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Faith Dylan Winter 2018
1. Faith Dylan Winter 2018  (November 30, 2018)
All puppies are reserved for those on the waiting list.

Faith and Dylan gave us 6 puppies. 2M & 3F.
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Scary Movie Character Litter
2. Scary Movie Character Litter  (October 26, 2018)

Mollie's litter is due on or around 10/26. We are very excited to see what we have!
Hope you check back often and enjoy them with us as they grow!

We may possibly see red/white sable & blue or black tri piebalds and irish marked patterns, wonderful biddability and outstanding show temperaments.  

The litter will be registered with AKC and UKC. Puppies will follow Dr. Dodds Vaccination protocol and be raised through our River Ridge puppy shaping program.

Parent's Health Testing Information:
Sire: River Ridge's It Happened by Chance (Rex)
Click here to visit Rex's OFA PAGE

Dam: CH River Ridge 2 Bize B'n Fabulous (Mollie)
: 98053
Click here to visit Mollie's OFA PAGE
Reservation List: (This list is full)
Show F/M: River Ridge
Show F: Lisa
Show M: Clare
Perf F: Karen
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