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Event Photography
All photographs are available for printing, see order form link below.  
Photographs are copyrighted by JNevitt Productions, you may use any image by contacting Jack Nevitt by email for permission.
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Easter 2018
1. Easter 2018  (4/1/18)
Easter at Kim and Jamie's House
Falls Church, Va.
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Tom Miller Funeral
2. Tom Miller Funeral  (3/6/18)
Col Tom Miller funeral at Arlington National Cemetery
75 Images
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New Mexico
3. New Mexico  (2014)
Scenes from around New Mexico.
52 Images
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A Grand Night of Singing
4. A Grand Night of Singing  (8/2/17)
CarolineGrace Williams, soprano and Paul Patton, piano, performing at Ashby Ponds GO Theatre.
15 Images
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Sam I Am
5. Sam I Am  (July 30, 2017)
Sammy's first photo shoot.
12 Images
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Loudon One with Ashby Ponds
6. Loudon One with Ashby Ponds  (4/22/17)
Ashby Ponds Retirement community event at Loudoun One in Ashburn, Va.
30 Images
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Thurmont Bridges
7. Thurmont Bridges 
Two covered bridges in Maryland.  Utica Bridge and Loys Station Bridge.  With Bill Shotwell on Harley Davidson.
21 Images
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Sandstone Horse Show
8. Sandstone Horse Show  (9/13/15)
Horse show in Millwood, Va at the Sandstone Farm.
7 Images
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Summit Point Formula Fest
9. Summit Point Formula Fest  (August 2, 2015)
Summit Point Raceway, WV annual Formula Fest with Open Wheel competition as well as PDX training.
93 Images
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Hot Spots of Florida
10. Hot Spots of Florida  (2015)
Best birding locations in the state of Florida.
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Portland Oregon
11. Portland Oregon  (May 2015)
Portland, Mt Hood and the Oregon Coast
46 Images
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Consovoy McCarthy
12. Consovoy McCarthy  (4/9/15)
Corporate Portraits in front of the US Supreme Court and Library of Congress
40 Images
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Jason & Katie's New House
13. Jason & Katie's New House  (2/5/15)
First look at Jason and Katie's new house in Gainesville, Va.
24 Images
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Arlington Cemetery Funeral
14. Arlington Cemetery Funeral  (1/20/15)
Funeral for Col Shotwell at Arlington National Cemetery
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Jerry's Kids
15. Jerry's Kids  (3/30/14 - 4/6/14)
Cruise on the Carnival Pride to Grand Turk and Half Moon Cay.
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Carnival Pride
16. Carnival Pride 
Carnival Pride ship interior and exterior photos
14 Images
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2013 Year in Review
17. 2013 Year in Review  (2013)
Photographs from 2013 trips.
45 Images
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AmVet 2014
18. AmVet 2014  (March 6, 2014)
Wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.
38 Images
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Florida Hot Spots
19. Florida Hot Spots 
1 Images
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Tiny Dancers - Sleeping Beauty
20. Tiny Dancers - Sleeping Beauty  (June 2, 2013)
Dance recital starring Ellie Pizzirusso
35 Images
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GMU CBI Tournament
21. GMU CBI Tournament  (3/27/13)
Semi final game
21 Images
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