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Treasured Rat Terriers
Treasured Rat Terriers is located in Leesburg, New Jersey! I do indeed treasure all my babies, they are all being brought up inside my home and I share everything with them. I can only thank all the other breeders whomn I have met and have been able to get some wonderful little Brats from!
I am planning on doing a small time breeding program and will strive for healthly puppies with show/breeding/hunting potentials, great confirmation and temperment. I am sure with the quality of pups I now own they will grow into beautiful rat terriers and make this breed proud!
Please watch my babies grow with me!
You can email me at treasuresnj@aol.com for avaliable puppies!

I am so very proud to announce that Jackpot's Highway Man now at Quilted Meadows is the 1st of our dogs to earn his championship show title. Flurry was the 1st rat Terrier that I ever owned and to see him now with his championship title makes my heart soar, due to my health my dogs only get to show in very close local shows, and we will continue to get all of our wonderful fur friends thier championship titles as well! I will never be able to thank my good friend Vicki for helping Flurry obtain this goal!

I am so very proud to announce that a pup of mine, Chatten's Treasured Kuhla (Louie) at 1 year of age and attending only 3 shows in 1 weekend has earned his championship title!

During the same shows my 8 year old grandaughter showed our Treasured Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie in the junior class and won 3 1st place ribbons!

I welcome perspective buyers to come into my home at anytime to view my dogs and puppies,I urge you to, if you are planning on buying a puppy so you can see what you are getting and how they are raised, my babies are born in my own bedroom and remain there until they are ready to go home with the exception of letting them roam in other rooms and outside at 8 weeks so they can feel all different textures and be socialized with my other dogs and family, then return back to bedroom for naps and night time sleeping with their mama!

Every breeder should invite you to their home to see how the dogs and puppies are raised and if they do not let you come, then please steer clear of these no more litters this year hoping for a litter in Jan . 2016 from my Peaches & Cream.

Puppy's expected in fall by Treasured Kaelyn's Jelly Bean and Treasured Twizzler's Black Licorce 2nd week in October 2018

All puppies from this litter are in their new homes!

My friend in Tuckahoe NJ has had a litter of 6 puppies, currently 2 females are available, please see the album., and contact me if interested!

Puppies are $500.00, and at least a $100.00 deposit will hold the puppy of your choice!

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All Puppies have been sold!
1. All Puppies have been sold!  (January 7, 2019)
My friend currently has 2 females available, AKC & UKC registered. PLL clear,these pups are 7 weeks old, and will be available to go to their new homes Jan.26th. They have had their tails and dew claws done, have been dewormed and will have their 1st puppy shot. They have been very well socialized with adults,children and other dogs. They will begin their housetraining vey soon.If interested please contact me!

Faith and Elsie have had their 1st puppy shot with vet visit and have been started on housetraining. Both these pups would be a great addition to a loving home!

Faith now Stella has found her forever home.

Elsie is still available at 9 weeks old and ready to find her new home, she has a solid black face, and black tail with beautiful body markings, she even has a little heart on her back! She is very sweet and very adventurous!

All puppies in this litter have found their forever home!

Check back next year 2020, for a possible litter from my friend!
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Puppy's are coming!
2. Puppy's are coming!  (September 13, 2018)
Puppy's are coming by my Treasured Kaelyn's Jelly Bean & Treasured Twizzler's Black Licorce, due by the 2nd week in October
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Puppies are here!
3. Puppies are here!  (October 26, 2016)
We will be having a litter of puppies the 2nd week in November,2016 by my Treasured Kaelyn's Jelly Bean, she is a solid blue color, with white and cream points and QM's Chattens Bailey's Irish Cream,he is white and black. We are expecting any color, nice bone and muscle, and wonderful loving personalities! Both dam and sire are PLL clear.

4 beautiful females arrived on Nov.9th,2016, all are doing very well as is the Mommy,Jelly. I will update pics weekly, so everyone can watch them grow.

I do have a waiting list for picks so will post here if any will be available.

The girls are now 2 weeks old and growing nice, some eyes are starting to peek out!

Girls are now 3 weeks old, all have their eyes open and growing very nice.

Girls are 4 weeks now, and eating wet food, & Playing with each other. Their loving Mommy wanted to join the photo shoot this week!

Girls are 5 weeks old and doing very well, they had their nails trimmed again today before their photo shoot.Today they were getting their Christmas tree!

There is 1 female available!
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Past Puppies!
4. Past Puppies!  (July 6, 2009)
This is a album dedicated to my past puppies,I am hoping that all the new owners that have promised to send me updated pictures of the puppies as they grow!
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Treasured Kaelyn's Jelly bean
5. Treasured Kaelyn's Jelly bean  (August 12, 2016)
Jelly bean is our youngest here now from my Maxwell's Bluberrie Muffin here at Treasured, Jelly came from her Mommy's last litter,her Mommy is now retired from breeding, and B & D's Chuckie. She is a solid blue with tan and white! A bundle of joy and very loving!

She is growing very nicely.

She is registered AKC & UKC!
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 Maxwell's Bluberrie Muffin @ Treasured!
6. Maxwell's Bluberrie Muffin @ Treasured!  (December 29, 2008)
This is my beautiful Bluberrie Muffin and she came from Maxwell Rat terriers in Alabama, I can not thank Patty Cromer enough for this beauty as I am watching her grow I see possible show quality in her! She is a dream in every way, what a lady she is! Please help me watch her grow.
Bluberrie Muffin's dam is Maxwell's Look At Me and sire is Cal Val Mountainman Of Maxwell;s
Registered with UKC, UKCI
DOB- 06/06/08
Bluberrie is now 1 year and 1 month old and stands 11" and weighs 14 lbs. Blue & White

Vet update- Good strong heart and tight patellas!

Bluberrie Muffin is PLL Clear by Parents!

UPDATE: Bluberrie Muffin attended her first dog show and came home with 3 ribbons,1st Place,Best female and Best in Variety! My Mommy knew I was going to be a good show dog and I am on my way to being a Champion!

Bluberrie Muffin is almost 3 years old now, has been a wonderful mother to 2 litters and will be bred again sometime this summer! She is a wonderful all around rat terrier! Getting a little fat,lol at 16 pounds, but she is built solid!!

Bluberrie Muffin is now 7 years old and has had her last litter of exceptional beautiful puppies,she is now retired and will live out her life here at Treasured as the queen of my pack. I have kept 2 of her female puppies from 2 different litters to carry on her great genes.
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Treasured Carmel Cream
7. Treasured Carmel Cream  (February 22, 2012)
This is my new little girl Treasured Carmel Cream, her Dam is my Quilted Meadows Chocolata Pie here at Treasured and sire is Treasured Blu Buoy Bubba at Bobbi's! She is a Isabella Pearl and white color, with a wonderful loving and rattitude personality! Watch her grow with me!

Caramel is PLL clear by parentage.
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Treasured Kaelyns Peaches & Cream
8. Treasured Kaelyns Peaches & Cream  (September 15, 2013)
This is my Treasured Kaelyn's Peaches & Cream, by my Maxwells Bluberrie Muffin here at Treasured and Treasured Chuckie at B & D's. This was Bluberries last litter as she is being retired all though she has given me beautiful litters, and will stay here and remain Queen of my pack!,so I kept the only female from her last litter to take her place when she grows up!

My 8 year old grandaughter will be showing Peachy in our local UKC shows when she is of age to be shown.
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Quilted Meadows Chocalota Pie @ Treasure
9. Quilted Meadows Chocalota Pie @ Treasure  (March 21, 2011)
My new little girl Quilted Meadows Chocalota Pie @ Treasured, will be coming home soon from Quilted Meadows!

Dam- Ramirez Midnite Ravin Beauty @ Quilted Meadows
Sire- Windy's Saphire Smoke @ Quilted Meadows

Choca is home and I am so pleased with this beautiful
little girl, she will be one to watch as she grows!

Choca had a play date where she was born at Quilted Meadows and got to play and run with all 3 of her siblings! She is now 3 months old and weighing in at 6 lbs.

Choca is almost 4 months old now and growing beautifully! She is one to watch! Now if her ears would stop playing war,LOL!

Chocalota Pie is PLL CLEAR

Chocalota,s ears are up and makes her even more stunning!!

Choca is now almost a year old and is stunning, beautiful head and ear set, with nice bone and muscle! She is the clown here!

My Chocalota Pie is now retired and living a very spoiled life in Florida with my sister!
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Treasured Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie!
10. Treasured Double Stuffed Oreo Cookie!  (September 15, 2013)
This is my Oreo,sired by Jackpots Highway Man and my Caramel Cream Dream! This boy has it all going on and I could not let him go,I usually only have females here at Treasured so this will be a challege to me, hoping to make him my home bred stud muffin!

My 8 year old grandaughter has begun to show our Oreo in the junior showmanship with our local UKC shows.
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PR  Butterscotch Puddin @ Treasured!
11. PR  Butterscotch Puddin @ Treasured!  (December 30, 2008)
My little beautiful tan & white Purple Ribbon Butterscotch Puddin came from Texas, she was a mere 3 lbs. when I received her and she is blossoming into a beautiful little girl now at 5 months!She loves all people and other dogs as well, great personality on this golden girl! Help me watch this little one grow!
Dam-Lone Oak's Empress
Sire- Grand Champion knd's Diamond In The Ruff aka The Rock
Now standing at 10 " and weighing in at 10bs 4 oz.. @ 11 months.
Tan & White
DOB 8-10-08
Registered with UKC,AKC/FSS,UKCI

Vet update @ 5 1/2 months-Good Strong Heart & Tight patellas! Pll Low Risk carrier, Butter will only be bred to clear PLL so her puppies will never be affected!

UPDATE: Butterscotch attended her first UKC show on July 11th and proudly came home with 2 ribbons, One for 1st place and 1 for Best Female, she is on her way to her championship! I am so proud of this little beauty!

UPDATE: Butter has blossomed into a beautiful little lady now 15 months old,at 10 inches  and 12 pounds of good muscle and bone, no fat on this little girl!

Butter is now amost 3 years old, and has just weaned her 2nd litter of puppies! She is working on getting back into shape, does not take this active girl long! She is a gem!

Butter attended her 2nd show on Oct. 2,2011 and came home with 3 ribbon's, 1- Best female,1st place and best of variety,I am very proud of this little girl!

Butter is now retired and living in sunny Florida with my sister Ruth at Vboondocks!
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Treasured Blu Byou Bubba!
12. Treasured Blu Byou Bubba!  (January 15, 2011)
Blu Byou Bubba is a handsome male from Bluberrie Muffin/Jackpot's Highway Man litter on July 30,2010. AKA "Mars". He is now living with a friend of mine and has 2 lab buddies and 2 cats, along with 2 wonderful children to keep him occupied! His new name is Razer!

He has been for a vet check-up and has good strong heart and tight patellas!

Watch him grow with me!

Dam Maxwells Bluberrie Muffin @ Treasured
Sire Jackpot's Highway Man @ Quilted Meadows

PLL Clear by parentage.

Update: Razer attended his 1st UKC dog show today on 10/01/11, along with his sire,Jackpot's Highway Man, a friend Butterscotch Puddin and a few others and came home with 7 ribbons, 2 Reserve,2 1st place,2 Best Male and 1 Best variety! What a great 1st show for this handsome man! Well on his way to his championship!

UPDATE: Razer is now available for stud to approved females only! Razer is PLL clear. Please contact his owner Bobbi @ bobbilee80881@aol.com for all info!
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Treasured Rat Terriers In New Jersey!
13. Treasured Rat Terriers In New Jersey!  (August 9, 2008)
I am a beginning bRat terrier lover,from Leesburg,New Jersey. I  started with purchasing my first bRat handsome "Flurry"  Jackpots Highway Man from Meander Farm in Pennsville NJ, back in March 2008 and have fell in love with this breed.Flurry originaly was bred by Jackpots Kennels.
My intention is to purchase more bRats and to eventually breed just a few litters each year and have healthy puppies with great conformation and temperment, and show quality.
I will update my site with pictures
of all new bRats so check back often.
Flurry has been placed in a new home with a dear friend of mine,Vicki, she has a horse farm (Quilted Meadows) and a few other Brats as well, Flurry loves to run and is so very happy in his new home,they live near so I will visit him often and Vicki has agreed that I may still use him for stud as he throws beautiful puppies. If all testing comes back positive for my Bluberrie Muffin she will be the first one of my own brats to mate with Flurry this coming year!
Flurry's dam is Larmons Moonlit Velvet Seas and sire is VH'S Blue Bandit.
Registered with UKC,AKC/FSS UKCI
Flurry is 12" and 15 lbs. Black & White
DOB 02-05-07
DNA Profiled
Pennhip 80th percentile

UPDATE: Flurry attended his first dog show on 1-18-09 and came home with 4 ribbons,1st Place,Best male,best in Variety, and Best of Winners! He is well on his way to Champion! See pics on my 2nd page of album!

Please visit all my other albums of beautiful rat terriers!Click at the top in little white box to see all my albums!

PLL Clear

Update: Flurry attended his 2nd showing today 0n 10/01/11 and won ribbons for 1st Place,Best male and Best of Variety, he will return tomorrow for 2 shows, well on his way to his championship!

!0/02/11 Flurry came home today with 7 ribbons, 2- 1st place,2- Best Male, 2- Best of variety and 1 reserve. He was competing with a son of his Razer, and also friend Butterscotch Puddin along with a few others!

07/06/2012 I am so very proud to announce that Flurry has now earned his champion show points and now has the title of Championion Jackpot's High way man at Quilted Meadows!
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Meander Mystical Blue
14. Meander Mystical Blue  (February 25, 2011)
Mystical Blue is now living with a friend of mine Doris, and doing very well getting all that 1 on 1 time, she is a very lucky spoiled little girl now!

Dam Ramirez Aurora
Sire Meander Action Jackson

Mystical Blue is now retired and living with Doris!
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Meander Cafe Society Seal @Vboondocks
15. Meander Cafe Society Seal @Vboondocks  (December 30, 2008)
Meet  gentle loving male Seal, I also aquired him from Nancy Woodbury at Meander Farm, he is such a very gentle male and does play with the girls but prefers to hang out alot and watch them do thier thing! He also is a great new puppy sitter!He will lay with the puppies just like the Mommy and also clean them! All around good guy!
If I could find 10 males with Seals personality and behavior I would have them all! He is such a good boy!

Seal is avaliable for stud to approved females only! email at ruthiesjoy@comcast.net for information! He is a proven stud and throws small beautiful puppies like himself!He is a very gentle studly man!
Registered with:

Sire- Pass It On Toby
Dam- Double-Dip Choolate Dove II Star
DOB 09/15/07
10" and weighing in at 9 - 10 lbs.
OFA Pelimerary 5-20-08 #1852140 Patella Normal
Pennhip 60th Percentile
DNA Profiled
Chocolate,& tan with white!

I do not have pics of Seal's Dam & Sire, if anyone has them please email them to me, I will be very much appreciative.

Seal is now owned by my sister Ruth at VBOONDOCKS Kennels who lives in Florida.
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