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The World's most custom Aussie Capri!

With a 2 1/2' wheelbase stretch, V6 power, and a rear-wheel drive conversion, this 1992 Capri has the "Get-Up-And-Go" to match it's classic good looks!

We purchased the car on June 3rd, 2016 and it is now owned by my 6 year old son Ryan.

Feel free add a comment, or ask a question, by using the guestbook located at the bottom of the page!
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Photo Shoot 2018
1. Photo Shoot 2018 
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The Build
2. The Build 
The car was built by hand by Alvin Bunge of Merril, WI.
It took Mr. Bunge took approximately 2 years to build this car!
All custom work is done with metal - there is NO fiberglass in this car!
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Continuing improvements....
3. Continuing improvements.... 
We didn't just buy the car and leave it as it was! Oh, no.....It's impossible to not tinker with it, add to it, & make changes that we think improve on it's overall stunning good looks!

We will continue to add to this file, as we make more changes to the car!
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Shows, Awards & Media
4. Shows, Awards & Media 
We take the car to many car shows in the area....some shows it does very well....others, not so much.
Whether we come home with a trophy or not, we still have a blast showing the car off, and educating the automotive public about 1991-1994 Mercury Capris!
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The Future
5. The Future 
Like I said before.....it's hard not to tinker with this car and add to it, or make changes...
Many pictures in this file were done in Photoshop...it's the easiest way to visualize a potential change without damaging the car.

If you see a potential change and really like it, or if you absolutely detest it - PLEASE leave a comment in the guestbook! The opinions of others in regards to this car are very important to me...I look at this car as an ongoing "community project" and actively seek the opinions of other car lovers, no matter if those opinions are good or bad!
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