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sewing "stuff"
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Enlarge photo 1
Better late than never eh? This was for a very dear friend's daughter and her new husband.  It was not quite what I had envisioned, I thought the fill stitches on the colored A were solid, but not so much, so there is just a hint of color.  I had misgivings about the addition of the butterfly scroll, but actually think that the Ace of Points sets off the OSED alpha quite well

Enlarge photo 2
Make that shawl into a round table cloth by golly!  Why not eh?  I think it turned out nicely, I used more earthy colors on this one, but I have a more splashy one in the wings.  The yarn is Noro Taiyo and I absolutely love working with it.

Enlarge photo 3
Here is closer view.... I thought the red was going to be more of a brick red and not so much the cherry/blue red but I think it looks nice, just too bad I didn't have the right size table to display it.

Enlarge photo 4
Plymouth Gina poncho pattern, it is completely different on the back, and yes it is a poncho not just a knitted blanket it, although it would be a pretty one.  Next one I make the garter stitch bottom border will be as I go so that it matches the stripes and so lazy me doesn't have to go back and add it!  The pattern calls for six skeins, but I could not quite make it, so recommend if you make this pattern to go for seven skeins.

Enlarge photo 5
three little fishies and a momma fishie too!  they swam and they swam right over the dam....more koi, The background is supposed to be more blue, amazing how it shows up so off

Enlarge photo 6
brand more true, but fish are now washed out!I am thinking I need some natural light.  This is a better angle of the fish, the other makes them look a little less symmetrical.  On these I used a brassy looking organza for the fins and the tails are an orange netting with orange glitter...they really qre quite pretty.  Suzanne has done a great job creating them.

Enlarge photo 7
my beautiful koi designed by Suzanne, she is so talented....this is for the inserted panel in grandson's graduation quilt (that will be late, doesn't everyone operate that way? better late than never?)

Enlarge photo 8
Here are two of the koi playing together.  They are only on panels right now and not sewn together, they might not even wind up next to each other...still to be determined.

Enlarge photo 9
close up on what I have named the fluffy fish ;-)  The fins on both are organza and they give a lovely fin like quality

Enlarge photo 10
auditioning gecko colors for the quilt, want them gecko's to pop out!
Still part of the grad quilt.

Enlarge photo 11
see, good things come to those who wait, this was promised to grandson number two last year and he has had it a few weeks now.  This is using floriani thread, quite the high sheen and just perfect to give that metallic look, but hard to photograph well!

Enlarge photo 12
Little blurry, but not trying to get the colors a tich better, they shimmer and change so much it is really difficult to photograph

Enlarge photo 13
girly girls tenth bday present. Loved the design of the shirts, but not impressed with the quality.

Enlarge photo 14
Names on back, the pink of one color was on the purple of the other shirt and visa versa...

Enlarge photo 15
Last of the several of the half round scarves.  Fun to make, this is out of the noro Taiyo, lovely colors, lovely feel, it is a cotton blend with silk and wool...just beautiful feel to it when done.

Enlarge photo 16
For my good friend Donna, colors her choice....very striking I think, again the noro taiyo

Enlarge photo 17
The first one I made and just love the colors and the first experience with the noro taiyo yarn... absolutely wonderful!

Enlarge photo 18
A little felting, a little Noro yarn, a little Bags: a knitter's dozen and before you know it you have a knitting bag...

Enlarge photo 19
Still a work in progress, handles to be attached.....

Enlarge photo 20
And maybe more felting and blocking.

Enlarge photo 21
I love that just a slight rotation and it all changes....

Enlarge photo 22
I strove to put lighter colors at the top and darker at the bottom to not show the dirt so much from sitting in who knows where!

Enlarge photo 23
All in all for my first felting project, first purse, first first first 'cept of course for knitting and using the entrelac pattern!

Enlarge photo 24
auditioning colors and background for this yummy koi fishie from urban threads.  win win, I make a handtowel for future gift giving and I get to see design stitched out to give me a better visual using the colors I wanted to try..

Enlarge photo 25
this little chef wine aprons from all about blanks and fun design from embroidery designs makes for the perfect fun gift...these are headed to shop hop... I want more of these, they are so cute!

Enlarge photo 26
Sometimes it is just easier to give in and do.  Hubby volunteered to reupholster this seat for a friends train in the mill....  I did the sewing and he did the putting 'er back together.  Not bad for the first sewing project after getting new power board in sewing machine.  I didn't realize how much I missed the ole girl til I didn't have her for 3+ months!

Enlarge photo 27
Hat for sil and scarf for his wife.  Hat is reversible and in redskins colors of his fave team, see next pict for reverse

Enlarge photo 28
and here it is reversed....hmmm how did that crazy entrelac scarf get in there twice....LOL

Enlarge photo 29
framed and finished picture for my friends retirement.  I tried to get in that picture and retire too, alas, not happening any time soon....

Enlarge photo 30
been meaning to stitch this out for some time...finally and it turned out just right........ a lovely design by artistic designs.

Enlarge photo 31
This is to die for soft, Madlinetosh merino vereigated plaid blanket, and yes another one of those entrelac.... there are a few more up my sleeve

Enlarge photo 32
this is so soft, it is beautiful, but difficult to see the cabling in it, it is lorna laces black sheep and is just yum, I used Declan's Hat by Samantha Kirby...very nice pattern

Enlarge photo 33
hat for hubby, noro Iro, heavy weight yarn, but loved the color changes and the feel of the yarn

Enlarge photo 34
more noro silk garden and entrelac

Enlarge photo 35
loved the colors in this noro silk garden

Enlarge photo 36
So far this is my fave of the noro silk garden, but they are all lovely and hard to decide

Enlarge photo 37
I thought I had posted this last year in my album, but not so.  Needle of Ann's great design and just Artista letters for the noel

Enlarge photo 38
Got some ribbon yarn from jimmy Bean Wool on sale, finally decided to make the twins tops out of it but could not find a pattern I liked.  So made this one up, it is seamless, fairly quick and shows off the ribbon yarn nicely, although the pictures don't pick up the sheen well

Enlarge photo 39
granddaughter wanted me to post both tied and untied, this is an important feature and needs to be shown off....

Enlarge photo 40
And here is the back.  Pleased with the way it worked up and turned out, but don't know how it will hold up.  That will be a wait and see, now off to make twin sister hers.

Enlarge photo 41
I am not going scarf crazy, really, just that I saw this double sided cactus blossom scarf (pattern free on ravelry) at local yarn shop, was instantly in lust and had to have, the pattern is way cool as it has diagram/graph chart too which really helps when you are not sure, this is Madelinetosh merino sock yarn to die for!  LOVE the colors

Enlarge photo 42
not the best picture, one of the guys I work with thought it would be cool to have a Wool scarf when riding his motorcycle, so we went looking for "guy" colors and wah la!

Enlarge photo 43
Just love those urban threads designs, simple but detailed

Enlarge photo 44
This cup stack is just great, I used a heavier wt thread on these than I would normally as I couldn't find my topper...hid it from the rip and tears.... so I used the heavier thread so it did not get lost in the nap.  However with urban thread line work it is usually heavy enough using normal embroidery thread.

Enlarge photo 45
if you can get past the wonky waffle, this turned out pretty cool, would be nice on framed on some muslin, then tea stained to make it look really old then hang over your machine.

Enlarge photo 46
these fascinate me.... I know easily amused....I guess they remind of times from when I was a kid....

Enlarge photo 47
more hightides aprons....

Enlarge photo 48
I really liked how the verigated thread worked for the coral and seaweed. I played with the turtle colors forever and accidently hit the robin egg blue, it was so pretty that I totally changed the direction of colors and think it is just lovely.  I am not crazy about the eye, I used a dark green, but no color I put there really floated my boat.

Enlarge photo 49
I have to confess that I sewed this double.  I do that sometimes if I don't think the outline showed well enough, I think I messed up doing it on this one, it would have been better to left the single stitching...live and learn eh?

Enlarge photo 50
I was smitten by this lovely little horse when I first saw it go up at urban threads.  I struggled however with the colorway I wanted....finally landed on this, think it turned out pretty good, but still not sure it was what I was envisioning for colors.

Enlarge photo 51
Lessons learned on this.  It of course did not come to me with the colors that were on it in the original design at embroidery library.  I tried to audition colors for it in my software. Future reference, all the designs stitch out one a time with the star fish and rope being last, so you could color as you go what ever you thought you wanted.  Initially I though it would stitch out all this color, than that, hopping around to each of the designs that called for that color, not so....

Enlarge photo 52
love this anchor....

Enlarge photo 53
Done at last!  Still haven't attacked the binding for a quilt, and did stitch in a ditch basically for quilting... I just love this little bunny in the foreground, he is in the backing washable satin and has a pink minkee tail

Enlarge photo 54
Outlining the appliques and some of the pinwheels made for an interesting back design. Can't tell it here but I used a variegated chocolate brown and pink for the stitching...

Enlarge photo 55
Unless you have a close up this little guy is hard to see, the wings are minkee

Enlarge photo 56
Initially the branch and leaves were just embroidery, but they did not show up well enough for me, so I went back and hand applique them on in washable satin like the back

Enlarge photo 57
more minkee butterfly

Enlarge photo 58
first attempt at knitting lace.  I have to admit it does require a bit of paying attention....don't make mistakes...I spent two hours reconstruction ten stitches over about 8 to 10 rows where I made a faux paux and didn't catch it soon enough.  Probably could have ripped it out faster!  But it was good practice to recreate vertically and horizontally the design.  Makes me a better knitter or so I tell myself! LOL  This is Madelinetosh Merino light.  Wonderful yarn to work with! WONDERFUL

Enlarge photo 59
Here's a close up.  This of course needs to be blocked, but I was so excited that I had to see immediately how it was going to look.  I like it, just wish I had been brave enough to make it a bit bigger.  I was scared to try, but now I realize it would have been simple to do since the middle design repeats and repeats, I would have just had to in crease it the amount of stitches in the middle panel, or so that is my belief...hmmmm maybe it is a good thing I didn't... I will have to consult with someone more experience than I.  For at beginner I thought this pattern went well and would recommend it, it was free on Ravelry and is called I heart lace

Enlarge photo 60
Okay, so here is the finished entrelac scarf beside the new one I have started, the new one is a new colorway and is Crystal Palace Mochi plus. It is very soft and pretty, but I am thinking I prefer the noro, but to be fair both yarns have their pluses.

Enlarge photo 61
I just discovered entrelac...wow is it ever look cool and complicated when in fact it is simple knitting pattern and oh I love the internet with it's utube videos, I am convinced I would not have been as successful at this entrelac had it not been for the video, I just discovered Noro silk garden lite yarn, wow is wonderful yarn, and I finally started knitting again and am finding it most rewarding.  I didn't realize how much I missed it! great site for knitters is Ravelery.com and knitting daily is full of inspiration as well!

Enlarge photo 62
and here is the inside

Enlarge photo 63
Baby Quilt finally finished by me, but was started by another for their friends baby. This is the outside

Enlarge photo 64
some beautiful border collie hand towels for a friend, design advanced designs, very nice stitch out, good thing I have to make another set so I can get them matched up.  Middle design is a mad woman design on canvas for making into picture, it will be framed.

Enlarge photo 65
Last minute panic Christmas Eve day gift! This Mother Hen's now retired frame with a letter from designs by sick and I was off and running (hint: when you hoop upside down and flip a design with a letter in it, you need to mirror it as well...ask how I know this LOL)

Enlarge photo 66
Part of the  panic Christmas Eve day, I had in mind to use a fruit design but was so under the gun I panicked and used this Ace of Points instead.  I think it turned out okay, but check out next frame I might have went with if I hadn't panicked.

Enlarge photo 67
This is kind of a rendition of what I was thinking for on the towel in the previous frame.  It is an embroidery library blue work design...just changed the colors of course.  I think the ace of points I used turned out nicely, but will always wonder now if I had not panicked how this one might have worked.

Enlarge photo 68
this is same design as preceding, but I rotated the frame,

Enlarge photo 69
magic....going from squares, twist and you have pinwheels.  This is about halfway so you can see the before and the after!

Enlarge photo 70
When I THOUGHT I had the right size I was going to use this new ruler that I got from Nancy's notions with the 1/4 seam allowance spread out to all four sides.

Enlarge photo 71
The ruler comes with an inner 4.5 square that fits inside of the 8.5.  Both allow you to center, if you wanted the inner 4.5 dimension but wanted to not have any lines around it, this picture frame effect is really a cool idea and there are slots to run a snitch past each corner on the inside so you completely cut out the inside square if you wanted.

Enlarge photo 72
here it is with inner square inserted.

Enlarge photo 73
After much hair pulling...here is my twisted square.  Many lessons learned on this baby.  Such as ironing on interfacing on the back of flannel if you need mitered points! This is not done, there is one more row of sashing to go and an embroidery design or two.

Enlarge photo 74
One of a series of really cool urban thread designs. Detail is great, jump stitches in good places, fun to make. These are on muslin with brown thread to simulate sepia tones..ie aging.

Enlarge photo 75
I am envisioning making in to little bags with drawstring tops to put bars of soap that have been made special with all those wonderful designer scents and such

Enlarge photo 76
One of embroidery library's taravera designs, made for a friend to commemorate their mexican visit

Enlarge photo 77

Enlarge photo 78
urban thread design, used superior threads hologram glitter for the mane, tough to see in picture, but looks pretty good I am thinking.

Enlarge photo 79
New designer for me called big dreams embroidery...some really nice applique designs, well thought out and stitched out wonderfully.  Just enough detail to make it interesting.

Enlarge photo 80
another of dream big's designs.  Really like them, of course this is my rendition...  Roxanne finished the quilt, if the link works you can view her lovely work...what a gem she is http://s141.photobucket.com/albums/r56/Roxannstitchings/Hands%20of%20Love%20for%20Japan/?action=view¤t=102_3065e.jpg   Since right click mouse is disabled, you can highlight the exact words, press control C on your keyboard then control V in the subject line to go view this spectacular quilt Roxann put together with other designs.

Enlarge photo 81
finally this one of big dream, initially I thought the tail was going to be white embroidery, then realized it was applique as well, I was so tuned into the white that I found a white/beige/batik like fabric and used that, but in hindsight (not pun...okay maybe one) I should of used a bright pink!

Enlarge photo 82
This is a free design from smart needle that I have been wanting to make for some time.  I used minkee on the hive and the bee.  The hive had the word honey on it, but if Roxann can find a spot for it in her quilts to go to Japan I thought it might be better to leave off english words....

Enlarge photo 83
The butterfly is minkee also, a design from embroidery library.  I thought it would be fun for a little one to have something soft and fuzzy, again this is hopefully along with the other five to a child somewhere in Japan providing they are workable with the other squares Roxann has gotten from others.

Enlarge photo 84
almost forgot to upload this little guy too!  He was a freebie, alas an older one so I don't know who's...sorry, but he too is minkee and nice and soft!  I used a variegated thread (will I never learn to use them on dense stitching?..probably not!)...he would of looked better had I not! ;-)

Enlarge photo 85
Got these on sale and forgot all about them until I went looking thru what I had for applique for Roxann to go on Japan children quilt.  Hope the will work...yup more urban desgins.

Enlarge photo 86
got these along with the bird, I had not tried this form of applique and am still of mixed mind about it, but thought the variegated thread for the gone to seed dandelion was kind of cool.

Enlarge photo 87
all together, sure hope they work in something for the tsunami victums

Enlarge photo 88
I had forgotten that I had the laurel burch jungle songs and how pretty the designs.  Had a friend that loves bright colors, laurel burch and birds...pretty much decided what I had to do. It was a joy to stitch out and nice to not have to convert all the colors to isacord.

Enlarge photo 89
a bowl full of fun wash clothes for my girly girls, desgins by sick.  Lots of fun and just the right size for wash clothes

Enlarge photo 90
fairy tale blocks osed for a some day child's quilt... I say some day as I never got 'er done...imagine that!
"These are really pretty! I..."
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Enlarge photo 91
last three osed blocks to go with the first three, best intentions and all...  maybe someday!

Enlarge photo 92
I am mixed about how the colors work in this one, hopefully the person it is for will be pleased.

Enlarge photo 93
here are the two kindle covers in raw state.  both have urband thread designs on the front of the cover

Enlarge photo 94
second one, better in some ways, no so much in others, but I did get them done and they will protect the kindles....

Enlarge photo 95
inside of second one.  Will there be a third???? Not sure, maybe, we shall see.

Enlarge photo 96
Here is proto type (code for first one) done.

Enlarge photo 97
Back side, elastic for hold close when not in use

Enlarge photo 98
inside, fits in pocket with elastic top holders

Enlarge photo 99
hole left for plugging in to recharge and on/off switch

Enlarge photo 100
had friends drop in and she wanted to see how my machine worked. I quickly found a pillow case fabric stash and set to work to make them a set with their very own monogram.  Marie's beautiful alpha and hatch in africa's scroll work and we had a design locked and loaded.

Enlarge photo 101
ironically through no prior planning the fabric I chose went perfectly with their blue comforter and sheets..score there by total accident. They liked so much the slept on them last night, so pictures are from the morning after. ;-)

Enlarge photo 102
She had never had an embroidery design on anything so I told her to bring in a top and we would just fix that. Lesson learned here, the wash away fusible was great for stabilizing, but instead of washing out as expected it balled up and I had to use a pet hair remover and some elbow grease to get it off... I think it was because it was a synthetic fabric, never had it do that before. The Ace of Points design stitched out nicely and once we got all those little flecks of stabilizer off it turned out just fine.

Enlarge photo 103
final results after all those test stitchouts. This is one of six for a set of napkins.  I am thinking that I like using napkins to put designs on.  I know, what about monograms... I think I like that too, but sometimes it is fun to do something theme based and different. picture does not show especially well that this is in fact blue not black

Enlarge photo 104
was going for western look here, plaid may of been a tad too bold for the design. Design is part of a free set that I got unlabeled back before I put under the designer's name in my files...sorry

Enlarge photo 105
This urband thread design was a dream to stitch out.  I thought the varigated was nice, but not what I was shooting for, this is a bit festive/christmasy for me. On the spool the colors appear purplish and green....

Enlarge photo 106
went with the variegated tonal greens with this urban threads design, but see that I needed better contrast, you don't see the variegation in the thread much.  This would be beautiful in gold on forest green or a variegated brown thread on a orangish batik...

Enlarge photo 107
test stitch outs of this hatched in africa blue willow.... getting geared up to make some napkins for a friend to match their blue willow plates. will be using a tonal variegated blue from superior threads for the final project...I think....unless of course it doesn't look as well as I hope for...lol

Enlarge photo 108
okay, so I wasn't a real success with the plaids today, this urband thread design is lost in the busy background and I should of used black.  I did find out that the florani fusible wet and gone re-fuses quite well, save those scraps, then fuse back on and are great for back or front of design.

Enlarge photo 109
alas, a heartstring design...been meaning to do this one for some time.  Had some variegated beige's I thought perfect for the sheepie, I was going to put directly on the towel, then thought last minute to do as applique. It would of worked better if my surfaces had been the same... the towel is kind of wiggly even hooped.

Enlarge photo 110
candy ribbon, still needs the poem and the candy ties, but it was leaving my house and I wanted pics before it left....lousy picture and color

Enlarge photo 111
Better color, the snowflakes are some free ones from Hatched in Africa, they stitched out wonderfully, we used a pearlized metal thread, but of course it doesn't show up in the picture.

Enlarge photo 112
Lettering was from my Artista called abby script.  Daughter will print poem out on printable fabric and add the rest of the candy ties....quite the tradition in our home.

Enlarge photo 113
Urban design teamed up with the font Phoebe curls in my artista software to make a fun napkin for the my dd's family.  I think the kids will get a kick out of having their very own napkins and there are extras for "guests"  ;-) The silverware had bon apetite under them but I took it away to personalize.  Design and lettering was between 13-15 minutes depending on the letters, so again pretty doable for multiples... although I was glad when #12 showed up!  Had chalk marks for lining up so they have to be washed and ironed, kind of why they look wrinkly...lol

Enlarge photo 114
to give fairness to the detail, in another color with a major contrast the detail would pick up considerably

Enlarge photo 115
I fell in love with this little deer when Urban threads had their stocking stuffer sale and just HAD to have it.  Reminds me of the old white stag logo sort of, perhaps that is why I liked it so much. At any rate they stitched out in 7 minutes and so it was a cute design that did not take forever.

Enlarge photo 116
Of course you need a dozen napkins...you never know when someone is going to "drop-in" during the holidays.  The pictures aren't good, but the deer while appearing to be gold are actually a nice holiday green... I considered gold, but I like how the green turned out.

Enlarge photo 117
This little guy jumped into my cart when I was getting the $1.00 stocking stuffers at Urban threads. I used Superior threads king tut and was impressed.  Great choice I think for linework.  It is a bit heavier and gives that hand stitched look imo. This was just a test stitch out on old hand towel, didn't even use a stablizer, which I should of as some of the dots for "i's" pulled thru.

Enlarge photo 118
Here come those fabulous fairies from MEH and those totes!

Enlarge photo 119
Here is one of three of the designs I auditioned for the person that was not selected

Enlarge photo 120
Again, this was one of the designs not chosen, I put these up as well to illustrate what one can do with a little bit of manipulation and imagination.

Enlarge photo 121
Inspired by both Needle of Ann's baby set and blanket, I went on a quest to find the blanket and make.  Note: pictures all were taking before washing out the stablizer and ironing, was in hurry to get to the mom and babe.

Enlarge photo 122
Loved the sheepie and duckie, and horsey

Enlarge photo 123
The ribbons and flowers in this set are so precious and detailed

Enlarge photo 124
I wanted to do them all!  But this was an 11th hour get 'er done or die project

Enlarge photo 125
And while I found a similar blanket to the one Anne used, it had just an outside row of squares, no inside ones. I used the floraini fusable wet and gone.  This was 100% cotton, so it rinsed out nicely under hot water, a quick trip in the washing machine and off to the dryer...  Washed up nice and will do good for babe I am thinking.

Enlarge photo 126
The squares were seven one way and eight the other.  Hard to figure out a way to balance and look good.  I finally faced the animals and flowers in on the long side and faced a single rocking horse out on the seven side in the middle.  Had I had more time I may of added the rabbits and more roses. But I am not sure where or how.... should of allowed myself more time, but I was kind of putting off as I was intimidated, but found my fears were ungrounded.

Enlarge photo 127
Officially titled Fabulous Flirty Fairies by Roxann towels for the girly girls from a wonderful sewing angel who sent the designs my way!  So pretty stitched out!

Enlarge photo 128
I chose middle of the road, this is the middle density and they did just fine.

Enlarge photo 129
I was more focused on other things and didn't notice the size difference so much until it was too late...but hopefully they still look okay together

Enlarge photo 130
The rest of the "mad dog" quilters series and one with a button hole instead of the velco as a thankyou gift

Enlarge photo 131
first one of four of my "mad dog Quilters"

Enlarge photo 132
Mad dog from bfc creations, purse of course from Marie, quilters and border collies rule all just fonts in my program

Enlarge photo 133
Is this were I say I really don't get things upside down all the time? LOL  Or is it where I say it was planned that way so that when the purse was closed the doggies wouldn't be standing on their heads! I must of told myself five hundred times not to do this, but oh well.... it still is okay right?

Enlarge photo 134
Not as crisp and sharp as I was hoping for, but many many lessons learned....cutting up old jeans might not be the best idea you ever had....shamrock on outside is Ginger from gone sewing, initial is one that was in my artista software, and the purse design was from Marie's, unfortunately I tried to make a shabby chic purse, got half of it right! LOL

Enlarge photo 135
Leave well enough alone, even though I thought I had shamrock centered, I didn't and once sewn...just a tad bit to late to change....unless of course you want to do a lot of frog stitching...I did not!  LOL  PS the shamrock is something I designed and is not part of the project so it's miss placement is my fault not the design fault!

Enlarge photo 136
sweating bullets is what I am going to call this, my first all in the hoop project....Thank goodness it was one of Marie's, I know I couldn't go wrong with her great directions!

Enlarge photo 137
I think it is like driving directions (before gps), you had to make at least one wrong turn and panic until you got back on track! Was the easiest zipper that I ever put in however! ;-)

Enlarge photo 138
Really it WAS done before Christmas, but I do have to get in the mail.  Love Ginger's designs

Enlarge photo 139
More Of Ginger's designs, combined one of her new ones with one of the older ones....for a kitchen in the mid west, hope they enjoy.

Enlarge photo 140
Okay, busted on this one, didn't have it done in time for Christmas, but before the end of January LOL!  Some of Needle of Ann's wonderful designs.

Enlarge photo 141
Don't you just think you are at the beach?

Enlarge photo 142
A pitiful start on gifts for military families. I console myself that at leasat I started!
"Your animals are precious."
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Enlarge photo 143
what a beginner mistake, bet you all immediately saw someone did not pay attention to the direction of the fabric........... well a person can't think of EVERY thing ALL the time!

Enlarge photo 144
What a macaroon, I put a beautiful cutwork F and scrolls on this for dd for Christmas and promptly for got to take pictures of it.  I was little disappointed with the fabric cause the design ran and made it impossible to look true and straight, but thought the colors turned out nice....warm fuzzy flannel on this one!

Enlarge photo 145
Beautiful Angel from Ginger and killer lace from Marie just screamed to go together for dd for her bday.

Enlarge photo 146
The purple one came out so nicely for dd that I had to make ex-sil one in her fave colors.  So blessed with wonderful designers. angel is ginger's and lace of course is marie's

Enlarge photo 147

Enlarge photo 148

Enlarge photo 149

Enlarge photo 150
these little mini envelopes are just so stinkin' cute and easy

Enlarge photo 151
Here is the back side.  So easy to make. designed for those gift cards you can buy, but they are perfect for little thankyou card envelopes as well.

Enlarge photo 152
granddaughter's bday flannel circle quilt.  Such a clever idea and really easy to make.

Enlarge photo 153
another view, I put her initial on it from needle of anne cutwork embelished font, so easy to use and it looked so pretty. did one corner in the green and one end in pink......

Enlarge photo 154
backside, the original one I saw the back was all one color and the multicolors were on the front, but I used a stripe and I was afraid it of how it would line up so I reversed.  I carefully laid out the rows and the colors so as to avoid duplication.  But then the kitties helped and things got jumbled and since I was under a time limit and had to get done, I soldiered thru! So much for random.

Enlarge photo 155
close up of the letter

Enlarge photo 156
another pic of letter, tough to get good help...tee hee.  Not my finest moment in detail, but for an 8 year old it will be perfect to snuggle in and keep warm and was a learning experience for grandma.  I see more flannel circle quilts in my future.

Enlarge photo 157
Daughter is making a quilt for a friends twins (due soon).  Her nursery theme is raggedy ann and andy.

Enlarge photo 158
these turned out so nice!  Been dying to make them for some time.

Enlarge photo 159
I made three designs for each quilt, all different except this one, thought they should be alike but different. I used different blues for each set to give them just that bit more individually!

Enlarge photo 160
The six designs were a bit labor intense.  between all of them it took me twelve hours.

Enlarge photo 161

Enlarge photo 162

Enlarge photo 163

Enlarge photo 164

Enlarge photo 165

Enlarge photo 166

Enlarge photo 167

Enlarge photo 168

Enlarge photo 169

Enlarge photo 170

Enlarge photo 171

Enlarge photo 172

Enlarge photo 173

Enlarge photo 174

Enlarge photo 175
Marie's of Embroidery Heaven free alpha and Anne's The Needle of Ann eyelet designs make for a striking combo.  What do you think?

Enlarge photo 176
Forgive the colors not being right on, I ordered them on line and couldn't touchie feelie....but I did get airplane fabric! ;-)

Enlarge photo 177
No, it is not John Paul Getty...LOL, but our flying friends will enjoy I hope.

Enlarge photo 178
the manly design for the chef jacket

Enlarge photo 179
I think of all the tries I like this the best, we got six aprons so I had to of course use them all.... hopefully one of the designs...or all of them (fingers crossed) will appeal to our favorite seafood eating place!

Enlarge photo 180
zoomed out

Enlarge photo 181
The other manly design for the chef jacket, I tried to use colors that went with the white that gave a masculine look

Enlarge photo 182
zoomed out

Enlarge photo 183
My very first pair of pillowcases.... bustin' my buttons with accomplishment!

Enlarge photo 184
even cut the trim piece on the diagonal....I thought it looked better that way.

Enlarge photo 185
then I just couldn't leave well enough alone and I embroidered on them.  Not that the design was bad, it was beautiful one by Hatched in Africa.  But I didn't do it any justice with my color combos....  I deviated and shouldn't have.  Oh well.... I had more designs to put on either side, but I was too tired and I decided this was enough!

Enlarge photo 186
Mono gram using MP IEC letters from 07 I believe, one of my co-workers had his first little boy and these are his initials.

Enlarge photo 187
Full view of blankie, it is cashmere flannel with a lace edging I learned how to do at expo this past spring.

Enlarge photo 188
more of blanket

Enlarge photo 189
We have this seafood place that we like to eat at and they are so nice, we thought it would be fun to embroider on an apron for their waitresses....  This was my first try, it was not what I had envisioned....it is okay, but I am not wild about it

Enlarge photo 190
so I tried again with a different pattern, but was still not happy...

Enlarge photo 191
This is third attempt, I tried combining myself, but it was too small and I wish I had made the star fish brighter in color...isn't it amazing when the colors look one way on the spool and totally different stitched out!

Enlarge photo 192
fourth attempt, getting braver and making larger, I like the silver fish, but in real life the contrast between the starfish and the rock aren't as good as I would like...

Enlarge photo 193
So this was the last one, and I still think the jacobean fish is my fave

Enlarge photo 194
quickie mono grams whipped out for a friend to give to her friends. Like this grape leaf design....

Enlarge photo 195
She had two friends, I am learning to get pics of things before I give away, but sometimes that means artificial light and then they are not the greatest pis...

Enlarge photo 196

Enlarge photo 197

Enlarge photo 198
chocolate monogram on latte towel

Enlarge photo 199
Chocolate towel with monogram towel, shows colors more true

Enlarge photo 200
finished BFC creations tao dragon

Enlarge photo 201
closer view

Enlarge photo 202
two hoopings from complete

Enlarge photo 203
Molly Mine Purses before completely assembled

Enlarge photo 204

Enlarge photo 205
Molly Mine Purse

Enlarge photo 206
Molly Mine Purse

Enlarge photo 207
Molly Mine Purse

Enlarge photo 208
Molly Mine Purses, completed and assembled, Slonie's on the left and Logie's on the right

Enlarge photo 209

Enlarge photo 210

Enlarge photo 211
Sunglass pocket and Dora Ipod Molly Mine Purse

Enlarge photo 212

Enlarge photo 213

Enlarge photo 214
Arranged dividers differently to mix up the color combos...

Enlarge photo 215
Lotion bottles are from old flannel sheets from Great Grandma Boom

Enlarge photo 216

Enlarge photo 217
Outside back dora cell phones and lipstick.  Keys attached with note book ring, when going places use it to encircle both handles, when playing just one handle...

Enlarge photo 218
Dressed up new shirt so it wasn't plain....

Enlarge photo 219
serger drunken path, so easy peasy

Enlarge photo 220
this is another one of the many quilts I have started, someday I may even get time to finish one or two, this is batiks, I making three of them all with the same design but different fabrics

Enlarge photo 221
this the colors are WAY off, but same as the batiks but it is all blues whites and yellows

Enlarge photo 222
this one is going to have embroidered chickens in both dense and red work, but the pattern is the same as the batik and the blue/white/yellow. Note the at the two square on the right are the exact same pattern just different fabric.

Enlarge photo 223
not a great picture, but this is one of the designs that will be on the chicken quilt.  This was a test piece, but the chicken wire back ground will be used in this quilt as well as the design, but the designs on the chicken wire fabric will be red work, not this design.

Enlarge photo 224
My first attempt at making quilts.  Yet to finish, but I am definiately bitten by that bug!  LOL

Enlarge photo 225
fun designs from threads of time

Enlarge photo 226
make up roll up....hope this helps

Enlarge photo 227
This is the back of Logan's, Sloan's was the same except of course the name! ;-)

Enlarge photo 228
The names are of his dogs, but if you look closely you can find his wife Amy's name as well

Enlarge photo 229
Quillo for friend off to Iraq, the nights get cold there!

Enlarge photo 230
halloween placemat, handtowel, and napkins I designed the emboridery and stitched out for a artista computer class.

Enlarge photo 231
closer look at the fake suede placemant detail of spider

Enlarge photo 232
embroidered redwork pansies then crayola colored in color.

Enlarge photo 233
Grandma had to catch up the twins and make them their trick or treat bags to go with big sister and brothers!

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