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Photos taken by McBruce (and possibly others) at the Puget Sound Regional Bridge Tournament in Lynnwood WA, which takes place August 17-23 at the Lynnwood Convention Center just north of Seattle. These are the cropped versions that appeared in the Daily Bulletin. It may be later in the week before I can find time to upload these, with 120 board sets and 6 Daily Bulletins to produce.

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Daily Bulletins: Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Wrap-Up

(Bulletin files will be stored here when the next tournament begins.)

Online Results from Bridge Results

Bridge Results shows hand records, double dummy tricks, results listed in order of N-S score, for each hand. You will find all sorts of other neat features as you discover the site. For example, to get your results in a popup window, click the number to the left of your name in the list of pairs. If you sign up for a free Bridge Results membership, Bridge Results will send you an e-mail whenever new material involving you is posted!

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