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Thank you for dropping in to see my ImageEvent photo albums.  I am a decorative painter, and many of my painted pieces are displayed here.  Also are pics of everyday and special interests in my life. Please enjoy your visit. If you would like to see more of my artwork please click on the DecoRockArt link at the bottom of this page.  Thank you. Lee.
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My Paintings
1. My Paintings 
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70 Images
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Jacob and All Things Horses
2. Jacob and All Things Horses  (2018)
121 Visits
28 Images
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This and That
3. This and That  (January 12, 2002)
2948 Visits
235 Images
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Jigsaw Puzzles
4. Jigsaw Puzzles  (2017)
Puzzles we have worked on.
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20 Images
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Jack in Mexico
5. Jack in Mexico  (2018)
Photos of Jack's travels in Mexico.
140 Visits
72 Images
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Jacob's 6th. Birthday
6. Jacob's 6th. Birthday  (July 2017)
Birthday #6
135 Visits
17 Images
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Odds and Ends
7. Odds and Ends  (2019 plus)
Photos that don't fit in any particular category.
60 Visits
4 Images
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Holiday Weekends
8. Holiday Weekends  (2016 and on)
Various events photographed on holiday weekends and other special occasions.
683 Visits
158 Images
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Jillian and Jacob
9. Jillian and Jacob  (2016 and on)
605 Visits
67 Images
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Yard pics May 7 2005 plus other years
10. Yard pics May 7 2005 plus other years  (May 7  2005)
Some pics around the yard on a warm spring day in London,Ontario.
3753 Visits
165 Images
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72 Egerton Over The Years
11. 72 Egerton Over The Years  (July 22 2006)
2263 Visits
85 Images
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12. Jillian  (Starting at birth)
1243 Visits
193 Images
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13. Jacob 
Jacob, our first grandson!
849 Visits
128 Images
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Christmas 2018
14. Christmas 2018 
Christmas and New Years 2018/19
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31 Images
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Blackfriars Bridge
15. Blackfriars Bridge  (December 1  2018)
Celebration of reopening of Blackfriars Bridge, London, Ontario, Canada
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9 Images
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Along the River
16. Along the River 
Thames River, London Ontario Canada
417 Visits
12 Images
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17. Jack 
353 Visits
4 Images
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18. Jane 
458 Visits
17 Images
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Jillian's 6th. Birthday
19. Jillian's 6th. Birthday  (2014)
Celebrating at Montana's Cookhouse
681 Visits
13 Images
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Jacob's 3rd. Birthday
20. Jacob's 3rd. Birthday  (July 2014)
Celebrating Jacob's third birthday.
601 Visits
30 Images
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Garage Renovation
21. Garage Renovation  (July 2014)
614 Visits
15 Images
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Easter 2014
22. Easter 2014  (April 2014)
600 Visits
33 Images
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Hot Air Ballooning
23. Hot Air Ballooning   (July 2011)
832 Visits
43 Images
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Directions for painting a koi pond on flagstone.
10290 Visits
6 Images
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London Snowstorm Dec.2010
25. London Snowstorm Dec.2010  (December 2010)
London Ontario was hit by one of the worst snowfalls in history. Schools were closed 3 days in a row, at times no mail,no buses,many businesses closed.
803 Visits
9 Images
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Friday the 13th. 2014 Port Dover
26. Friday the 13th. 2014 Port Dover 
578 Visits
28 Images
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Jack's Travels
27. Jack's Travels  (2010)
Some of my favourite pics from Jack's travels.
783 Visits
89 Images
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Bathroom update  August 2010
28. Bathroom update  August 2010  (August 2010)
We decided to take out our not so old bathtub that was already showing signs of rusting and replace it with a nice shower stall by BathFitters. They did a great job!
At the same time Mike installed a new vanity, taps and mirror. The old vanity and mirror had been there since we moved in 26 years ago. As always with an old house compromises were made, but we are happy with the results and didn't break the bank.
602 Visits
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Clean House!
29. Clean House!  (November 2010)
A clean and tidy main floor!!!
703 Visits
26 Images
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Jillian's 2nd. Birthday
30. Jillian's 2nd. Birthday  (Sept.11  2010)
Jillian's Dog Theme Birthday Party
606 Visits
54 Images
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Backroom Addition
31. Backroom Addition  (1991-92)
In 1991 we tore down the old cold "woodshed" that was attached to the back of our house and replaced it with an insulated,heated,larger  2-room structure consisting of a general purpose entry room and a combined laundry/2 pce. washroom.
1091 Visits
23 Images
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Older Photos
32. Older Photos 
An album to electronically preserve old family photos and share them with others who are interested and may or may not have seen them in the past. I've dated them to the best of my knowledge, but not all dates may be correct.
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68 Images
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Barn Swallows
33. Barn Swallows   (Spring 2008)
Late May of 2008 a pair of Barn Swallows built a nest and raised a family under the awning of the side entrance to our house.
1633 Visits
18 Images
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Kitchen Renovation January 2007
34. Kitchen Renovation January 2007  (January 2007)
At last! Our kitchen is being renovated! Goodbye ugly dropped ceiling panels! Painted drywall will replace the old wallpaper and panelling. The big fridge is being moved to the back room to make way for a larger eating area, and new lighting fixtures will replace the old.
1759 Visits
35 Images
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Hall Renovation  2006
35. Hall Renovation  2006  (July 31  2006)
Before,during,and after pics documenting our front hall renovation 2006. Our house was built in 1885. We bought it in 1984 and have gradually been doing updates.  The front hall was the last room to have renovations done to it, other than a new front door installed several years ago. Once the hall is finished it's time to start over with the first rooms..LOL
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54 Images
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Pippin and other pets
36. Pippin and other pets  (January 21  2006)
1853 Visits
70 Images
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Thanksgiving 2006
37. Thanksgiving 2006  (Oct.14  2006)
1306 Visits
21 Images
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Brother Colour Tour  www.brother.ca
38. Brother Colour Tour  www.brother.ca  (July 23  2006)
During the summer of 2006 our son Jack was employed on the Brother Colour Tour travelling through Ontario and Quebec. There was a total of three balloons and their accompanying vans and trailers in the tour...Red,Blue,and Yellow.  Jack was part of the Yellow team.  www.brother.ca
1315 Visits
11 Images
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Port Franks
39. Port Franks  (July 4  2006)
Garry and Linda M. hosted a visit to their family's cottage at Port Franks
1244 Visits
16 Images
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Classes I've taught with FCDA
40. Classes I've taught with FCDA  (April 4 2006)
In 2005 I was approached to do some guest teaching at our FCDA classes. This album contains photos taken at some of those classes.
2163 Visits
43 Images
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Christmas 2005
41. Christmas 2005  (December  2005)
1340 Visits
39 Images
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Newest Work
42. Newest Work  (May 29, 2002)
4951 Visits
82 Images
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Jane's Shower
43. Jane's Shower  (February 27 2005)
On Sunday February 27/05 Valla and a group of painting friends held a lovely bridal shower for Jane.  It was an afternoon of good friends,good times and Valla's legendary good food!
1405 Visits
11 Images
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Jane and Joey's Wedding
44. Jane and Joey's Wedding  (August 28 2004)
1522 Visits
24 Images
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45. Winter  (December 27  2004)
Some pictures of our yard in the winter taken late in the afternoon on a cold but sunny day.
1509 Visits
26 Images
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Directions for Strawberry Rocks
46. Directions for Strawberry Rocks  (June 24, 2002)
Step by step directions with photos showing how to paint stones to look like strawberries.
138812 Visits
12 Images
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47. Cards Jane Wismer Has Made  (Various)
This album contains cards designed by both Jane Wismer and by others.
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Jane / Duke of Edinburgh Award
48. Jane / Duke of Edinburgh Award  (October 12, 2002)
2971 Visits
21 Images
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Sibyl's Work
49. Sibyl's Work  (July 9, 2002)
All painted pieces in this album were done by my very talented friend Sibyl.
!! Sibyl has a NEW Imageevent account!!
See many more of her paintings at this new address:
You are in for a treat!
8810 Visits
66 Images
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New Studio...In Progress
50. New Studio...In Progress  (June 15, 2002)
1813 Visits
46 Images
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'94 Jeep
51. '94 Jeep  (January 22 2005)
Jeep we purchased January 22, 2005
999 Visits
10 Images
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Jack / Hamilton
52. Jack / Hamilton  (Oct 23 2004)
5 Visits
6 Images
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Spring 2004
53. Spring 2004  (April 1 2004)
Some early bulbs and other happenings in our yard starting the first week of April 2004
1644 Visits
43 Images
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Jack and motorcycle
54. Jack and motorcycle  (May  2004)
864 Visits
11 Images
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Spring Flowers in the yard  2003
55. Spring Flowers in the yard  2003  (April 19, 2003)
4840 Visits
54 Images
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Before and After
56. Before and After  (June 2, 2002)
A gallery showing different pieces obtained from garage sales, flea markets, curbsides, etc. and how they looked before and after being given a new lease on life with some prepping and a little fresh paint.
1413 Visits
14 Images
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First Snowfall  Dec.  2002
57. First Snowfall  Dec.  2002  (December 1, 2002)
877 Visits
12 Images
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FCDA Painting Room
58. FCDA Painting Room  (August 29, 2003)
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9 Images
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Ice Storm April 4 2003
59. Ice Storm April 4 2003  (April 5, 2003)
Yesterday, April 4 2003, an ice storm hit London Ontario.  This album contains pictures my daughter Jane took this morning.
Then overnight, it snowed, and it looked so pretty on top of the ice that I took a few more pics Sunday morning, and have added those near the end of the album.
Later, my friend Marilyn emailed me some pics her husband John had taken  of a penguin family I once painted, who now reside in their backyard.  Please look!  LOL
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A Taste of London
60. A Taste of London  (August 26, 2002)
An annual food fair where local restaurants offer up samples of their fare.
786 Visits
10 Images
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Jane's Antique Cupboard
61. Jane's Antique Cupboard  (April 18, 2002)
The church my daughter attends is undergoing some renovations, and was going to throw out this gorgeous cabinet!
1181 Visits
11 Images
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62. Moose  (March 12, 2002)
792 Visits
1 Images
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Hosta Seminar at Val's
63. Hosta Seminar at Val's  (February 20, 2002)
Hosta Rock Painting Seminar at Val Mann's studio in London ON
Fall 2001
918 Visits
7 Images
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Tuesday Painting Day at Sibyl's
64. Tuesday Painting Day at Sibyl's  (July 3, 2002)
909 Visits
8 Images
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London Decorative Artists folder
65. London Decorative Artists folder  (October, 2010  to  present)
A collection of the paintings in progress done by the London Decorative Artists members at their weekly get togethers. Grouped in albums by year.
4 Albums
Shared Folder w/ Pass
66. Beachville  (May 2, 2002)
Beachville, Ontario.  Location of the first recorded game of baseball in Canada.
Objects of interest in Beachville Museum  
April 21, 2002
1380 Visits
22 Images
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Strawberry Rock seminar at Val's
67. Strawberry Rock seminar at Val's  (May 5, 2002)
Painting strawberry rocks
2170 Visits
11 Images
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68. floorcloth  (February 18, 2002)
Winter  2002
Design by Andy Jones
985 Visits
5 Images
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Ruth Dolsen patterns
69. Ruth Dolsen patterns  (June 22, 2002)
2274 Visits
6 Images
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Yard and Flowers   2002
70. Yard and Flowers   2002  (July 8, 2002)
1115 Visits
25 Images
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Christmas Tea at Helen's 2002
71. Christmas Tea at Helen's 2002  (2002)
378 Visits
16 Images
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Christmas Tea at Helen's 2001
72. Christmas Tea at Helen's 2001  (2001)
381 Visits
4 Images
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