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Welcome to Runamuck Rats!

My passion for pet rats has no measure, Our Commitment to you as a client is life long. We want our rats to have the best a new owner can give. We will do our best to walk you through the ownership process, understand your rats behavior and if needed help with any medical issues that may arise. Breeding rats is a serious hobby, but we also offer Rats for Hire, so whenever you see a rat used in advertisements somebody out there went to a location and provided a rat or rats, anything from a small print ad to a movie set, YUP, we do that! Our colony is tested for disease titers, such as: Rat Bite Fever, Leptospirosis, Seoul Virus, to name a few. As an owner you should be aware no matter what kind of pet you have the potential risk of contagious illnesses that can pass to yourself and your family. Rats do carry a sigma, sadly. Knowledge is best ammunition against that stigma. I often describe the Rattery and its occupants in the plural, but I am the only human that runs the show, to me I see it as the Rats and I. Breeding rats is far from just pairing a male and female. These rats actually have pedigrees, their prodigy is carefully documented. No rats that required medical help for illness, are used for breeding. Myco is a common illness that effects rats, using stock that is commonly afflicted with disease to Me shows a poor immunity system. Rats are not as weak as people make them out to be, building a strong colony takes time and lots of hard decisions. This statement is not flawless. As once a rat leaves our home, I have no control over their new environment. In August of 2017, I took a severely bad fall that resulted in permanent damage to my left leg. It has change quite a few things in my life. While I have a pet grooming business in Long Island, but my Home is in PA. Due to my injury and needs for physical therapy I have decided to winter on Long Island for at least this 2017/2018 winter. My newly acquired physical status changes several things. I loved offering keepable photos of your new pets, but taking photos can be a tricky process, not all rats sit still, especially if the flash goes off... my ability to catch a fleeting horrified baby, Well, its not so good. Until then I offer what I call "bucket or Bin videos". I often don't like making "reserves" on babies unless you absolutely must have that one particular baby. The reason is so often you may a pick a pet by looks but the rat that grabs you may be what you least expected.... A cute example is a family came to get 3 rats, did not want anything hairless or red eyed. Father picks up a rat just to tell him how ugly he is, and the rat starts to lick him, he places the rat back in the bin, but the double rex patchy haired red eyed siamese baby wouldn't take NO for an answer. The baby continued to jump up the side of the bin, and when he paced his hand down this baby ran up his arm to his face and licked him... to which the man replied "you can't be my rat you're too ugly", the baby replied by licking him more. Much to the giggles of his Wife and children... GONZO is now the families favorite rat. If you do see a special rat that you feel your heart tug at, in order to reserve a baby 50% non refundable deposit must be placed within 24 hours of claiming. This will hold your special baby for 1 week, to hold a rat for 2 weeks the full price must be paid in full, and is NON refundable. Please understand rats grow very quickly and require feeding and cleaning during the reserved time. PLEASE do not reserve a rat if you are not 100% sure you will come get them. The window for some rats is very small and you may make placement of such rats very difficult if you end up not picking them up timely. Now for the finer details: *ALL RATS are all sold as NON breeding pets. *ALL RATS are sold in same sex pairs. Even if you have older rats. ( I can explain in greater detail why if asked) *ALL RATS should be QUARANTINED for at least 4 weeks if you have other rats. Reason every colony has its own unique immunity, adding new babies without a quarantine can be risky. (I admit I have added new rats without quarante before I really knew better) *You should really look over all babies super well, check eyes, ears, under tails, hold their chest to your ear listen for clear sounds. Check toes, tails, coat... don't be shy, no breeder should be offended. *ALL Babies have passed a handling test, NO baby that screams, attempts to bite or fights hard to escape are ever offered as pets. Luckily this rarely happens. ***I'm going to send you a questionnaire so I can help figure out what may be the ideal rat babies for you , although when you come that may just get thrown out the window, because as I have said before what we like in looks may not be what we like in personality.*** Receiving this questionnaire is validation you have read all of the above information. With all this said, please enjoy viewing my rat family, their offspring, and our rat acting/modeling adventures.

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1. RAT VARIETIES  (January 8, 2018)
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2. The Nursery  (January 8, 2018)
Terms of sales for all babies:

*6 or older.
*Babies are sold in same sex pairs only.
*ALL babies are offered as non breeding pets.
*If you're interested in breeding arrangements must be made in advance, prior to sale.
* All babies offered display NONE of the following: aggression of any kind, any kind of visable illness, clear breathing,  bright eyes, no bowel issues,  clean and clear ears, and clean fur.
* I will usually contact you within a couple days of the sale to check up on how things are going.
Please email me:
( ratsrulecatsdrool@aol.com ) for our questionnaire.
*a 50% non refundable deposit is required to hold any rat for 72 hours.
* A 100% payment is required to hold any rat for 1 week.
* if a rat/s needs to be held for more than a week,  a 10.00 boarding fee will be charged.
*We are a licensed USDA inspected rattery, even though we are considered small by professional standards.
* We are also a registered and licensed business. Our paypal is a business one.
* Please make sure you are ready to bring home your new babies.
****Please bring a chew proof carrier with you****
* I will supply some fresh fruit snacks for the trip home.
* NO MATTER  what others recommend, I tell all new rat owners to hold all new babies every day from day 1 for 10 minutes... rats are very sensitive to environment changes. Your housing can be big and beautiful, but to them its mars.
*Handle your babies, just pick them up and hold them,  don't stick a finger at them and wait for them to lick you... most will think your offering food and try to grab your finger and dash off.
*  You don't have to pick babies out ahead of time, Your more than welcome to come and look over what we have available. *A 20.00 booking fee is required, to prevent No Shows. The fee is returned if you do show but dont buy, or taken off your sale total if you do.
*All rats are given a 2 week health guarantee. *terms do apply.
* The rats are raised at my pet salon, if you are allergic to dogs or cats, we can meet outside. (*even a mild allergy will hit you like a ton of bricks,  the dander of pets is like times 1000, in the shop).
*I will add to this list as I always forget something.
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Runamuck Adults
3. Runamuck Adults  (January 8, 2018)
Here your will find Our Adult Breeders, The Males and Females that produce all the babies you see listed. We currently have 45 - 50 adults in our breeding program of many varieties. Some are bred for their acting careers others are only for pets. We do not raise any reptiles that eat our little ones, as we feel this is not why we started to raise rats. We dont begrudge reprile owners the right to keep carnivorous pets, it's just not what we do here.
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4. New Beginings!  (January 8, 2018)
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5. Lights, Camera, ACTION!  (January 8, 2018)
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