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mrkartoom, Tue, 7 Apr 2009 7:16PM
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Enlarge photo 1
notice the missing epoxy? I found it in the leftside bag filter during an oil change

Enlarge photo 2
the reason for splitting the cases

Enlarge photo 3
the inside gear on the crank was hard to remove. Added some heat and careful, patient prying to get it off.

Enlarge photo 4
you want to remove the nuetral ind. cover and the bag filter from this side. You don't need to remove the counterbalanceer.

Enlarge photo 5
the shift drum and tranny shaft in the RH case should be in the left. They aren't, because I didn't remove parts from the shift drum in the following photos.

Enlarge photo 6
notice a difference?

Enlarge photo 7
Remove this from the drum before splitting. The 5mm screws with locked with threadlocker and were hard to get out. Used heat.

Enlarge photo 8
And this from drum. You don't need to remove ratchet with spring attached.

Enlarge photo 9
All ready to be married again!

Enlarge photo 10
Piston looks perfect after 11,000 mi.

Enlarge photo 11
Another shot of the missing epoxy. Hope no more breaks off.

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