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Rat Terrier ADULTS for Adoption


An APPLICATION must be filled out to Adopt one of our dogs. I require an interview and a Personality Match with any canine I offer for adoption with the humans (wanting to adopt) . I'm looking for the best possible homes for these dogs. Please read each Bio under each dog. If you think an older dog offered here would work well in your family dynamic, please contact me at 865-856-0508. 

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Born April 3, 2012
Stella is a beautiful Rat Terrier - Traditional Black Tri with a Tuxedo pattern. Stella is a 16 inches tall @ the shoulder, standard size Rat Terrier with button ears and has a very sweet disposition. She is Housebroke and Crate trained. Travels well. She is reserved at first meeting new people. Best suited with elderly persons. Health tested:
PLL Clear by Parentage
Cardiac Auscultation - Normal
RAT-PA1064/43F/P-NOPI Patella - Normal

Serious Inquiries Call 865.856.0508.

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