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2009 NW Reunion
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Enlarge photo 1
The Pacific Northwest Reunion took place at Champoeg park in Oregon.

Enlarge photo 2
Steve and Charlotte Farley, owned by Stanley and Regis.

Enlarge photo 3
Lori Rodewald & friends - a Ratbone Rescues Oregon foster mom.

Enlarge photo 4
Melissa & Austin (a Ratbone alumni who ate a chunk
of wood and had to have a bowel resection).

Enlarge photo 5
Teresa & Lady. Teresa is a Ratbone (Oregon) foster Mom and Lady was originally from New York.

Enlarge photo 6
Karen Goodall & pals. Karen is a member of Ratbone Rescues in Oregon.

Enlarge photo 7
Dawn Scheller (RBR OR fostermom)and Rebel, a little old Chi that irresponsible people dumped. Next to Dawn is Ridley, a Ratbone girl.

Enlarge photo 8
Steve and Charlotte Farley with their dogs.

Enlarge photo 9
A close-up of Regis Farley.

Enlarge photo 10
This is Stanley, also belonging to the Farleys. Stanley is the
undisputed race champ.

Enlarge photo 11
Trucker Mickey with his former owner, Peggy Lain - who gave him up rather than have him be in an unsuitable environment. Truck still loves his old Mom.

Enlarge photo 12
Susan Cadell (West Coast rescue coordinator & fostermom) with Trucker Mickey in his Harley
Davidson jacket.

Enlarge photo 13
Ratbone Fostermom Lori Rodewald with two of her dogs. The black tri-color is Jorge (hor-hay), a Rattie saved from a hoarder in New Mexico.

Enlarge photo 14
Susan Cadell with her Ratbone graduate, Birdie (as a ladybug).

Enlarge photo 15
Trucker Mickey (the biker) and Lady (the jailbird).

Enlarge photo 16
Here is Trucker Mickey checking out Ridley's tutu. Ridley is Dawn's adopted dog (from Ratbone, naturally); Ridley was originally "Pumpkin", who was hit by a car and injured so badly that her internal organs were all pushed out of place. She has made a full recovery!

Enlarge photo 17
This little bumble bee was formerly known as Sugar Plum, and was adopted when she was a little baby; her mama was a Rattie. Anyone want to guess what papa was?

Enlarge photo 18
Melissa & her adopted dog, Austin (a Ratbone graduate).

Enlarge photo 19
Kathy & her Ratbone alumni (yes - her mama really was a Rattie).

Enlarge photo 20
Dawn and Kathy celebrate the sun coming out!

Enlarge photo 21
Steve Farley celebrating the sun coming out!

Enlarge photo 22
Dawn and Kathy hamming it up.

Enlarge photo 23
Running like rabbits; Race One.

Enlarge photo 24
This photo shows the dogs in race one heading for the finish line. Stanley is in front, Regis just behind and Mr Tibbs bringing up the rear.

Enlarge photo 25
Race 2; shows Regis in the lead, Kathy's Rat Terrier in second place, and Ripley (Dawn's dog) bringing up the rear.

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