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Guestbook for Knoll & Pregizer. 42 entries. Sign the Guestbook
Beverly FitchSun, 13 May 2018 11:24AM

I am cleaning a lot of stuff out of my house. In a box of junk there was a rhinestone covered lion pendant. On the back it is stamped KP. I was looking for similar items on the internet and found your site.  I cannot find a picture of another item like the one I have, but the way it is constructed looks very similar to other Knoll and Pregizer pieces. I was wondering how to find out and if so, how to sell it.

GaryFri, 15 Sep 2017 10:24AM

I'm glad I found this site. I have an interesting and quite large pin brooch that is definitely Knoll & Pregizer, it is rectangular and has red and clear paste glass. I'd love to have you look at it, Robin, since you'd know way more about it than I. Please feel free to email me. Regards, Gary Palonis

CarolMon, 7 Mar 2016 3:42AM

I have just found in my brooch collection a small silver brooch with beautiful White stones and the Hall Mark 935 KP.. I was so excited to find your site, There is a similar brooch, which is a tree in a pot. But mine is a pretty spray of leaves consisting of round and baguette cut stones.The date 1953 is about right, as I believe it was a wedding present for my mother on her wedding day.It's a shame I cannot add a photo for you to see.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge of all things pretty.

Edwin StorrieSun, 6 Sep 2015 4:31AM

Hi Robin
I have just come across your excellent informative site and was wondering if you could help me with a KP ladies silver and paste cocktail watch that I have just inherited.
On the back of case is marked 816 with KP. There is no name on the face of the watch. The unusual part is that the whole face and movement section is hinged but cannot get the back off to see if there are any clues.
Thank you
Best regards Eddie

Neil MatthewsWed, 26 Aug 2015 12:23PM

Thank you for the great source of information. Do you know if Knoll & Pregizer produced a version of the Iron Cross during the First World war? I have a WW1 Iron Cross (Second Class) Cased with the stamp of KP on the ribbon ring.


YulyThu, 9 Jul 2015 2:31PM

Dear Nibor56,
Thanks for your interesting information about Knoll&Pregizer history.
I have a Knoll&Pregizer GoldSiegel silver woman watches. Will send pictures if you are interested in.

Paul MuserMon, 8 Jun 2015 1:23PM


Dear nibor56 I have 2 14k gold Lotos wristwatches, case back numbers 80868 and 80907, inner case back numbers 10202 and 101188.
The first one is in Yellow Gold, he second in Pink.
I am planning to auction them in the next few months. As a courtesy I thought you may be interested in them. If you reply I will send you images.
With kindest regards,
Paul Muser  inset.   Inset

davidWed, 15 Apr 2015 9:18AM

I have a couple of piecesleft to me in my late aunts collection including a beautiful peacocks feather.  Do you know how I could go about having a value put on these pieces.  Your help would be greatly appreciated

Ken PregizerFri, 12 Dec 2014 8:23PM

I enjoyed reading about the history of this company!   It may have brought me one step closer to finding my roots in Germany.   All history of where my grandfather grew up and any family relations he left when he came to the US is unknown.  Thank you for doing such extensive research!   Now I need to find out what happened to F Pregizer after he left the partnership....

JoeTue, 15 Jul 2014 6:32PM

robin, please contact me I have a beautiful sterling and gold enameled ball watch necklace.  I would like to send you pictures.  Just not sure of the preferred method.  I had it in a glass case with a not for sale sign on it. But needing info on this brand /watch.  He asked what I would take for the watch I said not for sale he insisted i said not for sale.  Then from way out in left field he offered me. $500.  I am curious to know more about it (no I did not sell it)

Thomas Wolfgang MaguireFri, 20 Jun 2014 7:41PM

Hey Robin, How you been? I'm going to write a letter to the tenants of villa knoll...and ask a knoll relative to see if they know of anything...I still need to translate the knoll chronic written by the founder and then his son Carl....tomorrow June 21,2014...would have been Margarete Nestlen born Knoll 100th birthday...the daughter of theodor...write me an email...also when my laptop is fixed..ill work on the knoll website again...hope your doing good...Best Wishes, Thomas Wolfgang Maguire

maggie brayneWed, 4 Jun 2014 8:37PM

I have a brooch 935 very similar to your divided brooch left to me by my grandmother who must have owned this in the 1940's before I was born. It has one oblong stone missing. If I insured it could you give me an idea of value please.

jewelry zodiac sign | http://www.spolecznosciowo.beskidy.pl/user.php?login=bweinerThu, 15 May 2014 8:20PM

Sustain the awesome work !! Lovin' it!

terryThu, 15 May 2014 5:27AM

hi i have a kp hallmark watch 66877 it is silver just wanting to know the value an if anyone would be interested in the watch contact me on 0488042114 or xr650fox@hotmail

Paul Austin | www.paulfaustin.co.ukTue, 4 Mar 2014 1:45PM

I have been the proud owner of an Asprey ladies 'dress watch' for many years (I have collected an eclectic mix of jewellery for many-a-long year) but which I realised was 'something different'.
Your website has at last enlightened me as to the history of this sweet little piece of art and I have had great pleasure in reading through your very informative and totally enjoyable 'site' - for which I thank you.
I am tempted to put this item on eBay at some time in the near future since I have been given an ultimatum by my wife to either de-stock or de-vorce!!
Perhaps you would like me to let you know when I do this, so that you will be able to make a bid if it is of interest to you?
In the meantime let me thank you again for all the fascinating information you have gathered together on this intriguing subject.
Kind regards,
Paul F Austin, UK

Carla plantMon, 3 Feb 2014 7:23PM

Thank you so much for the history and pics of your collections. Often it is so difficult to get good , not to mention free information online.  May you continue to find and enjoy these beautiful pieces.

Sonnie BodineMon, 3 Jun 2013 12:49PM

Hi, Robin.  Is it possible that there was still a factory in Schwabisch Gmund in the early 1960's where people could order jewelry of their own design?  We were stationed nearby in Goeppingen and my mother had a three strand lead crystal bead necklace commissioned somewhere in S-G, which I have now and I'm trying to find its origin.  (I was at Stan Hywet last October and toured the jewelry collection.  Very impressive!)  Thanks for your help!  Sonnie B

Richard A. HayesSat, 11 May 2013 8:37PM

thanks for all the history. i was out at a casino tonight and steped on something, a rock and next to it were three others and a bracelet... junk ? KP in a shild and a P next to that with 935 above on the clasp. yes the KP intersect just as what you have on your fine examples. lots of paste diamonds and fine workmanship.

SteveThu, 9 May 2013 6:58AM

I have a KP watch which belongs to an elderly neighbour of mine.
I have been searching for any info on this watch to no avail.
Can anyone assist me in some way regarding how old it is & has it got any value ?
The markings are as follows 935 GS KP 15979
Many Thanks

Jewelry Men S Gold Diamond RingWed, 13 Mar 2013 10:47AM

Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this post and also the rest of the site is also very good.

helen pitcherSun, 6 Jan 2013 9:15AM

Hi Robin, I too have a Spider and Fly brooch marked 935 and KP which has been handed down through my family who were originally German on my grandmother's side. I notice someone else mentioned they had one too. Are you able to give me any information about it? I'm happy to provide pictures. Sorry to ask I'm sure you are being inundated now that you have provided this amazing source of information.

NormaThu, 3 Jan 2013 4:16AM

Congratulations on your research. It is quite fascinating!
Please can I contact you privately? I have some question about early styles.
Happy hunting in 2013!

Christine FitzgeraldThu, 11 Oct 2012 8:38AM

Hi Robin,
I was looking for German Ren. jewlery when I spotted your K&P site. What a wonderfull surprise! I have inhearted several pieces from my grandmother & great grandmother. I have always loved these pieces & wear them alot! I was wondering about the value of these pieces for insurance purposes. I have pics of my jewlery pices in my safety deposit box, but like to know if these pieces should be there too. Can you turn me on to a site or book with prices on some of these pieces? Chris

Jonas ForsbladFri, 17 Aug 2012 5:24AM

Thank you. very nice and informative site.

I just the other day bought a Knoll & Pregizer womens wrist watch. Its marked KP in the lotus flower and the code 64942, on the back of the clock. And on the inside there is some stamps too, 1 is silver-stamp. When is this clock from? What is it worth??

Thanks: Jonas F/ Sweden

JoanWed, 1 Aug 2012 6:55PM

Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge. I found a gorgeous rhinestone bracelet, similar to the one you have pictured that you were going to restore, but had no idea what the mark was. It is signed KP in a shield with 935 and sterling. This one has had some of the stones replaced. Does this affect the value a great deal? Thanks again for sharing your expertise.

KATHY BRODIESun, 17 Jun 2012 4:26AM

Hi Robin, great & fascinating article on Knoll & Pregizer. I think I have an original piece - could I e mail images to you?
Kathy Brodie

JeanneMon, 5 Mar 2012 11:44AM

Hello Robin,

Thank you for your interesting article and beautiful pictures. I recently discovered a Knoll & Pregizer gold 4 leaf clover pin that was passed on to me by my grandmother. I was wondering if you could share any history about it with me.
Thank you!

susan fretwellMon, 20 Feb 2012 11:38AM

thankyou for the information on k&p.i found your pages whilst searching for silver marks and dates.i have been lucky enough to find a lapel pin sterling silver 935 with paste stones.i actually thought they were diamonds at first.it is so lovely.thankyou again.sue

elaineSat, 15 Oct 2011 3:51AM

Hi,  Just read this great & informative article which I found when search for the KP mark.  I've just bought a Victorian style spider & fly brooch marked 925 KP and wanted to find out more about it.  Costume is a new world for me but I can see how addictive it can become.

Thank you for sharing.

Andie HaynesThu, 6 Oct 2011 5:45PM

Robin, Robin, Robin,
I just read (every word) of your stunning Knoll & Pregizer tribute. You are absolutely amazing and a true historian. How utterly kind of you to share your vast knowledge. Thank you so very much. This is fantastic!
Best regards,
Andie of CA

TanyaFri, 22 Jul 2011 5:13AM

hi Robin,
i love you page, it is one of most beautiful jewellery what i seen so far. But i have a question: couple days ago i bough of internet paste dress clip with watch,the dress clip marked: "metal", but i test it and it made of solid silver, also watch marked: metal rhodiant, lily with blue enamel inside and letters KP, 673706; on movement says: swiss made 696 17 jewels fig. Can it be Knoll & Pregizer and how much this dress clip can worthing? and why it made of silver and marked metal.
thank you very much, Tanya

GustavoThu, 13 Jan 2011 3:18PM

Fue un gusto encontrar una página que haga referencia a estos joyeros, ya que poseo un collar firmado por los mismos. Además de contar con partes de plata 935, posee también varios hilos con perlas. Estoy interesado en su venta. Queda registrado mi dirección electrónica. Cordiales saludos

tonyWed, 29 Dec 2010 10:58PM

Hi I really enjoyed reading your research, and wondered if you might be interested in a KP watch i have the serial number is 14960 it is marked 935 but remarked inside the case 925 it still works but I feel it could do with a service/clean if you are interested please let me know.

PeggyThu, 23 Dec 2010 4:21PM

I was fascinated to see the 14k brooch with amethyst violets w/diamonds, jade leaves. I own the identical matching earrings with 3 flowers and one leaf on each earring; purchased from a fine jewelry shop in Palm Beach County in 1977. Until now, only knew they were from W. Germany. Would be very curious of value and would consider selling. Any help/reply would be appreciated.

CHRISTELFri, 3 Dec 2010 7:07AM

i have a 14k gold kp lotos watch. i was looking for this brand and came accross your web. thanks for your research. the antique dealers i went to were so crass as to take apart the watch and just weight it for gold value. it still works after 60 years

Linda CaricofeTue, 5 Oct 2010 3:20PM

This research along with the most wonderful photos is a definite must see for any admirer of the art of jewelry. The beautiful workmanship of this jewelry is timeless. Thank you Robin for recognizing the amazing beauty of yesteryears jewelry , and for sharing your knowledge and your beautiful photos of your collection and more. Best wishes, Linda

ThomasSun, 5 Sep 2010 3:22PM

Hello Robin, Thanks for writing about all the fine jewelry that my great-great grandfather had a hand in. I hope you have a good day.

virginiaSat, 17 Jul 2010 1:57PM

Hello Robin, Enjoy your beautiful pies of Knoll and Pregizer jewelry. I do have a wonderful piece that was my Aunts and I am looking to find out what it is worth. I am looking to sell it but no one knows anything about the name. I have done research and you are the best in giving information on the designers of KP. I would appreciate your help with this piece.

BonnieTue, 20 Apr 2010 12:32PM

Robin, Wow! I'm bookmarking this page!  I have a "drop dead" beautiful brooch with a large "topaz", 2 small light blue rhinestones, and some delicate enamel work, all on beautiful exquisitely worked "935" sterling.  It has the "E Star of David G" mark on the prong (so small that I too had this for years before I found it).  I had originally planned on selling this pin, but am not sure what to do - it suddenly has much greater significance.  I have not found any other maker's marks although they might be very well hidden...  Any suggestions?
Thanks for such a wonderful site!

Natasha HallSat, 27 Feb 2010 5:17AM

Robin, I simply had to say what a joy it was to find your K & P page! I have a beautiful silver bow brooch with clear stones(marked 935 KP in what looks to me to be a heart) which seemed to be 'something special'. Today I finally set to research the hallmark, and found your page. I am not an expert, but seeing the pictures of the hallmark, it looks the same. Is there a definitive way I could check its' authenticity? Any advice would be most welcome. Regardless, it was so interesting to read the history and view the beautiful jewellery. Thank you!

Debra MooreWed, 27 Jan 2010 8:08AM

Robin...I am so thankful to have located your site. My mother passed not long ago and left me a beautiful KP,still in working order, Lotos ring watch with the numbers 32147 beneath the KP impression on the back of the watch. She always told me the 60+ round stones and 4 bagets were diamonds but thanks to you I know this lovely piece is a gorgeous piece of costume jewelry. I do wonder if I should protect it in a safer place now that I know its story.

Meg AndrewsSun, 13 Sep 2009 4:54PM

Robin, Thanks so much for your extensive research. You've saved me from who knows how many hours, days, or years of fishing for info on these marks. I acquired a duette brooch just last Thursday and here it is Sunday and I already have my answer! I am so grateful. I'd love to chat with you about it.

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