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1. Guitars  (January 28, 2016)
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Power Wagon repro. and rebuilt parts
2. Power Wagon repro. and rebuilt parts  (January 14, 2003)
These name plates are cast in zink as orignals, and are as cast. These will need beburring,smoothing,polishing and plating. Most of this can be done by anyone, and is the major cost in having parts plated along with the job of repair after old plating is removed. These name plates were made for me by a professional who knows what he is doing and not by me in my garage. Selling these as cast allows me to sell these at $35.00 each word. Paint em' Plate em' or leave them as is, your choice. Also available are Town Wagon, Town Panel, Dodge name plates and Denver lock out wrenches also rebuilt door latches and wiper motors.  John cjlapham44@gmail.com
Ph# 651-653-0147
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