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We have PUPPIES arriving August 20th and August 29, 2018!!!!!
SHOW Puppies, PERFORMANCE Puppies, COMPANION Puppies - Our Dogs Do It All
If you have interest in a puppy, please email raganratters@yahoo.com or call 865-856-0508.  

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AKC & UKC registerable. If you have interest in a PUPPY, Please fill out the Puppy Application down below for consideration or call 865.856.0508.

~ 2 Males Available ~

SIRE: AKC CH / UKC NBOB GRCH Ratituee Grand Slam I Am, CA, "DINGER" (Black Tri) - PLL RAT-PLL105/16M-PI Normal/Clear, Patella RAT-PA690/13M/P-PI Normal-Practitioner, Cardiac RAT-CA440/13M/P-PI Normal-Practitioner, NATIONAL BEST OF BREED 2011 (UKC), WESTMINSTER BEST OF WINNERS win, Completed his AKC Championship, UKC Grand Champion, UKC Premier Top Ten Best of Breed, UKC Coursing Aptitude, AKC Coursing Aptitude, Canine Good Citizen, UKC Top Ten; #7 in 2009 and #4 in 2010, UKC Top Ten Invitationals 2009, RAT TERRIER BEST OF BREED WINNER 2010. UKC Premier Top Ten Invitational Dinger won in the Finals for the coveted Top Ten Best of Breed Rat Terrier.

DAM: CH RAGANRAHT'S HOTTER ENA $2 PISTOL, "FLOOZIE" (Blue Brindle and White) - Primary Lens Luxation CLEAR by Parentage. PRCD Normal. DM Clear. Cardiac Auscultation - Normal. AHT-PA157/15F/P-NOPI Patella - Normal. ***Floozie is an F1 outcross to a Rat Terrier. She is eligible to be shown in AKC. Her progeny are also AKC eligible.

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2. The COWBOYS & INDIANS Litter 

If you have interest in a PUPPY, Please fill out the Puppy Application found below for consideration.

 ~ 2 Males will be Available to Pet Homes ~

Dam: CH RAGANRAT ESSENCE OF HIS GRACE "GRACIE" Gracie is a lovely, classic, chocolate tri piebald with good breed type. She has a gregarious, balanced temperament. Gracie is from a long line of Raganrat line-bred females who are all fantastic mothers. Gracie also has a keen hunting instinct. PRA-PRCD (Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration) CLEAR PLL CLEAR: RAT-PLL-529/IF-NOPI CLEAR/NORMAL PATELLA: RAT-PA882/16F/P-NOPI No evidence of patellar luxation. CARDIAC: RAT-CA634/16F/P-NOPI -- CLEAR/normal OFA HIP PRELIMINARY: FAIR (x-rays were taken during her heat cycle)**************************************

Sire: GRCH Pocomtuc's Oki-Doh-Ki Anoki Anoki is owned by Wendy Sherman. Anoki is a Blue Tri Male. AKC TERRIER GROUP PLACEMENT. AKC POINTED. UKC GRAND CHAMPION. Best In Show Winner. 2016 UKC TOP TEN BREED STANDINGS. PRCD Carrier. RAT-PLL832/29M-PI NORMAL/CLEAR Cardiac Auscultation - Normal / Patella test - Normal

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3. 2018 PUPPIES COMING!!! 

PUPPY APPLICATION must be submitted for consideration. Please email raganratters@yahoo.com for an Application. We can email it to you. Then, you will be added to our Puppy List and be contacted when we have something available.

* Show/Breeding puppies are sold on Co-Ownership with Breeder Agreement.

* Pet puppies are sold on a Spay/Neuter Agreement.

If you have interest in a puppy, please email raganratters@yahoo.com or call 865-856-0508

Contact us @ 865-856-0508 for Future Litters

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