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CH Rock-E-Hill Rock-E 04-03-12
9/2018 ready to retire. Rocky is available to a loving permanent home. This powerhouse of a boy will make a wonderful property dog. He is obedient, sweet natured and handsome. Call me at 209-743-1664 if you are interested in adding Rocky to your forever family.
Welcome to Rosethorn Rock-E and he is happy to be here! Rock-E who I call "Rocky Rockstar" is a welcome addition and in some ways is truly coming home. Rocky's sire is my long since retired Call Me Walk'n on Water. Rocky's mother is GRCH Rock-E-Hill Cal Val Bella Mia. He is so joyous. Celebrating his new found freedom, getting to be a house dog, and running on the 7 acres that is Rosethorn Terriers. Love what this full size standard boy 16 inches and 25 pounds of solid muscle produces with my Rosethorn girls. Welcome home Rocky Rockstar.
Album by Rosethorn Terriers. Photos by Candace and the Girlfriends. 1 - 6 of 6 Total. 371 Visits.
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