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Splitcase VW Transaxle Restoration
VW "splitcase" transmission restoration/rebuild for Nov. '52 to 1960. Housing and nose cone have been chem. treated back to factory condition/standards for that "NOS/New" look.. Axle tubes chem. stipped and poweder coated "low gloss" black, all steel nuts bolts and hardware have been chem. treated "black oxide". This transmission has been restored with all new mainshaft, pinion, differential, axle bearings, synchro rings, rebushed nose cone, new gasket set, one piece boots with correct "buckle-strap" clamps. Items such as shift forks, gears, mainshaft, diff. carrier, etc, etc, are all replaced as necessary. Price:$2950 outright, no core needed! Email me at: mrokrasa@earthlink.net for/shipping info...... Cheers! ; -)
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