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Upcoming Breeding Announcements
Here you will find our upcoming breeding and announcements. We are honored when breeders select our studs for their programs. We are very selective and agree to only the finest quality females that we feel our males will compliment in conformation, health, temperment and prey drive. All females must be OFA passed (Patella, Hip ,LCP, Elbows, Cardiac), CERF cleared, Primary Luxated Lens tested (carrier/Normal), along with Brucellousis tested within 30 days of breeding before any breeding will occur. Thank you for considering our males at River Ridge Rat Terriers.
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Marti/Dylan & Lizzie
1. Marti/Dylan & Lizzie  (Spring/Summer 2018)
We are excited to announce our planned cross for Spring/Summer of 2018 with CH River Ridge's Did U C the Flash on the Hill to GCHS Stoneybay's Ur martini's Serv'd CM & CH Wild Heart Legacy Quest. All three Rat Terriers have outstanding temperaments, health & structure. We decided to dual sire this litter and are really looking forward to what arrives!

Marti/Dylan & Lizzie have completed their health testing and all results are recorded on OFFA.ORG

We expect to see all puppies that display the irish marked pattern in Black or Red Sables.

River Ridge Rat Terriers reserves first pick male and female in this litter.  All puppies will be placed on a co-ownership only contract.

The waiting list on this litter is filled.
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Gracie & Noah
2. Gracie & Noah  (Spring 2018)
We are excited to announce our planned cross for Spring of 2018 with Gracie & Noah. Both Rat Terriers have outstanding temperaments and are very athletic with nice structure.

GCHB River Ridge Winning Ways
Color: Black White & Tan
Pattern: Irish Marked
D.O.B 4/2/2012
Height: 14 1/2"
PLL - Carrier
PRA-PRCD Clear by Parentage Color:  

GCH River Ridge's Blu, Hip & Full of Zip
Color: White Blue Tan
Pattern: Piebald
D.O.B 10/15/2014
OFA Page
PLL: Clear (UC Davis)
PRA-PRCD: Clear by Parentage

This breeding has taken place and puppies are due middle of March.
We expect to see black and blue piebald & Irish Marked puppies.

Waiting List:
Brandon Moreland
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Marti Taylor Fall 2018
3. Marti Taylor Fall 2018 
Planned for Fall of 2018 - Marti/Taylor. After our first litter with Marti and Taylor we were so pleased with all the puppies we have elected to repeat the cross. We expect to see black tri piebalds and irish marked patterns, wonderful biddability and outstanding show temperaments.

The litter will be registered with AKC and UKC. Puppies will follow Dr. Dodds Vaccination protocol and be raised through our River Ridge puppy shaping program.

Parent's Health Testing Information:
Sire: GRCH'PR'Stoneybay's Ur Martini's Serv'd (Marti)
CHIC# 83181
Click here to visit Marti's OFA PAGE

Dam: CH River Ridge Captivated Audience (Taylor)
CHIC# 117214
Click here to visit Taylor's OFA PAGE

Reservation List:
River Ridge: Female/Male Show
Loraine C: Male Show
Jennifer C: Female Show
Susan V: Male Show/Perf
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4. Foona & Preston 
We are excited for our planned cross with Foona & Cody.  GCH River Ridge's 2 bize b'n Foona
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