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Sometimes Ratbone Rescues will take in pregnant dogs, mothers with puppies, or litters of motherless puppies.  

Applications will only be processed after the puppies in a nursery have reached 6 weeks of age, and had their first shots. Booster shots will be given at 9 weeks of age, and spay/neuter will be done at 10-16 weeks of age.


Adopters of our nursery babies will be expected to continue with puppy booster shots after adoption (check with your vet about recommended vaccination schedules for puppies); this will usually consist of additional booster shots at 12 and 15-16 weeks.

Please remember that baby puppies need lots of time and attention in order to grow into canine good citizens and well-adjusted family members. If you work long hours or travel a lot and would have to leave the puppy at home alone for over 7 hours at a time, then a baby puppy wouldn't be the best choice for your family.

Generally, we only have foster homes for our babies in only 4 states; Oklahoma, Maryland, Florida & Wisconsin. Please be prepared to fly your puppy home if you live more than 600 miles from their location.
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Elodie and Bryonie
1. Elodie and Bryonie  (2/23/2019)
Elodie was rescued from a shelter in NE Oklahoma. She was there with her brother, mother & father. She was pregnant, probably by her father or brother. Elodie is still under a year old, and on Saturday, February 23, 2019, Elodie gave birth to her daughter - Bryonie.
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Trash Can Kids
2. Trash Can Kids  (10/13/18)
Paige is ADOPTED!

Please meet Paige and Gracie. They were found in a trash can with six other puppies, and a lot of garbage. We're pretty sure Mama was a Rattie, but Papa is unknown (leaning hard towards Beagle, in the case of Gracie. Their age is believed to be around 6-8 weeks old, and will be verified by our vet. All the puppies are safe with rescues.

These puppies are fostering in central Oklahoma.
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