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Little Stevie Wonder
Little Stevie Wonder was hatched on May 25, 2007 at Shady Pines Aviary.  As you can see, he was hatched without eyes.  Stevie is developing like any other Caique chick, and, I think perfect every which way!  Today is August 5, 2007 and Stevie will be arriving at his forever home from Shady Pines Aviary within a week or two.  Please check back for updates and a pictorial essay on his life when he arrives at his forever home.

Little Stevie the Wonder Caique arrived Friday, August 17, 2007!  He is pure joy!!

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Momma Christine
Date(s): 5-25-07 to 08-22-07. Album by Christine. 1 - 72 of 72 Total. 1037 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 7
Just look at this boy's crop!  Don't think it could hold another drop of formula!

Enlarge photo 8

Enlarge photo 9

Enlarge photo 10

Enlarge photo 11

Enlarge photo 12

Enlarge photo 13

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Enlarge photo 16

Enlarge photo 17
In photos 17 to 20, Stevie is snoozing away.  Look at how he likes to hold his head with his foot!

Enlarge photo 18

Enlarge photo 19

Enlarge photo 20

Enlarge photo 21
Stevie is sampling some 'big boy' food and is just starting to embark on the weaning process

Enlarge photo 22
Silly little boy having some good ole Caique fun!  Here he is pulling a towel over himself and probably squealing in delight!

Enlarge photo 23

Enlarge photo 24
Stevie is now getting snail mail addressed to his soon to be forever home!  His Aunties are sending baby shower cards and gifts!  LOL, he is going to be one happy and very spoiled Caique!  Come back on Tuesday afternoon, August 7th, to see Stevie's cards and presents!  Thank you to all of his Aunties and Cousins on the Caique at WingsCC list.  ;)

Enlarge photo 25
Kiri all egg-cited that Stevie is coming

Enlarge photo 26
The morning of August 17, 2007 and Stevie is all packed and ready to head out to the airport

Enlarge photo 27
Stevie is flying Continental into Newark, NJ.  This is the only pet friendly Airline that has a direct, non-stop flight into EWR. His flight should take approximately 3 hours

Enlarge photo 28
Stevie checking out his Monkey Biscuits.  If you enlarge the photos, you can see the large assortment of food Momma Gloria has put into his travel crate

Enlarge photo 29
All kinds of moist and juicy fruit in case Stevie gets thirsty.

Enlarge photo 30
Yummy!  Stevie thinking about doing some pre-flight nibbling

Enlarge photo 31
Stevie has his own First Class Cabin!

Enlarge photo 32
Stevie travelling to the airport.  Momma Gloria said he was very mad about having his kennel closed.  He had some Caique tantrums.  They called me en-route and I got to hear him melodically sing his name!

Enlarge photo 33
The Continental Quick Pak office.  Stevie will be traveling 'counter' to 'counter'.

Enlarge photo 34
Stevie waiting to be carried to the plane

Enlarge photo 35
Momma Gloria checking one last time before he embarks on his journey

Enlarge photo 36
Ain't he cute??? Momma Gloria got the same strange looks from people in the terminal as I did for taking photos.

Enlarge photo 37
Outside Continental Airlines at the Newark Airport.  Every person who was carrying a crate had a huge smile on their face

Enlarge photo 38
Here is Stevie sitting all by his lonesome in the terminal.  All the dogs were in the other corner

Enlarge photo 39
Checking my credentials against their records before allowing me to go to Stevie's carrier

Enlarge photo 40
Everyone who was in the terminal looked at me like I was a 'nut' case for taking pictures.  Even the attendants, until I told them I was taking the pictures for Stevie's photo album.

Enlarge photo 41
Stevie's beautiful Avian Adventure Cage.  This is the bottom tier of their Triple Vista Cage.  Momma Gloria made the arrangements with her sales rep at Avian Adventure to have them sell me just one tier.  This is the perfect cage for any Caique because it is longer than it is tall and very, very roomy!

Enlarge photo 42
Howie the Caique is watching me lay on my bed to take the photo of Stevie's cage

Enlarge photo 43
Side view of Stevie's cage

Enlarge photo 44
And here he is!  So sweet and cuddly!  We talked the whole way home. We did not get back from the airport until after 7 PM.  Traffic was horrendous and we got hit by heavy rain and thunder & lightening.  Visibility was so bad that on the NJ TPKE traffic slowed down to 20 miles an hour.  Stevie had breakfast at Momma Gloria's at 9 AM, boarded the plane in Florida, arrived at Newark after 2 PM.  He and I left the Airport at 3:35.  Poor baby was very hungry and ate 10 cc's of formula for me.

Enlarge photo 45
As I am uploading and updating Stevie's album, it is 11:30 PM.  I just tip toed into the bedroom and Stevie is fast asleep on his swing

Enlarge photo 46

Enlarge photo 47
Stevie has such a sweet aura and is very trusting.  No other words to describe it.  He has that 'something special' quietness about him.

Enlarge photo 48
Thank you Momma Gloria and Daddy Ron for believing in Stevie and, for sending him to my home and heart.  You have done tremendous job with Stevie.  Which one of you named him?

Enlarge photo 49

Enlarge photo 50

Enlarge photo 51

Enlarge photo 52
August 18.
Stevie is napping in the Yoie Sleep Tent after gorging himself on softened weaning pellets. Stevie did not want formula today.  I am so glad that I got them, at Momma G's urging.  Momma Gloria sure knows her babies and what they will do best with.  

Enlarge photo 53
Doesn't he look content and cozy?

I love my special boy.

Enlarge photo 54
Stevie's dinner which was a little too thick, but he enjoyed it anyway.

Enlarge photo 55

Enlarge photo 56
Though you can't see the rest of me, believe me when I tell you that I have flecks of weaning pellet & Organic Gerber peas on my face, hair and shirt.

Enlarge photo 57
Early morning and it is barely dawn.  Don't want to turn the lights on and wake up Howie the Caique & Miss Kiri CAG so....

Enlarge photo 58
I took these photos using my camera's night setting.

Stevie decided he would rather play than eat

Enlarge photo 59
Stevie finds his food by sniffing and smelling!

Enlarge photo 60
He turned his beak up at his breakfast because it was only weaning pellets and no added veggies

Enlarge photo 61
Stevie tried to perch on the bowl, but it was too small, so....

Enlarge AVI 62
I came back with a larger bowl that had Organic Gerber carrots, peas and weaning pellets.

Enlarge photo 63
August 20th and Stevie, 87 days old, had a warm breakfast of weaning pellets, mashed & steamed apple, carrots, and sweet potatoes. Went grocery shopping for my birdees and came home with all this and more.  Tonight I make my special pancakes for the big guys!

Enlarge photo 64
August 21st
Stevie's breakfast of weaning pellets, green beans and banana

Enlarge photo 65
Before going to bed, I left a bowl of uncooked and smashed cantalope and banana

Enlarge photo 66
Stevie must have nibbled on the puree sometime in the night, because he was not so ravenous as the other mornings.
This bowl is just a tad too tall for Stevie, so, I will only use Pele's bowl for him

Enlarge photo 67

Enlarge photo 68

Enlarge photo 69
It's been wonderful having 5 days off from work.  Sigh, tomorrow I begin my 5 hour day again.  This is what I am planning to leave for Stevie while I'm working.  Today is the Trial Run

Enlarge photo 70
Please enlarge to read message

Enlarge photo 71
Kiri CAG and Howie the Caique will be getting pancakes tomorrow for breakfast.  They really look forward to this particular breakfast.  Never get any complaints.

My recipe is based on Auntie Roseanna's pancake recipe.

Enlarge photo 72
Pancakes cooking in a lightly oiled cast iron pan.  I use organic olive oil.  Less free radicals

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What a cute baby. I am going to be taking in a Lil
Quaker in 2 weeks that was also born without eyes and have found some info but am curious as to how he learned to eat on his own if you would mind sharing any info with me I would truly appreciate it.You may contact me thru my email address and if you would like I will give you my number at that time if you prefer to speak by phone...
Thank you very much....

Bobby Elkins, Thu, 31 Jan 2013 10:48AM
How absolutely lovely, He looks so good. Well done chaps.
Midge, Wed, 14 Nov 2007 3:17PM
All I could do while reading this was keep saying "awwwwww bless him"..!!! This brought tears to my eyes, so fantastic to see that he has had a chance and is so adored..!!! Well done you guys..!!!
Becks, Wed, 14 Nov 2007 2:35PM
You are something else.  

Lots of energy.

What a beautiful caique.
Lyttle, Fri, 24 Aug 2007 2:58PM
You have great big hearts to allow this little one into your lives and care for his special needs. I know he will be a very happy and content bird. Loved the slide show
martin, Fri, 24 Aug 2007 12:39PM
Amazing Stevie!!

Hello from my caique Gizmo.
Sonja Helaey | http://jackalope.wordpress.com, Thu, 23 Aug 2007 11:51PM
Thank you for taking care of Stevie.

You are wonderful.

I love my caique too!!
sunny, Wed, 22 Aug 2007 2:49PM
Who could resist to take good care of this blessing that was not so blessed at life.... God Bless you for opening your heart to take this caique and giving him a chance!! Nancy & David ;)
Nancy & David Ramos, Tue, 21 Aug 2007 6:07PM
Oh what a sweet baby!  I think its fantastic that a disabled bird was given a chance.  I'm sure the love you give him will be returned a thousandfold.  My caique brings so much pleasure to us.
Net Ward, Mon, 20 Aug 2007 4:12PM
may god go with you for taking care of this beautiful little bird
john mc kinnon, Mon, 20 Aug 2007 3:17PM
He's brought tears to my eyes. I'm so happy such a wonderful bird has such a good home. I get to bring my new baby Caique home soon. So I know the feeling. God Bless you for caring for this wonderful little bird.
Mike, Sun, 19 Aug 2007 11:39PM
Congrats to Momma Christine!!
What a wonderful album and a heart tugging story.
Stevie you are one lucky little birdie.
Blessed Be Little One.
Connie, Sun, 19 Aug 2007 2:24AM
Oh Stevie!!!! You is just so gorgeous! No wonder your new mum loves you so much. You has a great new home there with a great slave and a wonderful flock. We is thrilled to be able to see you in your own album.
Hi Howie and KiriCAG, you both be looking great too.:)
Chook and the gang, Sat, 18 Aug 2007 9:02PM
Hi Stevie -- We're all anxiously awaiting your arrival home.
Catherine and Woof and Meow | www.BalkinBuddies.com, Sun, 12 Aug 2007 11:54AM
Dearest Baby Stevie Wonder,
You are God's gift to the world!  I believe you to be an angel sent to earth to inspire and bring love and joy. Sending love, hugs, and Blessings to you and Christine.
Kathe & Flock
Kathe, Sun, 12 Aug 2007 11:37AM
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