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4H Maryland Exchange
Maryland/California 4H Exchange Trip
Date(s): 1999. Album by Vickey Gothot. Photos by V¬ and Dad. 1 - 24 of 85 Total. 1396 Visits.
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hey viki, how are you? I was looking at your puppy pictures because i saw them posted on the bulletin board and saw the link to go to. i didnt even know they were your puppies how funny. any ways when I saw the pictures from maryland i was like ah the good old times. well just wanted to say hello and tell you what cute puppies you have.
katie beale, Wed, 3 Jan 2007 3:41PM
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Enlarge photo 1
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Enlarge photo 2
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Thank You
Santa Clara Co. 4-H
Exchange Trip Leaders
Mary and Lonnie
4H lost Lonnie to Cancer reacently
She Will Be/IS Missed!

Enlarge photo 3
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Their Here!
Welcome to California
Maryland's 4-H Exchange
Trip Peoples - This is

Enlarge photo 4
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My friend Rebekah and I
met the year before this on my 4H Exchange Trip to Maryland and we have been going and coming every year
I have my ticket to go go back this summer. 06

Enlarge photo 5
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Aren't they a nice group of "4Hers"

Enlarge photo 6
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The Walk form the parking lot to Glacier Point

Enlarge photo 7
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Left to Right
Andrew/Rebekah/Me walking to Glacer Point from parking lot

Enlarge photo 8
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Different Pictures that look almost the same 4 and this one 7.

Enlarge photo 9
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Camp Curry is 1 mile below Glacier Point

Enlarge photo 10
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View - Upper Yosemite Valley From Glacier Point

Enlarge photo 11
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Glacier Point
When mt Dad was young - Rangers would build a BIG Bond Fire here at night - and talk to Rangers 1 mile below - They'd say "Let the Fire Fall" = 1 mile Fire Fall!

Enlarge photo 12
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Then they would talk to Camp Kerry one mile below.  Rangers at Camp Kerry would shout. "Hello Glacier Point" - Then Glacer Point would answer "Hello Camp Kerry" - Camp  Kerry would answer
"Let The Fire Fall"

Enlarge photo 13
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Glacier Point Rangers would then push the fire over the edge and it would make a
"Firey Fall"
down to Camp Kerry

Enlarge photo 14
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Half Dome in Back Ground

Enlarge photo 15
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I Worked at
Sprig Electric
So There!

Enlarge photo 16
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Vista Point - -  On the Route down to Valley Floor

Enlarge photo 17
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Rebekah and I met on my trip to Maryland in 1999 and took an instant liking to one another. Ever year she comes here or I go there!

Enlarge photo 18
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The Route to Valley Floor has this Vista Point and chance for more pictures.

Enlarge photo 19
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4H Exchange Trips help us meet new people, Make new friends and build our people skills

Enlarge photo 20
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4H has projects for city and country kids
Some of the projects beside the Farm Animals are:
Cooking, Electrical, Computers, Exchange Trps, Gardening, Wood Working, anything they can find a Leader for.

Enlarge photo 21
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Left to Right
My GOOD Friend Rebekah and I

Enlarge photo 22
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Maryland's 4-H Exchange Trip Groupe is (Here)
Our trip down to valley floor

Enlarge photo 23
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Half Dome in Back

Enlarge photo 24
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Most of the California & Maryland Group

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