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2011...a year of great sadness and loss
Far too much loss this year...2011 has been very unkind so far and every single time I think I can't take one more loss, I'm very cruely proven wrong. I lost my precious life-saving baby Remmy after 14 years on February 12th and I truly thought that would kill me. It didn't, amazingly enough, though I still feel his loss every single day and I continue to wear or carry his collar with me even now.

This past Saturday, August 20th, I received word that my little Remmy-mini-me, aka my first physical dog rescue, aka my darling little "cousin" Spottie had passed. He never forgot that I was the one that rescued him from a crazy man who didn't want him because he wouldn't quit kissing the man. Spottie gave me constant kisses every time I saw him, even all these years later.

Today brought the loss of the sweetest, best natured, most loveable cat I've ever known, our beloved JayJayBobBob. Mom found him this morning, already gone but still warm, with what appeared to be a thru and thru wound in the abdomen, laying right beside her car. I hate so badly that she found him. It seems it's always Mom or me that finds their broken little bodies, but it would have been terrible for any of us, we all loved him so. Then my poor brother had to dig the hole to bury Jay--and Jay was really Donnie's cat. Donnie had raised Jay and his siblings from birth. I feel so bad for Donnie, I know how much he must be hurting right now, but he keeps his emotions to himself. Jay loved everyone, would likely have gone right up to whoever did this to him for some loving. I hope whoever did this suffers greatly before they are allowed to pass. The evil of people amazes me though I don't know why.

Also lost to us are two of the kittens from the feral cat colony. One had an injury to his back/hips/or back leg(s) last week, but we were never able to catch him to really see what was wrong or get him to the vet. It seemed he had been doing better, was walking on all fours again, according to the neighbor who had been sliding food under a shed to feed him, but the little guy hasn't been seen now for several days and neither has his brother.

Given that it seems sweet baby Jay was shot right in our front yard or, perhaps even more disturbing, he may have been shot elsewhere then purposely returned home for us to find. Everyone around here knows we take care of the feral cats as well as having three mostly white ones that are very tame outside, so I can only assume that the kittens most likely met a similar fate.

I can honestly say I hate 2011 and it can't be over soon enough for me. There's been entirely too much loss for me this year. I just pray that the others I love will be safe and with me for a long time to come.
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