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Crafts and other assorted items, the sale of which will benefit Ratbone Rescues.
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Bonehead Beads
1. Bonehead Beads  (August 21, 2007)
Bonehead: n.  A member, supporter, helper or valued friend of Ratbone Rescues,  an international Rat Terrier rescue organization.  

Established in 1999,  Ratbone has rescued and rehomed well over 3000 Rat Terriers through the efforts of members and supporters.  

Bonehead Jewelry, with is distinctive dog bone charm, symbolizes this support of Ratbone and love of the Rat Terrier breed.  All profits from the sale of Bonehead Beads goes to Ratbone Rescues to help cover vet expenses.

**Note: A variety of natural gemstone beads and pearls are used in this jewelry.  You may note inconsistencies in these, particularly in the pearls which may vary slightly in size and shape.

Price is $20 per bracelet, shipping included, $15 from each sale will go to Ratbone Rescues.  
To purchase a bracelet, email me directly at dlewisto  @ ruraltel.net (remove spaces)  Be sure to note the name & number in the description of the item you choose.  Paypal is available and payment can be made through Paypal even if you don't have a Paypal account.  Checks will be accepted for those who choose not to do online payments but this will lengthen arrival time of your purchase.
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