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Welcome to our website.

We are located in Beautiful Northeast Tennessee.

We specialize in raising quality Tennessee Walking Horses and Rat Terrier Dogs.

If you have any questions please email us at 3huffs@charter.net or Call Christie at(423)-335-2464

We accept Paypal, Western Union, Walmart Money Transfer or Postal Money Orders. Sorry no personal checks.

If payment is received using Paypal you must figure an additional 3% of the total cost as Paypal will charge theses costs to my account. DEPOSITS REQUIRED TO HOLD ANY ANIMAL AND IS NON-REFUNDABLE!


Check out A Natural Hoof LLC at the following link. They are providing natural hoof care services in Sullivan County, Hawkins County and surrounding areas in northeast TN.

A Natural Hoof LLC

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To see videos of some of the horses for sale

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Please feel free to call 423-335-2464 OR e-mail at 3huffs@charter.net.

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Gen's I Dream Of Cream - FOR SALE $1600
2. Gen's I Dream Of Cream - FOR SALE $1600 
Creamy is a Gorgeous Cremello stallion by Gen Gold Collection E and out of Foxy Gold Lady. He has his sire's looks, disposition and smooth natural gait. Creamy is a wonderful trail horse and is ridden by a woman. He has been rode around mares in heat, geldings and other stallions. Creamy is 15 hands tall and an absolute DREAM to ride. He has a naturaly smooth rack with a beautiful headset. His first foal crop arrived in 2007, and boy we weren't disappointed!! There are not many stallions that you can walk up to loose in the field or in the stall and not have to worry about being hurt. With his looks, temperment and natural gait you can't go wrong with this guy! Creamy was rode in 2 Christmas Parades (2012) and he did wonderful with all the noises, people, firetrucks and strange horses. Several kids sat on him for pictures and he was a perfect gentleman. He gave me no problems, we were really proud of him!


Creamy 3/16/13 out for a run

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All our horses under 4 are in this album. All our foals are imprinted at birth are handled daily.
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Tennessee Walker Mares -TWO FOR SALE
4. Tennessee Walker Mares -TWO FOR SALE 
Here are our leading ladies.

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Horses Sold
5. Horses Sold 
These are horses that we have either bred or owned that have been sold.

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Rat Terriers
6. Rat Terriers 
All our dogs are our pets first and foremost. We raise Type A in standard sizes.  Epectant moms are in the house where the puppies are born and raised. We strive for Health, conformation and temperment. Pups are well socialized, shots & wormings record. They are loved very much and are indoor/outdoor pets. All our adult dogs are PLL (Primary Lens Luxation)tested and results are posted on their albums.  

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GRCH Jackpot Hurricane Warning
7. GRCH Jackpot Hurricane Warning  (December 1, 2007)
Stormy is our first bred by UKC Grand Champion. She completed her Grand by 7 months old. She was born 4/14/07.  

Sire: CH. Cal Val Whispers Lil' Bear  
Dam: W'Winds Demi Moore
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Available Puppies and Adults
8. Available Puppies and Adults 
This album contains pages for our Rat Terrier litters and available puppies/adults.

All deposits are half of the puppies price and are non-refundable. We accept Paypal and Money Orders.
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Planned Litters
9. Planned Litters 
These are litters we have planned.

Breeder reserves the right to first pick female and/or male from all litters.

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Pups From Past Litters
10. Pups From Past Litters 
These are pics of pups that were bred and born here.
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Fun Pictures
11. Fun Pictures  (November 6, 2004)
Here are some pictures around the farm of our animals having a good time.

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