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2013 Penticton Regional
Photos taken for the Daily Bulletin of the 2013 Penticton Regional bridge tournament in Penticton BC Canada.


Penticton Regional Page at d19.org

Tournament Results Page at bridgeresults.net
(Results for each day posted by 12:30am that night)

Daily Bulletin #1 — Wednesday
(posted by 7am Wednesday morning)

Daily Bulletin #2 — Thursday
(posted by 7am Thursday morning)

Daily Bulletin #3 — Friday
(posted by 7am Friday morning)

Daily Bulletin #4 — Saturday
(posted by 7am Saturday morning)

Daily Bulletin #5 — Sunday
(posted by 7am Sunday morning)

Wrapup Daily Bulletin
(posted by 11:59pm Sunday Evening)
Date(s): June 10-16, 2013. Album by Bruce McIntyre. Photos by Bruce McIntyre. 1 - 54 of 54 Total. 4853 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Penticton Regional Tournament Chair (and new Silver Life Master) Marv Norden.

Enlarge photo 2
Tuesday Latenight Zip KO winners: McKenzie Myers, Beaverton OR; Donald Mamula, Mill Creek WA; Matt Koltnow, Bothell WA; Jeffery Jacob, Vancouver WA

Enlarge photo 3
What the playing area looks like at 1am when the Zip KO is into the final round...

Enlarge photo 4
Tuesday Okanagan Gold Rush Pairs winners Ramon Russ Kidd - Paul Johansen, Kamloops BC.

Enlarge photo 5
Tuesday Evening 199er Pairs N-S leaders (second overall) Frances Monro - Ian Monro, Penticton BC

Enlarge photo 6
Tuesday Okanagan Gold Rush Section M NS evening winners Jean Katz, North Vancouver BC; Rhea Boynton, West Vancouver BC

Enlarge photo 7
Tuesday Morning 199er Pairs winner Susan Norton, Spokane WA (partner Bette Kelly, Summerland BC was unavailable)

Enlarge photo 8
Monday-Tuesday Merlot Knockout Teams Bracket One Winners: Roger Clough, Culver City CA; Barry Pritchard, Edmonton AB; Rebecca
Clough, Culver City CA; Karen Long, Edmonton AB

Enlarge photo 9
Congratulations to Bruce and Peggy
Boan of Mill Bay BC, who won their
bracket in the opening Monday-Tuesday knockouts and became Life Masters by doing so!

Enlarge photo 10
Winners of the Tuesday Open Pairs: Jodi Kimbrell, Spokane WA, and Pete Pluhta, Pullman WA.

Enlarge photo 11
Winners of the Monday-Tuesday Knockouts, Bracket Five: Allan McGale - Eleanor Geisthardt, Cobble Hill BC; and new Life Masters Peggy Boan - Bruce Boan , Mill Bay BC

Enlarge photo 12
Winners of the Monday-Tuesday Knockouts, Bracket Six: Doreen Grainger - Gary Grainger - Linda Van Sickle - Bill Van Sickle, Regina SK

Enlarge photo 13
John Patterson, Chemainus BC; Sandi
Link, Nanoose Bay BC; Gordon Link,
Dsrt Hot Sprngs CA; Bob Beck, Nanaimo BC

Enlarge photo 14
Tuesday-Wednesday Knockout Teams Bracket Six Winners Tom Weckworth - Gerry Grant - Peter Tinkess - Blaine Leblanc, Quesnel BC

Enlarge photo 15
Winners of the Tuesday Evening 1 99er Pairs Game: David Jevons - Ann Jevons, Penticton BC
"So nice to see this pic. I haven't seen Ann for over..."
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Enlarge photo 16
The Adam Fitzpatrick Elvis Evolution Tribute Show was free entertainment following the Friday evening session. Since performing on a dare at the Pacific Northwest Elvis Festival here in Penticton
in 2008 and beating fourteen other contestants, Adam has become one of the world's top Elvis Tribute artists, travelling around the world with his show.  Penticton's top newsmaker of 2012 for his rocketing successes in many tribute competitions, Adam's website is elvisevolution.com and you can purchase his CDs there and see his touring schedule.

Enlarge photo 17
New Life Master Alfred Lau of North Vancouver BC.  Perfect day for Alfred to be featured, since he has been known to don the Elvis garb and do some Elvis songs at local gatherings.  (Alfred says he watched Adam on Friday night and picked up a few tips!)

Enlarge photo 18
Thursday Marlin Gold Rush Pairs Winners Diane Griffiths, Langley BC; Margaret Gibson, Port Moody BC

Enlarge photo 19
Thursday Latenight Zip KO Winners: Karen (Veronica) Long, Doug (Jughead) Hawrelak, Nancy (Betty) Cook, Edmonton AB; David (Archie) Willmott, Fulsom CA

Enlarge photo 20
Wednesday-Thursday Bracket Two Winners: Greg Lam, Vancouver BC; Nancy Arnold, La Quinta CA; Carol-Ann Halliday, Vernon BC; John Yadon, Gresham OR

Enlarge photo 21
Wednesday-Thursday Bracket Four Winners Kevin Strangway - Dwight Crouse, Grande Prairie AB; Kenneth Taylor - Robert Pratt, Kamloops

Enlarge photo 22
Wednesday-Thursday Bracket Six winners Sharon Horvath, Agassiz BC; David Taylor, Seattle WA; Dana Sammartino, Coldstream BC; Rolande Joly, Vernon BC

Enlarge photo 23
Wednesday-Thursday Bracket Seven winners: Jack Johnson, Surrey BC; Bill Matheson, Richmond BC; Wenda Hopp, Delta BC; Win Bromley, Langley BC

Enlarge photo 24
Wednesday-Thursday Bracket Eight winners: Bill Van Sickle - Linda Van Sickle - Doreen Grainger - G Grainger, Regina SK

Enlarge photo 25
Winners of Tuesday-Wednesday Chardonnay KO, Bracket Five, and also Bracket Four in the Thursday-Friday Shiraz KO: Catherine Williams, Quesnel BC; Jerome Kilner, Bellevue WA; Larry Baum, Seattle WA; Pauline Higgins, Quesnel BC

Enlarge photo 26
Two new Bronze Life Masters, who both went over playing in the Open Pairs on Wednesday Evening: Rick Nelson, Surrey BC, and Shelley Burns, North Vancouver BC.

Enlarge photo 27
Two section tops in the Gold Rush Pairs on Thursday put them just a few matchpoints from the event lead: Ann Mazuruk - Bree Watts, Victoria BC

Enlarge photo 28
Congratulations to Eve Jensen, Abbotsford BC, a new Life Master courtesy of the knockout team events here in Penticton!

Enlarge photo 29
Jonathan Steinberg and Gerry Marshall approached me just before Elvis's appearance Friday night for their Bracket One winners photo. When I asked where the other two were, Jon said “Daniel and Hendrik are on their way.”
“Daniel and Hendrik?” I said. “You have the Sedin brothers on your team?” (Not quite.)

Thursday-Friday Shiraz Knockout Teams Winners Hendrik (#33) Sharples, Brush Prairie WA;
Daniel (#22) Korbel, Waterloo ON; Jonathan Steinberg, Toronto ON; Gerry Marshall, Calgary AB;

Enlarge photo 30
Thursday-Friday Knockout Teams Bracket Two Winners: Diane Campbell - Nancy Klym - Karen Levy - Janet Sharpe, Calgary AB

Enlarge photo 31
Friday Open Pairs winners Randy Corn, Kirkland WA; Leo Glaser, Winfield BC

Enlarge photo 32
Thursday-Friday KO Bracket Five winners: Delbert Haylock, Nanaimo BC; Shirley Charters - Michael Scott-Kerr - Eleanor Scott-Kerr, Duncan BC

Enlarge photo 33
Winners of the Thursday Evening 1 99er Pairs: Linda Wilson - Erika Freiheit, Penticton BC

Enlarge photo 34
Winners of the Monday-Tuesday Knockouts, Bracket Two: Richard D'Litzenberger, Leavenworth WA; Ingrid Anderson, Nanoose Bay BC; John Cox, St Maries ID; (missing from photo) Sheldon Spier, Chemainus BC

Enlarge photo 35
Wednesday-Friday Morning KO Bracket Four winners: Norman Webb, Puerto Vallarta Mexico; Don Wallace - Joel Saunders - Robert McDonald, Kelowna BC

Enlarge photo 36
Wednesday-Friday Morning Pinot Knockout Teams Bracket One Winners: Daniel Korbel, Waterloo ON; Jonathan Steinberg, Toronto ON; Steve Gross, Westlake Vilg CA; Roger Clough, Culver City CA

Enlarge photo 37
Evelyn Nelson Wulf of Portland OR is a new Life Master after success in the Gold Rush pairs.

Enlarge photo 38
Janet Larson of Olympia WA is also a new Life Master with some gold points from the knockouts. Congratulations!

Enlarge photo 39
On Saturday Irene McDonald (right) celebrated her 96th birthday playing bridge with partner Sheila MacDougall (left), finishing in the overalls in the afternoon Side Game.

Enlarge photo 40
Emelie Quennell, Calgary AB, was on a winning knockout team Saturday (Calgary has supplied most of the semifinalists in the KOs this week, it seems) and has become a new Bronze Life Master.

Enlarge photo 41
Friday-Saturday Knockout Teams Bracket Three winners: Michael Christensen, Redmond WA; Michael Ring, Bothell WA; Aaron Mohrman, Seattle WA; Jennifer Chalfan, Bellevue WA

Enlarge photo 42
Friday-Saturday Knockout Teams Bracket Four Winners: Dwight Crouse, Grande Prairie AB; Richard Dunn, Delta BC; Kevin Strangway, Grande Prairie AB; Robert Pratt, Kamloops BC

Enlarge photo 43
Friday-Saturday Knockouts Bracket Five winners Naushad Dada - Melissa Martin - Emelie Quennell, Calgary AB; Byron Lund, Airdrie AB

Enlarge photo 44
Friday-Saturday Knockouts Bracket Seven Knockout Winners: Gerald Hickman - Margie Hickman - Gale Gropp - Grant Deger, Bellingham WA

Enlarge photo 45
Dennis Kurzrock, Bremerton WA and Marilyn Saba, Poulsbo WA, winners of the Friday Evening 199er Pairs

Enlarge photo 46
Doug Larson of Olympia WA made Life Master on Sunday in the Swiss Teams. Congratulations!

Enlarge photo 47
Flight B/C/D Swiss winners: Joel Fuhrman, Kirkland WA; Darryl Hendershot, Fall City WA; Michael Walker, Port Ludlow WA; Lawrence Diamond, Tacoma WA

Enlarge photo 48
Co-winners of the Flight A/X Swiss: Michael Mullendore, Ellicott City MD; Michael Newcombe, Kelowna BC; Debbie Mineault - Duncan Smith, Victoria BC

Enlarge photo 49
The strat X winners: Amy Gao, Richmond BC; James Wu, Surrey BC; Yinsheng Tu, Vancouver BC; Kai Zhou - William (standing behind photographer for some reason as photo was taken) Ge, Burnaby BC; Jack Lee, Richmond BC

Enlarge photo 50
The Tu team, erroneously entered as #2 in the second bracket of the Friday-Saturday KO: Eric Pan, Burnaby BC; Jack Lee, Richmond BC; Yinsheng Tu, Vancouver BC; James Wu, Surrey BC; Kai Zhou, Burnaby BC. Actually, Tu won!

Enlarge photo 51
The strat C co-winners: Chuck Irwin, Surrey BC; Donna Traas, Kamloops BC; Peggy Winter, Ladner BC; Fred Baldwin, Delta BC

Enlarge photo 52
Double winners in Sunday 199er Teams (not pairs as it says in the Wrapup Daily Bulletin): Judy Hartz - Michael Lilley - Janet Lilley - Carol Ulsafer, Missoula MT.

Enlarge photo 53
Strat F winners in Sunday Afternoon 199er Teams (not pairs as it says in the Wrapup issue): Patti Wheeldon, Courtenay BC; Keith Ware, Surrey BC; Denise Holst - Evelyn Ware, Courtenay BC

Enlarge photo 54
Jonathan Steinberg took this photo of Daily Bulletin editor Bruce McIntyre for future Bulletins (the one on the back page of Daily Bulletins was taken about twelve DINO Regionals ago and is getting old).  This was taken on Sunday: note that one eye is more awake than the other...

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