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More Tucson 2007
These are more photos of Tucson 2007.  My first album got over loaded, so I'm putting some new photos in here.  Here are some links for you to enjoy.
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Date(s): February 18, 2007. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 132 of 132 Total. 12155 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This is jade from British Columbia.  It will soon be a necklace with the center swirl as a pendant.  Gold findings.

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Enlarge photo 2
This is the booth where I purchasesd the deep green jade pieces from British Columbia.  The jade is really as green green as the photo shows.

Enlarge photo 3
Mexican obsidian.  Polished, and wonderful to look at.

Enlarge photo 4
We are here at one of the motel venues.  I have my long sleeved shirt on my shoulder cause it got HOT!

Enlarge photo 5
Big, beautiful piece of malachite.

Enlarge photo 6
Crystals, and carved crystal.

Enlarge photo 7
This is for all of you who wish you had a crystal ball.  How big do you want it?  They come in all sizes, and all variations of inclusions.

Enlarge photo 8
These are crystal balls folks.

Enlarge photo 9
We took a side trip to the copper mining town of Bisbee AZ.  It is a former mining town, and is really a kick, with its narrow streets, and houses built going up the sides of the mountain.

Enlarge photo 10
Here is the post office for my postal buddies to see.

Enlarge photo 11
The town is full of wonderful artsy shops.  This is where we found Glen's rock hound guy.

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Enlarge photo 12
He is so perfect!  Absolutely captures the heart and soul of a rock hound.
"Judy, I recognized him IMMEDIATELY, he looks just lik..."
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Enlarge photo 13
More Bisbee.

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Enlarge photo 14
See how the houses climb up the hill?

Enlarge photo 15
This is an amonite.  Check the size of this puppy.  You can see a bottle of hand lotion behind it to sort of put it into perspective.  That price tag is not readable, but it is in the thousands.
"Wonderful example of an ammonite from Alberta Canada...."
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Enlarge photo 16
This is the main fossil room at the Inn Suites motel.  These dealers told me that the huge fossil is on its way to a Houston museum after the show.

They aren't real dinosaur bones.  They go all over and take castings of real bones, and then come home and construct the dinosaur out of the castings.  They have to do this because fossil diggers rarely find one complete dino.

Once the castings are done, they can mass produce dinosaurs.  You can order one if you want.  I'm not sure how much they are, but you'd better have a lot of space for it.

Enlarge photo 17
The parking lot behind the motel is full of crystals.

Enlarge photo 18
And azurites.

Enlarge photo 19
Here is a nice crystal for you!  HUGE.

Enlarge photo 20
Just a view of the miles and miles of tents to visit.  Every one has marvelous things to look at.

Enlarge photo 21
This is a tent at one of the motels.  It was raining a bit in the am here.

Enlarge photo 22
Crystals and carvings from all over the world.

Enlarge photo 23
A lot of these dealers cater to the "healy feelies" as Glen calls them.  My buddy calls them "woo woos"

Enlarge photo 24
The woo woos are funny.  You can see them wandering among the crystals with their hands over the crystals and their eyes closed. They are getting the "vibes."

Enlarge photo 25
More motels, and more tents.

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Enlarge photo 26
I think I bought beads from this place.

Enlarge photo 27
Amethyst cathedrals.

I saw one that I liked.  It was rather large, and 1600.00.  Yikes!  Well.....it had good color, and the little points were all intact, no smashing down of the points.

Needless to say...we didn't get it.  :)

Enlarge photo 28
All sizes!

Enlarge photo 29
How big do you want it?

Enlarge photo 30
The yellow ones are amethyst that have been heat treated to make citrine.

Enlarge photo 31
Here is a lady, and you can see how big that one cathedral is.

Enlarge photo 32
A pair.  There I am dwarfed by that thing.  Sold as a pair... the crystals are much more pricey.  Check out the yellow one.  Citrine, or heat treated amethyst.

Enlarge photo 33
A nice pair.

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Enlarge photo 34
We are now in a building that is a co-op.  Lots of stores in here and I think they are here year round.

Enlarge photo 35
Need a turtle skull?

Enlarge photo 36
How about a fossil?  These are from Morocco.

Enlarge photo 37
Can you see me on the far right?  That will show you how big these things are.

Enlarge photo 38
That thing says "do not touch".  NO problem....!!!

Enlarge photo 39
Another shop in the co-op.  More cathedrals.

Enlarge photo 40
These are in the window of one of the shops.

Enlarge photo 41
This quartz shop has HUGE quartz crystals.  And some of them are black as ink.  Those are heat treated to make them black.

Enlarge photo 42
These fossils are available to purchase.  The smaller ones go for about 2300.00, I'm not sure what the huge one costs.

Enlarge photo 43
These are so neat.  You can hang them on your wall.  I don't think they are treated to withstand something like a table top.

Enlarge photo 44
A whole flock of fishies.

Enlarge photo 45
More fish here, and someone's REALLY skinny arm.

Enlarge photo 46

Enlarge photo 47
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Enlarge photo 48
This is some kind of prehistoric alligator.

Enlarge photo 49
This is the Manning Mansion, one of the jewelry venues.  This is more of what we are used to....except most of the dealers sell stuff to make jewelry, not finished jewelry.

Enlarge photo 50
There are some finished pieces here, but usually, they illustrate what you can do with the components once you buy.

I bought a shell focal bead in here, but it was sure hard to keep my hands off the wonderful lampwork beads here.

Enlarge photo 51
This is the shell bead I bought.  Hard to tell, but the bead is solid.  You can see right through it though.

Enlarge photo 52
The bead is an amber color, and it has lavender all through it.  I hope to make it the focal bead for a purple jade necklace.  The purple jade is another purchase I made in Tucson.

Enlarge photo 53
Here we are back at Electric Park.

Enlarge photo 54
These are so interesting to look at.  This is also an illustration of why amethyst is such a reasonalbly priced gem.  It is everywhere.

Enlarge photo 55
The chairs are few and far between, and people get sooooo exhausted.  I definitely abused my back on this trip.

Enlarge photo 56
Alpha Supply has just about everything the lapidarist needs.  We bought a jewelers desk here, and Glen bought a bell jar, and some saw blades.  All for working up our opals.

I also got some bead boxes, a gem scoop, some glue and other supply stuff.

Enlarge photo 57
Love these bead boxes.  The little dividers inside stay put.  They don't lift up, so your beads don't get mixed up in there.

Enlarge photo 58
Red beryl from Utah.

Enlarge photo 59
These are tents at Electic Park.  See???  Even cotton candy.

Enlarge photo 60
I KNOW what I'm thinking here.  Oh Lord....I'm not sure my back can take too many more of these tents.  Oh well, just take the Vicodin, and keep going!

Enlarge photo 61
Every tent has something worth looking at.

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Enlarge photo 62
I just had to take a photo of this lady.  Her bag of pop corn is bigger than she is!!!!!!!

Enlarge photo 63
The stuff that is in this boat thing is raw lapis.  It goes for about 50.00 per pound.

Enlarge photo 64
Looks like antique buddahs and things.

Enlarge photo 65
Smithsonite and auracalcite.  Need one?  There are hundreds here.

Enlarge photo 66
This is Jeff Scovil, a friend of Glen's.  Not sure of the woman's name.  Anyway, Jeff is the cream of the crop mineral photographer.  His stuff is on all the mineral book covers, and most of the fantastic mineral photos are his.

Enlarge photo 67
He is set up in the Inn Suites here.  This is his set up, and he gave me lots of good ideas on photography.  I talked to him about the nasty reflections that rhinestones give off, and he was most helpful.

Now, all I have to do is buy more camera paraphernalia and one thing I would love to do...is hook the camera up to the PC.  Wouldn't that be great?

Enlarge photo 68
This is amazonite and smoky quartz from Colorado.  This speciman is from Colorado.  It is 20,000.00.

Enlarge photo 69
Here is another pricey specimen.  Expensive, because it is rare, and also a beautiful piece.  We bought a specimen from this dealer.  Next photo shows our specimen.

Enlarge photo 70
This is our specimen of amazonite and smoky quartz.  We bought it on the first day this dealer offered his stuff for sale, and it's a good thing we got it when we did.  His stuff went fast.

This one is way smaller than the 20,000.00 piece but it was only 200.00.  Yay!

Enlarge photo 71
Malachite and azurite and mimetite.  Holy cow!  I hope I'm spelling all this right.

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Enlarge photo 72
These are fluorites.  I really like these minerals.  They come in all colors.

Enlarge photo 73
This is a green smithsonite.

Enlarge photo 74
Purple quartz sceptors.  These are tiny, and on display here.  We are back in the civic auditorium now.

Enlarge photo 75
More sceptors.

Enlarge photo 76
This is more green fluorite.  A darker green, from England.

Enlarge photo 77
Elbaite on quartz.  It is a form of tourmaline.

Enlarge photo 78
The red stuff in the middle is rhodochrosite.  Check out the prices.  Yowie!

Enlarge photo 79
Beautiful aquamarines.

Enlarge photo 80
These are small gold specimens.  The Kilian Collection is a dealer at the show who has the most spectacular specimens, and also the highest prices.  Most of his gold specimens sold at this Tucson show.

Enlarge photo 81
The largest one, second from left, is 9500.00 and is called a nugget.  That is to say....not so very big.

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Enlarge photo 82
These are pyrite cubes, and the dark one on the right is stibnite.

Enlarge photo 83
This is the line at the Electiric Park again.  Just one of the tents.  This tent is popular because the prices are way low, and they have a little bit of everything in here.

Enlarge photo 84
This is a display of Gaspite from Colorado.  It is a neat green color.  Sort of like green jade but better.  I bought some strands of this last year and made two necklaces out of it when we went to the opal mine.  They are wonderful!

Enlarge photo 85
These are some gaspite cabs.  I bought one last year, and tried to have it made into a ring this year, but the only setting was 200.00 and I wasn't too thrilled with it anyway.

Enlarge photo 86
This is me at our opal mine wearing the necklace I just made.  Gaspite.  Stupid mouth on me....I don't know WHAT makes me do that when a camera comes close.

Enlarge photo 87
The necklace I made.  It is 17 1/2" long with gold findings.

Enlarge photo 88
A close up of those gaspite beads.  I just love this stone, not too much of it around either.

Enlarge photo 89
This is sooooo neat.  The Tucson Gem and Mineral Society puts on the show at the civic auditorium, and they have among other things...this cool happening for kids.

Enlarge photo 90
They get to go into this area, and they learn all kinds of things with the help of the volunteers from the TCMS.  They even get an egg carton, and get to put rocks into the carton to take home.

Enlarge photo 91
Brazilian agate nodulues.  The largest one here is over a foot in diameter.

Enlarge photo 92
Here's a cutie.  Only 1182.75.  :)

Enlarge photo 93
Same thing, only this one is a geode, and only 593.00.

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Enlarge photo 94
These are bracelets on elastic that I bought for fun, and for my daughter to pick one.  She picked the one in the right foreground.

They are made from gem chips.

The wooden hand is from the display guy with the wooden stuff.  I'll use that with my jewel photos for the site.

Enlarge photo 95
This is the little amethyst stone the lady gave me to give to Brian.  He loves it.

Enlarge photo 96
Elephant ivory earrings to go with a necklace that I bought from Erik.

Enlarge photo 97
This is Chinese green fluorite.  Just a small piece, but the squares are perfect, and it is really a good color.

Enlarge photo 98
One more photo of that piece.  It was only 20.00.

Enlarge photo 99
I couldn't resist these.  They are small, but they are Mamoth ivory earrings.  It just blows me away to think that I own a piece of Mamoth.

Enlarge photo 100
These are two pieces of Montana agates that Glen bought.  He will cut and polish them, and make them into jewelry.

Enlarge photo 101
All bubby and frothy. Prehnite from India.

Enlarge photo 102
It's about 8" across, and I think it was 25.00.

Enlarge photo 103
This is a huge glass ball for Sarah.  She has a blue bedroom, and she loves these paperweight things.

Enlarge photo 104
I bought this natural turquoise necklace and earring set after searching all over Tucson for the perfect one.

Enlarge photo 105
It is really hard to tell natural turquoise from the man made stuff, and the treated stuff.  You need Glen along, and you need proof from the dealer, which she offered.

This was pricey at 200.00

Enlarge photo 106
An agate bead.  I'll use it as a focal on a necklace.

Enlarge photo 107
Another focal bead, the hole runs across the top.  These two focals are about 1 3/4" across.

Enlarge photo 108
Here are some of the beads I bought.  Soon to become necklaces.

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Enlarge photo 109
Purple jade, rhodochrosite and chalcedony.

Enlarge photo 110
Here is a necklace amd earring set that I made last year at the opal mine.  I was digging with Glen, and needed a day off, sooooo, this is what I did.

Enlarge photo 111
This necklace is 19 1/2" long and has gold findings.

Enlarge photo 112
I love this stuff.  It is labradorite.  The bluer stones are also labradorite.  They are going into a necklace with some neat lampwork beads that I got last year.

Enlarge photo 113
These beads will go with the Labradorite, and I will also use them with the green chalcedony and some garnets that I bought.

Enlarge photo 114
Some tourmaline strands and some turquoise.  The tourmalines are destined to become a bracelet.

Enlarge photo 115
Check out those huge chalcedony beads.

Enlarge photo 116
Glen is going to poke a hole in this Chalcedony sparkly piece, and I will use it as a focal along with those huge chalcedony beads.

Enlarge photo 117
Here are two of Glen's new books.  The author of the Chinese book is the person who sold us the book and he signed it for us.

Enlarge photo 118
And heeeeere's the author.  I can't read the signature, but he is Guanghua Liu.  He is set up at the Inn Suites, selling his book and also a bunch of Chinese Minerals.

Enlarge photo 119
This is some green fluorite that we got from Mr. Liu.  160.00

Enlarge photo 120
Dinosaur bone slabs.  Soon to be polished and cut.

Enlarge photo 121
These are my Taiya River acquisitions this year.  Marcia Cook is the designer and she does SUCH good work.  I need to sell my house to afford one of her pieces, so I settled on these.  They are wonderful, 22k gold.

Enlarge photo 122
I love this one, it's gypsum from Australia.  Not special, according to Glen, but I think it looks like a flower.  Not pricey, either...18.00.

Enlarge photo 123
This is a Lapis ring.  I got the stone last year, and had it set this year.  It's a huge ring.  :)

Enlarge photo 124
This is a thick focal bead that's going on a necklace made with that purple jade.  It is lepidonite, and has lots of sparklies in it.  The didn't show up in the photo too well.

Enlarge photo 125
We got a couple of these arc mineral holders.  Some specimens look great in these, and of course...we got another book.

Enlarge photo 126
This is fluorite, a large piece, that is purple and yellow.  Really pretty.

Enlarge photo 127
Glen bought this thing in Quartzsite.  It is a saw to cut the opals.  Can't wait to use it.

Enlarge photo 128
A small stibnite, this one is very fragile.

Enlarge photo 129
Stibnite.  This one is rather large and veeeeeerrrrry fragile. Both stibnites are from China.

Enlarge photo 130
These are my Valentine.  Sunstone earrings from Oregon.  We drive past this mine on the way to our opal mine in Nevada.

Enlarge photo 131
This specimen is really tiny.  Amethyst sceptor twin.

Enlarge photo 132
Uvarolite from Russia.  This is a flat.

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