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The Many Faces Of Selro

Hello and welcome to my website. Please feel free to browse the many pages of data, here, provided for everyone to identify their Selro jewelry. I would like to ask people to please stop calling this jewelry Selro/Selini. It is not both. Because sellers have decided to do this to get sales, now even Google and eBay are picking up on the mistake and it is incorrect. There have been a very, very few RARE instances with both marks which are probably end-of-day pieces, nothing more. By doing this, people are just perpetuating the mistake!

Please check the updates in the *NOT Selro But Often Mistaken For It* album for newly added information up at the top of that page and also the new album for connectors and backs that are non-Selro or Selini.

Please note: I do not offer Jewelry Appraisals or Estimates. Thank you!
This is not a site for selling, but a site for education on the wonderful jewelry known as Selro and Selini.

These are images of as many Selro or Selini Noh mask face pieces that I can fit on the first page. There is a drop-down menu up at the top so you can move from page to page, easily. Just click it and you will see all the various pages for the albums.

These are identification pages for jewelry by the name Selro and also Selini, both creations by Paul Selenger.  Most of it was unsigned and came with hang tags or on a card so in order to wear it, the owner would discard the tag or card. Many, many people have trouble identifying it and many sellers misrepresent it.  This has been a 12 year work in progress job of mine, all at my own expense and time, to make it right.  Of course, I totally LOVE the jewelry and it's about the only costume jewelry I buy for my own personal collection.

Noh mask (White) Okina (Hakushikijyo)

The mask is of an older male with long white beard expressing wisdom. The Okina mask takes its origin from the traditional Genryu style of Noh play called "Dance of Monkeys" and it features movable jaw & eyebrows.

Date(s): March 3, 2012. Album by Kathie Davis. 1 - 24 of 24 Total. 212 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 2
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane
"Signed both Selro and Selini."
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Enlarge photo 3
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 4
Compliments of Boo Bears Baubles on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 5
Compliments of Pie in the Sky Collectibles on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 6
Compliments of Aged and Opulent Jewelry

Enlarge photo 7
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 8
Private Collection

Enlarge photo 9
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 10
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 11
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 12
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 13
Private Collection

Enlarge photo 14
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 15
Compliments Erik Yang Lush Life Antiques

Enlarge photo 16
Compliments of Wizard Jewels on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 17
I knew someday I would finally see this guy in black. And then, bingo, there he was. :-)
"I bought this identical brooch in wh..."
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Enlarge photo 18
Compliments of Mary Ann Docktor-Smith - Anna’s Vintage Jewelry on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 19
Courtesy of BellStarVintage on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 20
Compliments of The "ICE" Box Antiques

Enlarge photo 21
Courtesy of BellStarVintage  on Ruby Lane

Enlarge photo 22

Enlarge photo 23
Photo courtesy of cottagekeeper on eBay.

Enlarge photo 24

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Kathie, thank you for providing this treasure trove of information AND photos to help with identification. Your dedication, hard work and love of this jewelry is obvious!
Marisa, Mon, 2 Jan 2017 2:55AM
Thanks Kathy for all your hard work in helping us identify true Selro jewelry. Are you writing a book? If so I would very much love to buy a copy. If you are keeping a list of others like me, please keep my email address and let me know when and where I can get a copy. Thanks again. cheryl
cheryl gowdy, Mon, 28 Sep 2015 4:45PM
I have a set that I really could use help identifying.  I've not found anything like it anywhere and am desperate.  It was suggested I try contacting you.  Are you able to help?
Thank you!!  What a great site!
Barbara |, Thu, 16 Jan 2014 11:15AM
RE: #13.  The Noh Devil's mask with the green turban and rhinestones. I was able to buy (at an extraordinarily affordable price) the same earrings and a brooch, but with a pink turban and purple rhinestones. It is also signed by Selro Corp. I love it!
Cg Shaffer, Thu, 3 Oct 2013 6:08PM
I was fortunate enough to find and
purchase #17, also in black. Thank
you for such an informative site.
Robyn Reese |, Wed, 2 Oct 2013 9:20PM
I have a bracelet like #14 but in white with green and purple stones. Plus the earrings to go with it. 2 purple stones are missing. My mother and her sister each bought a set in different colors. I'm 67...not sure what year they got them. Would like to sell them now
Paula Whitener, Fri, 6 Sep 2013 12:05AM
Wonderful website, comment by Paul Selenger's niece.  Kathie, I would love to contact you.  My e-mail is if you could reach out.  thank you. Marian Faytell
Marian Faytell, Sun, 19 May 2013 6:28AM
This is so helpful.  I have some selro pieces, but I have never known much about them which isn't unusual!
norma adams | adams@rubylane, Mon, 18 Feb 2013 7:03AM
I bought a pin like #17, but it was jade green in color. It was unmarked, but attributed to selro. I was trying to find it on the web and was surprised to see an exact replica. Your site is just wonderful.
Katie Ta, Wed, 17 Oct 2012 5:41PM
Nice to have you back and have a place to go when stumped.
Peigi Lee Campbell Religa | N/A, Sun, 25 Mar 2012 6:03AM