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Guestbook for Smithsonian Atlatls. 26 entries. Sign the Guestbook
SharonTue, 27 Oct 2015 11:43AM

I'll never forget that trip.

GjunThu, 15 Aug 2013 7:49PM

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doug bellTue, 4 Oct 2011 8:19PM


Tracey DunlapSat, 23 Jan 2010 5:41PM

I've been playing with Atlatls for about 2 years now and I'm hooked for good. I was disappointed not to see any pictures of the points? You show case fulls of Darts but the points look like they're covered? I did see the one made of wood though. Did anyone get any pictures of the points?

Gary ThompsonMon, 7 Jan 2008 12:27PM

cool trip

Chad ManderscheidThu, 23 Aug 2007 1:31PM

Wow, what a nice resource of spearthrower fotos. Did anyone besides myself ever notice the resemblances between some atlatls and the less decoritive forms of the Chinese Ru Yi scepters?

groverTue, 3 Jan 2006 12:48AM

I am a love of the atlatl and I wish I was in a club.  Thanks for the site.

Junius KerrThu, 3 Nov 2005 4:10PM

your pictures helped me with a book I am writing, worth a thousand words

Del HogenMon, 25 Jul 2005 8:13AM

This has been a long time interest, finally built a set, still needs refining

Gretchen SaganThu, 16 Jun 2005 11:19AM

Thanks... this info and photos really helped me with a special project here in Alaska

jonMon, 21 Feb 2005 9:20PM

Al PapaiMon, 30 Aug 2004 1:12AM

Thanks. Am planning similar trip.  Am doing a photo collection of atlatls. Pics are wonderful.  Tx, Tx.

Lester AndreasonTue, 11 May 2004 8:10PM

Dennis LantzSun, 11 Apr 2004 8:27PM

Margie & Frank: This is a very inspiring site! I must make my own pilgrimage to the museum to see these items soon. Everytime I come to look at the great pictures, I find something new and interesting. So many questions! Thank You.

Wally HaywardTue, 6 Apr 2004 2:26AM

Jack RoweThu, 6 Nov 2003 5:12PM

I keep coming back and looking over the pictures. I've stoped counting. Thanks Margie for some great sitting.

Chris ObergWed, 23 Apr 2003 6:36AM

A gold mine of reference photos!  Thank you so much for all of your hard work photographing and posting so many wonderful images.  Chris Oberg

Bill HerbertWed, 26 Mar 2003 9:54AM

My wife and I presently live near the Smithsonian and will soon be moving to a new home on (Of all places) Atlatl Lane in Hedgesville, WV.  You can see that I couldn't resist visiting this page!  Good job!  Bill H.

David NolandSun, 1 Dec 2002 4:49PM

Fascinating!  Many questions occur to me:  why don't the talismans/weights on the New Guinea examples interfere with positioning of the dart;  how could the aborigines manage a woomera of such length;  is the hole near the grip of many types for dart straightening.... Thanks.  Quite a show

H K ButlerFri, 29 Nov 2002 3:06PM

Thanks !

George BegayTue, 26 Nov 2002 1:02PM

Like that was the coolest slide show of the atlatls That must have been a wonderful trip. IT must have been a blast to holdsome of them. Wow!!! those were some nice potos thxs alot for opening my eyes. Always George!!

Sharon KeeferFri, 15 Nov 2002 5:03AM

Yup, this was a fantastic visit.  Bob Berg was there many years ago, we learned.  He was amazed, too.  SO MANY atlatls, well made, and, yes some were so intricately decorated it had to have taken more time to embellish them than to make them.  Glad you all are enjoying the photos, thanks to Margie.  Shar

Bob ChaffeeFri, 15 Nov 2002 2:16AM

What a fantastic slide show.  That must have been a great visit.  And to actually be able to hold some of them, Wow.  Thanks so much for sharing.  Bob

wojtas rudyThu, 14 Nov 2002 9:29PM

yyyy...fajna stronka . szkoda ze za  bardzo nie wiem jak sroibic sobie atlatla.... jakies plany by sie przydaly , rysunki techniczne a poza tym stronka moze byc.. :)

Ray MaddenThu, 14 Nov 2002 7:23PM

What great pictures.  I was amazed at the variety of Australian atlatls.  Many of them look like it took longer to decorate than to make.  Thanks so much for all of them!!

SharThu, 31 Oct 2002 7:10PM


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