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Thank you for dropping in to see my ImageEvent photo albums.  I am a decorative painter, and many of my painted pieces are displayed here.  Also are pics of everyday and special interests in my life. Please enjoy your visit. If you would like to see more of my artwork please click on the DecoRockArt link at the bottom of this page.  Thank you. Lee.
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London Decorative Artists folder
1. London Decorative Artists folder  (October, 2010  to  present)
A collection of the paintings in progress done by the London Decorative Artists members at their weekly get togethers. Grouped in albums by year.
4 Albums
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Jillian's 6th. Birthday
2. Jillian's 6th. Birthday  (2014)
Celebrating at Montana's Cookhouse
79 Visits
13 Images
Shared Album
Jacob's 3rd. Birthday
3. Jacob's 3rd. Birthday  (July 2014)
Celebrating Jacob's third birthday.
101 Visits
30 Images
Shared Album
Garage Renovation
4. Garage Renovation  (July 2014)
123 Visits
9 Images
Shared Album
5. Jillian  (Starting at birth)
490 Visits
162 Images
Shared Album
6. Jacob 
Jacob, our first grandson!
288 Visits
107 Images
Shared Album
This and That
7. This and That  (January 12, 2002)
1431 Visits
85 Images
Shared Album
Easter 2014
8. Easter 2014  (April 2014)
157 Visits
27 Images
Shared Album
Hot Air Ballooning
9. Hot Air Ballooning   (July 2011)
319 Visits
23 Images
Shared Album
Directions for painting a koi pond on flagstone.
4614 Visits
6 Images
Shared Album
London Snowstorm Dec.2010
11. London Snowstorm Dec.2010  (December 2010)
London Ontario was hit by one of the worst snowfalls in history. Schools were closed 3 days in a row, at times no mail,no buses,many businesses closed.
329 Visits
9 Images
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Friday the 13th. 2014 Port Dover
12. Friday the 13th. 2014 Port Dover 
91 Visits
28 Images
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