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Skipjacks' CASEā„¢ Place
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Classifieds for sale
1. Classifieds for sale  (07-02-2015)
VAC Case parts and complete tractors (5) for sale (as is; where is). I have started and driven all except the red one but the guy I bought it from said that he had it running (used some parts from this one to build another one BUT I've collected what was missing and those parts go with the tractor). Come get everything shown here for FREE! I will store for up to 12 months; then you lose all right to the aforementioned tractors and parts. Email me at: skipjack@montrose.net for more info. Everything shown in 'Classifieds' is located near Montrose, Colorado, 81401. -NOTE: DUE TO A TOTAL LACK OF INTEREST THESE PARTS & TRACTORS ARE SOON TO BE SCRAPPED ! ! ! !  Revised on 10-09-2015
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Tractor Info
2. Tractor Info  (July 3, 2004)
All kinds of photos and information on tractors and tractor projects plus vintage ag ads.
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Steamers & Oil Pulls
3. Steamers & Oil Pulls  (February 20, 2003. Album by mi)
This album is filled with photos of steam, kerosene and gas powered tractors, along with stationary engines. Since there are not many of these old-timers around my area, cyber-pal Bob Melville has supplied the photos and descriptions.
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Auction Photos
4. Auction Photos  (March 8, 04 - February 3, 08)
Here is a collection of farm and farm-related auction pictures that I've taken with the objective of catching the unique 'feel' of farm auctions.
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5. Powershows  (March 11, 2004)
Antique power show photos found here.
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All Around Here
6. All Around Here  (March 11, 2004)
Photos of my home, my people, motorcycles, trail-rides and scenic shots of Western Colorado.
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Winter of '06-07
7. Winter of '06-07  (November '06 to ?? '07)
The winter of '06 & 07 is turning out to be a real humdinger! These pics are from everywhere that I could find them.
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Barn Photos
8. Barn Photos  (March 8, 2004)
Photos of my barn construction project.
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WAV Files
9. WAV Files  (9-23-2008)
A collection of WAV files that may or may not amuse you.
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CASE VA Series Manuals
10. CASE VA Series Manuals  (November 8, 2004)
This folder contains Service, Parts manuals and info for the CASE VA series tractors.-'CLICK' TO ENLARGE - CLICK AGAIN TO VIEW AND/OR PRINT.
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