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2013 Penticton Regional
Photos taken for the Daily Bulletin of the 2013 Penticton Regional bridge tournament in Penticton BC Canada.


Penticton Regional Page at d19.org

Tournament Results Page at bridgeresults.net
(Results for each day posted by 12:30am that night)

Daily Bulletin #1 — Wednesday
(posted by 7am Wednesday morning)

Daily Bulletin #2 — Thursday
(posted by 7am Thursday morning)

Daily Bulletin #3 — Friday
(posted by 7am Friday morning)

Daily Bulletin #4 — Saturday
(posted by 7am Saturday morning)

Daily Bulletin #5 — Sunday
(posted by 7am Sunday morning)

Wrapup Daily Bulletin
(posted by 11:59pm Sunday Evening)
Date(s): June 10-16, 2013. Album by Bruce McIntyre. Photos by Bruce McIntyre. 1 - 54 of 54 Total. 0 Visits.
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