an exceptional job on this duo.
You always amaze me with your new ideas and great work. What talent!!

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