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Here at River Ridge Rat Terriers we take Rat Terriers seriously, we breed standard size, health tested and passed Rat Terriers. It is very important to our program that our Rat Terriers retain the hunting drive and remain a working breed. Our dogs are American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) registered, and excel at hunting, show ring and performance events. Our well structured dogs where form follows function and function follows form allows our dogs to do it all. Starting in Rat Terrier rescue in 1998 and buying our first Show dog in 2003, we have some of the TOP Rat Terriers in the conformation ring in the NATION since our program began. We are not a business, but enjoy training and showing as a hobby. Training, breeding, showing, and developing a line is a slow journey with many turns, but it is one of the most rewarding rides we have taken. Even as a hobby, Rat Terriers have become a passion that we continuing to explore. There is much to accomplish—our perfect dog is yet to be produced!


Rat Terriers are considered a breed that is very versatile. A few words that best describe a Rat Terrier would be intelligent, loyal, extremely attentive, successful, multi-tasker and tenacious. The physical characteristics would be great strength, stamina and agility for there size. The Rat Terrier breed in general does have health conditions which should be of concern, please make sure your're purchasing a Rat Terrier from tested parents. Luxating Lens a disease found in Rat Terriers and there is now there is a genetic marker available as of September 2009. Moving forward our program will test all Rat Terriers for Primary Lens Luxation, CERF and complete OFA testing prior to breeding to ensure we do our part to not pass along affected or unsound Rat Terriers.

Stacy McWilliams
Telford, PA
Email: RiverRidgeTerriers@yahoo.com

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1. Dog Show Brags 

On June 26, 2013 the AKC welcomed the Rat Terrier. Here are our major wins through 2013:
06.27.13 Mollie first Rat Terrier to take Best of Breed in AKC
06.30.13 Hunter Group 1 Bred-by Exhibitor
07.14.13 Marti Group 4 Judge Alice Watkins
07.14.13 TJ Group 2 Owner/Handler Alice Watkins
10.06.13 Marti BOB at Montgomery Terrier Show
10.13.13 Sailor Group 2 Judge Merle Taylor
10.13.13 Marti Group 3 Judge Dr.H.Scott Kellogg
10.13.13 Marti Group 3 Owner/Handler Judge Dr.H.Scott Kellogg
10.20.13 Noah Group 2 Judge Kenneth Kaufmann
10.20.13 Paolo Group 1 Owner/Handler Judge Rodney E. Herner
10.15.13 Splash and Ashley ended 2013 Ranked #1 Owner/Handler
11.16.13 Marti BOB at National Dog Show
12.14.13 Marti BOB at Eukanuba 2013
12.31.13 Marti ended 2013 Ranked #1 All Breed
Here are our AKC Champions to date:
07.26.13 Marti First male Rat Terrier to earn his CH title
07.28.13 Sailor
08.11.13 Hunter
08.24.13 Paolo
08.31.13 Indy
10.01.13 Phoebe
10.27.13 Noah
01.24.14 Skipper
02.13.14 Tj BBE CH
03.09.14 Pixie
03.15.14 Kirby
04.18.14 Bella
04.26.14 Brick
05.30.14 Justice
05.31.14 Hotshot
06.01.14 Robbie
07.13.14 Quinn BBE CH
07.23.14 Spry
09.13.14 Skyy
11.14.14 Shamus
11.23.14 Daisy
xx.xx.xx Clairabell
01.16.15 Foona BBE CH
03.07.15 Lacey
03.13.15 Radar
05.24.15 Victor
05.25.15 LV
06.20.15 Mollie
xx.xx.15 Jax
xx.xx.15 Tickle
xx.xx.15 Taylor
08.22.15 Jace
09.13.15 Kimmie
Here are our AKC Grand Champions to date:
09.15.13 Sailor first to earn GCH title
09.16.13 Marti second to earn his GCH title
11.02.13 Paolo third to earn his CGH title
11.03.13 Hunter fourth to earn his CGH title
02.10.14 Marti earns Bronze level
03.28.14 Skipper
03.29.14 Indy
04.19.14 Phoebe
06.29.14 Noah
01.10.15 Kirby
01.10.15 Clairabell
02.15.15 Paolo earns Bronze level
00.00.15 LV
07.18.15 Victor
08.10.15 Lacey
08.23.15 Robbie
Here are our major wins for 2014 & 2015 to date:
03.14.15 Kirby Group 3 Betsy Dale
03.07.15 Kirby Group 4 Kenneth Kaufmann
02.17.15 Marti Best of Breed at Westminster David Kirkland
12.17.14 Marti Award of Merit at Eukanuba
11.01.14 Marti Ranked #1 Owner Handler Series
11.15.14 Marti wins BOB at National Dog Show
10.5.14 Marti wins BOB at Montgomery Terrier Show
09.13.14 Marti Group 2 Owner/Handle Diane Ondo
07.24.14 Spry Group 1 owner/Handler Mr. Kauffman
06.22.14 Noah Group 4 Mr. Michael J. Woods
05.30.14 Marti Group 4 Owner/Handler David
04.04.14 Marti Group 2 Owner/Handler Cathy Brown
04.26.14 Marti Group 2 Kenneth Kaufmann
04.06.14 Marti BEST IN SHOW OHS Linda Krukar
04.06.14 Marti Group 1 Owner/Handler Linda Krukar
02.11.14 Marti Best of Breed at Westminster Robert Black
02.11.14 Sailor Select Dog at Westminster
02.11.14 Phoebe Select Bitch at Westminster
02.11.14 Indy Best of Opposite at Westminster
02.11.14 Paolo Award of Merit at Westminster

2013 Premier - Marti was awarded 2012 Top Ten Best of Breed, he then went on to be selected in the semi-final round out of 20. At Top Ten Finals Marti went #3 out of those 20 semi-finalists. Just so proud of all his accomplishments. Two of Marti's sons (Hunter & Paolo) went BOB and group 3 at Premier 2013 and another son (Skipper) went Group 1 Total Dog out of a huge terrier group.

River Ridge Rat Terriers has won the American Rat Terrier Specialty in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. We are so proud to have these incredible wins! Marti won in 2009 & 2010 and in 2011 & 2012 his son Sailor went on to take the honors. In 2013 Marti's son Paolo won the honor.
2009 & 2010 NBOB UFR GRCH'PR'Stoneybay's Ur Martini's serv'd
2011 & 2012 UFR USR GRCH'PR'RiverRidge Tri'n 2 Sail 2The Top, CA
2013 UFR USR GRCH'PR'RiverRidge I put a Spell on U

River Ridge Tri N'Top This (Tj) was the 1st Rat Terrier to be awarded Best of Breed at the AKC Montgomery County Terrier Specality in Blue Bell, PA on 10.10.10! River Ridge Tri'N on Diamonds (Pixie) was awarded the 1st Best of Opposite!

I am proud to announce that both Trevor and Hannah were selected by Dog Images for an incredible photo shoot. Dog images sells photos to companies who make all kinds of neat items! Now both dogs can be found on mouse pads, coasters, garden flags, large flags, floor mats and note cards. See the flags here: http://www.dogflags.com/. Click on the banner above and click shop by breed images to see the items. I am very honored that River Ridge dogs were chosen to represent the rat terrier on all these items.
NBOB UFR NGRCH'PR'Stoneybay's Ur Martini's Serv'd,BISS, BIMBS,RBIMBS

Our Here are our Best and Reserve Best in Shows in UKC & International shows for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013:
11.10.13 Hunter BIMBS Ruth Teeter
6.8.13 Skipper BIMBS Marian Campbell
4.21.13 Jace BIMBS Robert Collins
4.20.13 Skipper RBIMBS Vickie Johnson
3.10.13 Hunter RBIMBS Debby Kay
12.9.12 Skipper BIMBS Paul Bruneau
11.9.12 Marti RBIMBS Ann Hearn
10.25.12 Marti BISS,NBOB National Speciality Dean Spielvogel
10.21.12 Phoebe RBIS International Rare Breed
10.20.12 Paolo RBMIBS Carleen Farrington
9.3.12 Sailor BIMBS Michael Heflin
9.2.12 Sailor BIMBS Tim Parr
9.2.12 Sailor BIMBS Gene Reynolds
7.22.12 Marti RBIMBS Pamela Perdue
7.21.12 Indy RBIS International Show
7.21.11 Sailor RBIS International Rare Breed Show
7.21.12 Marti RBIMBS Warren Shivers
6.24.12 Marti RBIMBS John Booth
6.23.12 Marti RBIMBS Darryl Hurst
6.14.12 Sailor Best in Specialty Barb Lauer
2.26.12 Dagny BIMBS Sharon Griffon
12.3.11 Sailor BIMBS Katherine Short
11.26.11 Marti BIMBS Sally Davidson
10.30.11 Skipper Best Puppy in Show 3 -18 mo International Show
10.29.11 Skipper Best Puppy in Show 3 -18 mo International Show
10.30.11 Sailor RBIS Brenda Landers International Show
10.29.11 Sailor RBIS Ed Wild International Show
10.15.11 Sailor BIMBS Eleanor Brown
10.15.11 Marti RBIMBS John Davidson
10.15.11 Marti BIMBS Sally Davidson
10.9.11 Sailor RBIMBS Brenda Landers
10.7.11 Sailor RBIMBS Jennifer Landers
9.30.11 Sailor RBIMBS Carlos Rodriguez
9.25.11 Tj RBIMBS Antonio Raposo
9.25.11 Tj RBIMBS Roland Pelland
9.18.11 Marti BIMBS Butch Bennett
9.18.11 Marti BIMBS Herbert Rosen
9.11.11 Marti RBIMBS David Kittredge
7.24.11 Mickey BIMBS Dorthy Jacobs
7.22.11 Sailor BIMBS Patrick O'Donnell
6.16.11 Sailor Best in Specialty Gene Reynolds
5.21.11 Sailor Best Total Dog in Show Donnie Bright
5.8.11 Sailor BIMBS Gene Reynolds
5.8.11 Sailor RBIMBS Violet Denney
4.24.11 Sailor BIMBS Kristina Browne
4.23.11 Sailor BIMBS Christopher Kelly
2.12.11 Sailor RBIMBS Deb Beean
12.10.10 Leo RBIMBS Nina Marie Sherrer
12.5.10 Sailor Best Total Dog in Show Melissa Kidd
12.5.10 Sailor BIMBS Mary King
11.20.10 Marti BIMBS Lorraine Tayeb
10.9.10 Sailor RBIMBS Rodger Bennet
7.24.10 Mickey RBIMBS Joanne Hurst
7.8.10 Marti Best in Specialty Richard Beauchamp
5.29.10 Sailor RBIMBS Dan Crutchfield
4.2.10 Marti RBIMBS Sharon Griffin
11.28.09 Marti RBIMBS John Davidson
10.4.09 Marti BIMBS Al Orwin
9.27.09 Marti BIMBS Robert Collins
7.26.09 Marti RBIMBS Deborah Orwin
7.24.09 Marti Best in Specialty Show Tina Camp
7.19.09 Marti BIMBS Helena Engelauf
7.4.09 Marti RBIMBS Sally Davidson
6.21.09 Marti RBIMBS Danny Bussard
6.21.09 Marti RBIMBS John Booth
6.20.09 Marti BIMBS David Kitteredge
6.20.09 Marti BIMBS Marilyn O'Neill
5.8.09 Marti RBIMBS David Kittredge
5.3.09 Marti BIMBS David Kittredge
5.3.09 Marti RBIMBS Ann Hearn
5.2.09 Marti BIMBS Jill Soble-Smith
5.2.09 Marti BIMBS Ronald Sacca
4.25.09 Marti BIMBS Sally Davidson
4.25.09 Marti RBIMBS John Davidson
4.4.09 Hannah BIMBS Karen Johnson
4.4.09 Hannah RBIMBS Eleanor Brown
3.1.09 Marti RBIMBS Matthew Proctor

2.7.09 Marti BIMBS Al Orwin
1.18.09 Marti RBIMBS Matthew Proctor
1.18.09 Marti RBIMBS Martha Anderson
1.11.09 Marti BIMBS Annie Pennell
10.18.08 Marti BIMBS Jill Soble-Smith
10.12.08 Lydia BIMBS Al Orwin
10.12.08 Hannah RBIMBS Donna Rommelfaenger
9.27.08 Hannah RBIMBS Allyne Dickens
9.21.08 Lydia RBIMBS Mary King
9.20.08 Lydia RBIMBS Renee O'Donnell
9.13.08 Hannah RBIMBS Tim Parr
9.7.08 Hannah BIMBS Kathy Lorentzen
9.6.08 Hannah RBIMBS Marian Campbell
8.31.08 Hannah RBIS Alleyne Dickens
6.28.08 Hannah RBIMBS Helena Engelhauf
5.26.08 Lydia BIMBS Valerie Piltz
5.10.08 Lydia RBIMBS Debbie Mitchell Handled by Kenny Gonzales.
2.16.08 Lydia BIMBS Ann Hearn.
1.19.08 Hannah RBIMBS Rowdy Yates
12/8/07 Hannah BIS Judge Debbie Orwin.

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2. AKC & UKC Dog Show Photos 
Here you can see the dogs shows we have attended and the results. We enjoy capturing our weekends at the shows. A super fun time for all!

River Ridge Rat Terriers attend the first annual AKC Montgomery County Terrier Specialty, with a supported entry in the Miscellaneous class. We brought home the 1st Montgomery County Best of Breed and Best of Opposite for Rat Terriers!

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