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Juliana Jewelry Book
These are some of my very favorite Juliana parures. I have A LOT more... but to see them all in one great place, you will need my revised book "JULIANA JEWELRY... A PICTORIAL FEAST FOR YOUR EYES". NOW AVAILABLE! There are 235 FULL COLOR pages of eye popping D&E aka Juliana, full parures, bracelets, demi-parures, etc. Below are some pages for you to see.  Drool over them with me.... then drop me a note at rhinestonediva@cox.net to order your copy today! $49.99 plus $6.95 S&H media mail or $9.95 priority mail. Dream on... take a chance.... have some fun!
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Enlarge photo 1
"Juliana Jewelry... a pictorial feast for your eyes!"
by Nancy J. Zell
$9.95 Priority Shipping
$6.95 Media Mail

Enlarge photo 2
Contents page

Enlarge photo 3
Just one of the pages taken on my scanner... book pictures are much better!

Enlarge photo 4
Another one....

Enlarge photo 5
One of the chapter pages...

Enlarge photo 6
And another sampling....

Enlarge photo 7
A favorite parure of mine.....
bought in pieces!

Enlarge photo 8
Just love the colors!

Enlarge photo 9
This is one of the more unusual sets, both 5-link and clamper bracelet!

Enlarge photo 10
just a beauty!

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