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Little Stevie Wonder's Baby Shower
Little Stevie's Aunts, Uncles,Caique Cousins, and Parrot friends are throwing a cyber baby shower for him!  The gifts they are sending make noise and have very rich textures.  Very thoughtful gifts for a blind baby parrot!

I know that when Little Stevie the Wonder Caique arrives here at his forever home, he will want to have his thanks to his cyber friends on video.

Keep checking back to see all the wonderful presents Stevie receives and for the links to his video thank you cards.

Special thanks to Momma Gloria Balaban at Shady Pines Aviary for the Cyber Baby Shower and for choosing me to be the baby's new Momma!

Before you leave, check out Stevie's Baby Albums too!

Momma Christine
Date(s): August 7, 2007 to ??. Album by Momma Christine. 1 - 89 of 89 Total. 4760 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Enlarge photo 2
Stevie's first gifts arrived from sweet Pandora and Momma Pat.  Here is Pandora on the card she sent to welcome him

Enlarge photo 3
If you enlarge this photo, you can read Pandora and Flock's welcome greeting

Enlarge photo 4
Wow, wow, wow!  Look at what will be awaiting Little Stevie the Wonder Caique when he arrives!  Thank you Auntie Pat and Cousin Pandora.

Organic sprouting mixes, sprouting supplies and lots more. Located in sunny Florida. Customer service handled by Cousin Pandora BH Caique

Enlarge photo 5
Auntie Catherine and Cousins Woof and Meow sent Stevie this very nice note, a Garden Kabob and this very soft and snuggly Birdie Buddy!  I'm sure that Stevie will enjoy cuddling next to his 'Buddy'.  

Thank you Auntie Catherine and Meow and Woof!

Enlarge photo 6
Boy oh boy oh boy!  All this was packed into a big box from Wrangler's Roost!  Presents from Auntie Tanya, Auntie Rikki and Auntie Sue Q!

Enlarge photo 7
The wonderful wreath is from Auntie Sue, and Cousins Jada and Toby!  The very nice card arrived a few days ahead of the present much to my surprise and delight.  I know that Stevie will love the wreath, because, Pele the Caique had one just like it when he first came home!

Thank you Auntie Sue and Cousins Toby and Jada

Enlarge photo 8
Auntie Rikki and Auntie Tanya sent the Flopsy Mopsy and Balls for Stevie.  See the bell in the Flopsy Mopsy?  The balls rattle too!  The presents were very carefully selected to help Stevie find his toys!

Thank you Auntie Rikki, Cousins Ripley and Trouper  
A N D  .....

Enlarge photo 9
Auntie Tanya and Flock at www.WranglersRoost.com and www.YourParrotPlace.com
Highly recommended by Howie the Caique and Miss Kiri CAG for great toys and more.  After all, look at all the quality control inspectors on staff!

Enlarge photo 10
More packages arrived today, August 9th.  Howie the Caique has decided to be the postal inspector for today.

Enlarge photo 11
Ok, looks like he is going to start inspection on the left side

Enlarge photo 12
That must have met Howie's approval.  He proceeds over to the other side of the box

Enlarge photo 13
Hmmm... says Howie, I think I will have to get a better look in here.

Enlarge photo 14
OMG! Just look at awe those goodies in there!  I might have to take one or two to my cage for an up close and personal look!

Enlarge photo 15
Please enlarge photo to read an important message from Kiri CAG Postmaster General

Enlarge photo 16
Please enlarge to read greeting

Enlarge photo 17
Look at what came with Auntie Lin and Cousin Bandi's greeting!

Enlarge photo 18
Here are Auntie Lin and Cousin Bandi holding Stevie's card with their gifts

Enlarge photo 19
Silly me should have figured the plan out sooner.  I should have left the wonderful presents wrapped and let Little Stevie open his own gifts. Duh!

Thank you Auntie Lin and Cousin Bandi

Enlarge photo 20
Please enlarge card to read greeting

Enlarge photo 21
Included with the cute card and Activity Ring were all of these terrific foot toys!  What a treasure trove for Stevie.

Thank you Auntie Wanda and Uncle Rudy and a big thank you to Cousins MollyMay and Mackie!

Enlarge photo 22
Woo-Hoo!  Little Stevie got his very own Elmo bib for when he has breakfast with the organic baby food from Auntie Roseanna and Cousins Moose Toose and Funny Sunny and Hansey the Ekkie!

Enlarge photo 23
The Moose Team have all bases covered with their shower gifts.  Bath, breakfast, playtime balls and night night wooby!  Stevie won't have any trouble finding his bear 'cause it has a little bell in it

Enlarge photo 24
Please enlarge to read card greeting

Thank you Auntie Roseanna and all of Stevie's Cousins at the Moose Team household

Enlarge photo 25
Just look at that beautiful card next to Stevie's goodies from Cousins 'The Jersey Devils'!

Enlarge photo 26
Please enlarge to read the greeting from Auntie Dorothy and The Jersey Devils

Enlarge photo 27
Thank you, thank you, thank you Cousins Roscoe, Roxxie, Sal, Midge, and Paulie, aka, The Jersey Devils

Enlarge photo 28

Enlarge photo 29
Oh what a cute card!  Now who could it be from?

Enlarge photo 30
Please enlarge to see who sent Stevie that cute card

Enlarge photo 31
Look at what was inside the box with the hopping 'roo! AND....

Enlarge photo 32
these delishous packets of Healthy Toppings!  I'm sure that Stevie will go bonkers for these.

Thank you Auntie Gloria Cookie and Cousins Sailor Boy and Chiquita.  Big smoochies to you.

Enlarge photo 33
Oh my, this could only be from Cute Cousin Yoie!

Enlarge photo 34
Please enlarge photo to read the card from Auntie Ingrid, Uncle Lance and Cousin Yoie

Enlarge photo 35
Quandry.  Should I open these beautifully wrapped gifts?  Oh wow!  Even the stickers are special.

Enlarge photo 36
Sorry Stevie, Momma Christine just had to open the gifts.  Auntie Ingrid made you 5 more fleece beds!!  Now you have 7 fleece beds from Auntie Ingrid;  one for every day of the week.

Thank you Auntie Ingrid, Uncle Lance and Cousins Yoie and Green Singing Finches!  Big, big hugs

Enlarge photo 37
When this package arrived, the Momma was scratching her head trying to figure out what list Claudia Polega was on.  LOL, look who had this Shower gift sent

Enlarge photo 38
Auntie Saroj and Cousins JoJo and Chickie must have had a great time selecting all these toys for Stevie.  Look at all the different textures represented here!

Enlarge photo 39
These are little bags which are filled with some kind of something

Enlarge photo 40
And the two wrapped with red ribbon are dried corn husks, stuffed and wrapped up very tightly.

Thank you Auntie Saroj, Cousins JoJo and Chickie and Flock!
Smoochies from Stevie

Enlarge photo 41

Enlarge photo 42
To fully appreciate this gift from Auntie Shelly of Avian Antics, please ENLARGE PHOTO!

Enlarge photo 43
Note accompanying Stevie's gift from Auntie Shelly.  Please enlarge photo to read the message

Thank you Auntie Shelly!

Enlarge photo 44
Look what Auntie Donna sent!  A Lion side mount rattle and rawhide with wooden bead hanging toy.

Thank you Auntie Donna.

Enlarge photo 45
This came from Auntie Sharon her flock of 11!  Woo-Hoo, more footie toys.

Thank you Auntie Sharon & Cousin Feisty and flock!

Enlarge photo 46
Please enlarge Auntie Sharon's card to see who all is in that flock of 11 and their special message to Stevie.

Enlarge photo 47
Wow, wow, wow!  This beautiful card came from Auntie Carol and Cousins Miss Mango & Miss Zoie

Enlarge photo 48
Please enlarge photo to read their greeting to Little Stevie the Wonder Caique

Enlarge photo 49
Look at all these goodies from Auntie Carol and Cousins Miss Mango and Miss Zoie.  Love the wrapping paper!

Enlarge photo 50
Textures and bells!

Enlarge photo 51
Close up of the really small and cute footies from Cousins Miss Mange and Miss Zoie.  

Thank you Auntie Carol and Cousins

Enlarge photo 52
Please enlarge photos 52 thru 74

Look what the Parrot Toy Angels have sent Little Stevie!  A personalized baby book!!

Enlarge photo 53
I hope you all take the time to enlarge the photos and read each page they have created in this book for Little Stevie

Enlarge photo 54

Enlarge photo 55

Enlarge photo 56

Enlarge photo 57
Please pardon the few photos that are not in focus.  I am still learning to use my camera.

Enlarge photo 58
No, you are not seeing double.  It's my photo technique.  Sorry. :(

Enlarge photo 59

Enlarge photo 60

Enlarge photo 61

Enlarge photo 62

Enlarge photo 63

Enlarge photo 64

Enlarge photo 65

Enlarge photo 66

Enlarge photo 67

Enlarge photo 68

Enlarge photo 69

Enlarge photo 70

Enlarge photo 71

Enlarge photo 72

Enlarge photo 73

Enlarge photo 74
Thank you to all the Aunties and Uncle at the Parrot Toy Angels.  The Parrot Toy Angels are an all volunteer group who come to the aid of any and all parrots who have fallen into hard and difficult times.  Please visit PTA and check them out.  They also have a lot of teriffic toys for sale to cover their operating expenses.

Enlarge photo 75
Look what came in the mail today for Little Stevie!

Enlarge photo 76
Please enlarge photo to read the greeting from Auntie Lori and big cousin Gonzo!

Enlarge photo 77
Two special toys for a special little Caique!

Thank you Auntie Lori and big Cousin Gonzo!!

Enlarge photo 78
From Auntie Ilona of the Parrot Toy Angels!  Two personalized beaded toys!

Enlarge photo 79
Thank you Auntie Ilona.  How did you know that Little Stevie Wonder loves this type of wooden bead?

Enlarge photo 80
Today is September 14, 2007 and Little Stevie is still receiving gifts!

Enlarge photo 81
All of these, plus more, were wrapped in beautiful tissue paper.  See photo 80  Each toy was lovingly picked by Auntie Lynn of the Parrot Toy Angels

Enlarge photo 82
This is so adorable!  A close-up to show you the cute little pacifiers and rattles

Enlarge photo 83
I just know Little Stevie is going to love the puppy.  When hung, the blanket part of the puppy will create a tenting effect and that's just the kind of place Little Stevie loves to sleep

Enlarge photo 84
I kept unwrapping and unwrapping and.... look, the puppy, phone and Gerber's Organic line of pureed baby food.

Thank you Auntie Lynn and Texas Cousins!!  Smoochies from Stevie to you

Enlarge photo 85
Please enlarge to read the greeting from Auntie Lynn and The Texas Cousins

Enlarge photo 86
What a wonderful surprise this was from Auntie Lynzie and the The Apple Dumpling Gang!!  Look who is in the baby carriage!  It's Little Stevie Wonder :)

Enlarge photo 87
Please enlarge the next 2 photos to read the wonderful message to Little Stevie.

Enlarge photo 88
Please enlarge to read

Enlarge photo 89
I love it!  Wallet sized photos of Little Stevie for me!!  Now how did Auntie Lynzie and the Apple Dumplings know that my printer was broken?  Look at that soft and cuddly Happy Hut.  Now Little Stevie has a hide-a-way for his Studio Apartment.   

Thank you Auntie Lynzie and The Apple Dumpling Gang. Smoochies to you.

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Stevie, you are loved already by your wonderful family and all your aunties and uncles.  You will have a wonderful life filled with love, noise, smells, and enrichment.  You are and inspiration to the rest of us.
Auntie Lori and Gonzo
Lori and Gonzo, Thu, 16 Aug 2007 8:27AM
Woof and Meow are very jealous of all your new cool stuff, Stevie. What a great new home you're coming to!
Catherine, Woof and Meow | www.BalkinBuddies.com, Wed, 15 Aug 2007 7:35AM
Wow, you sure are getting lots of neat toys and stuff! Looking forward to you coming to your new home and hearing about all your adventures. From what momma Gloria says, "daring" should be your middle name!!! You will keep momma Christine on her toes, for sure!!
We love you already, Little Stevie!!
Kiss smacks and hugs, Auntie Lin and Cousin Bandi
Lin and Bandi, Sat, 11 Aug 2007 5:42PM
boy, stevieeee, you really got a bunch of neat things. I'm very happy that you'll be coming to your new home soon and you'll love it. New smells and don't be afraid of the new sounds, they'll be "a" ok and the new toys that make noise will help you play.
Luv, Mo
Mohavi, Sat, 11 Aug 2007 2:05PM
ohhhhhhhh boy oh boy  look at all your nice presents now we will have lots of toys to play with when  come over to your house Steviewe will show you where all you new stuff is  ok ok ok
Sunny &Moose , Sat, 11 Aug 2007 8:27AM
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