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Feel free to download and use on personal web pages. To save the high res images click on the thumbnail image, below the medium res image that opens will be a blue text link that says "Original." Click on the "Original" link to open the high res image. Once that is loaded on the page, right click to save to your hard drive as you would any .jpg off the internet.
Date(s): August 27, 2018. 1 - 8 of 8 Total. Shared
1. Dailies 
Quickly edited and uploaded photos
Better version will follow
147 Visits
133 Images
Shared Album
2. WTM 
Photos taken Wednesday Thursday Monday
152 Visits
66 Images
Shared Album
3. Friday 
Photos taken Friday
369 Visits
307 Images
Shared Album
4. Armory 
Photos from Armory track events
345 Visits
306 Images
Shared Album
5. Parade 
Photos from before and during the Saturday parade
135 Visits
98 Images
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Captain America Photo Shoot
6. Captain America Photo Shoot 
USO photo shoot and photos before and after
85 Visits
41 Images
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7. Saturday 
Photos taken Saturday
145 Visits
49 Images
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8. Sunday 
Photos taken Sunday
298 Visits
244 Images
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