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Welcome to Juliana Jewels!
From my personal collection, these beautiful pieces and sets of spectacular jewelry have been my delight for years! It has been a journey collecting the individual pieces over the years, putting together the many "GRAND PARURES" that I now have. I wanted to share these with you. Years of searching have given me pleasure beyond words. With the recent onslaught of collectors scrambling to find this jewelry, it has become increasingly harder to find, and even harder to obtain when found! I have learned sooo much over the past few years... being a proud member of a FABULOUS group called DISCOVERING D&E JULIANA JEWELRY, which is not only TONS of great pictures of D&E Jewelry, but actually teaches members how to recognize the attributes of this highly prized jewelry. I highly recommend you visit this group and hopefully you will decide to join! I have provided you a link to the group at the bottom of this page. I also have written a book, and the NEW REVISED version is finished! "JULIANA JEWELRY... A pictorial feast for your eyes", which is a great pictorial of 235 full color pages of eye popping beauties! You will find it listed here.... only available directly from me..... so email me. ENJOY!

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New Finds
1. New Finds 
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2. Jewels  (July 15, 2016)
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<b>Juliana Jewelry Book</b>
3. Juliana Jewelry Book 
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<b>D&E aka "Juliana"</b>
4. D&E aka "Juliana"  
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Kirks Folly & Green Stone Set
5. Kirks Folly & Green Stone Set 
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Sterling bird in flight
6. Sterling bird in flight 
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<b>Vintage Costume Jewelry</b>
7. Vintage Costume Jewelry 
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<b>Vintage Estate Jewelry</b>
8. Vintage Estate Jewelry 
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Possible Haskell
9. Possible Haskell 
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<b>My Display Wall<b/>
10. My Display Wall 
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Heather's Wedding
11. Heather's Wedding  (August 2008)
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