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Welcome to my photo pages! Feel free to leave comments at the albums or at the pictures themselves!
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Meadowcroft 2009
16. Meadowcroft 2009  (June, 2009)
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Smithsonian Atlatls
17. Smithsonian Atlatls  (October 3, 2002)
These are pictures from a visit to the Smithsonian Warehouse in Washington D.C. to see all the atlatls in their archives.
  Also visited were the Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institute, and some Washington DC viewing. They used the Metro for their transportation.
  You may see some duplicate photos.... #1 to 67 are from Steve Barnett, #68 to 121 are from Sharon Keefer, #132 to 138 are by Mark Bracken.
Sharon says:

About the visit to the Smithsonian and it's warehouse...

When we learned last year that some of our European atlatl friends were coming to hunt in archery season, we thought a trip to The Smithsonian to view atlatl related history would be a treat for them, us too.  We contacted The Museum via an internet site we found and cyber met, David Rosenthal, Assistant Collections Manager for the Museum.  David sent us lists of atlatls from different parts of the world and asked us to mark which throwers we would like to look at, since time was going to be limited.  After sending the lists back to him, we set the date for our trip.  September 11th put a very abrupt halt to that trip.  When the European gang contacted us this year about attempting again to come to Pennsylvania for archery season, we emailed David and he set the visit up for us once more.  This time, he didn't ask which atlatls we wanted to look at, but offered every one he had.  We had a very nice tour, led by David in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum warehouse and were permitted to spend as much time as we wished to for browsing.  The following people were mesmerized for hours!  Jean Jacques Durancet, his wife Brigette, Claude Berducou, Steve Barnett, Mark Bracken, JoAnne and Gary Fogelman and Terry and Sharon Keefer.  

And, that's about it.
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Richards Back Yard Throw
18. Richards Back Yard Throw  (October 22, 2008)
Oct 4,5, 2008
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Bald Eagle atlatl competition 2008
19. Bald Eagle atlatl competition 2008  (June, 2008)
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Green Flats Atlatl Rattle
20. Green Flats Atlatl Rattle  (August 1, 2, 2008)
along the Delaware River at the Eel weir
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photojojo pics
21. photojojo pics  (May 18, 2008)
pics i have on the photojojo site
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Valley of Fire  + Las Vegas 2008
22. Valley of Fire  + Las Vegas 2008  (April  2008)
Had atlatl competition at Valley of Fire, NV. All the desert flowers were blooming. The red rocks in the sun were beautiful! Had some fun in Vegas, nice view from our room window. Bellagio conservatory amazing along with Chilualy glass in the ceiling Lobby. Snow on the mountains in Salt Lake City airport.
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PA state Championships 07
23. PA state Championships 07  (May 4-7, 2007)
Atlatl event at Fogelmans in Turbotville, PA. Fantastic weather, great friends!
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Osage contest at Buck Run
24. Osage contest at Buck Run  (Aug 24, 2006)
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Osage Orange at Buffalo
25. Osage Orange at Buffalo  (April 8, 2006)
we had 2 hours at an indoor archery range to toss darts!
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Spring Fling 2005
26. Spring Fling 2005  (March 27, 2005)
Spring Atlatl Event at Fogelman's
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Meadowcroft/Annual Meeting 2004
27. Meadowcroft/Annual Meeting 2004  (June 18, 19, 20, 2004)
The WAA held its 17th Annual Meeting at the 7th Annual Meadowcroft Atlatl Competition.
There were throwers from many states, a guest speaker, catered dinner, and 3 local contests along with the ISAC.
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Paw-Paw festival, 9/03
28. Paw-Paw festival, 9/03  (September 13,14, 2003)
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Flint Ridge 9/03
29. Flint Ridge 9/03  (August/September , 2003)
flintknapping & atlatl event
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That dam ISAC & Albany Atlatl Comp
30. That dam ISAC & Albany Atlatl Comp  (August 15,16,17, 2003)
Atlatl Competition at Steve Barnett's house and Albany Riding stables
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