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This album contains photos of items sold from the image event album "For Sale"
Date(s): December 18, 2006. Album by Judy Miller. 1 - 213 of 213 Total. 22956 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
These amethyst colored earrings are in wonderful condition.  And they are so large!  They are more than 1 1/2" across.

Enlarge photo 2
A great little green and peridot color bracelet and earring set.  Vintage from the 50s.

The bracelet is 7" and the earrings are clips and are 1 1/4" long.

The set is in great condition.

Enlarge photo 3
I call these, purple dangles, and that is just what they are.  The color is wonderful.  They hang 1 5/8" from your ear.  In excellent condition.

The stones are open back, so a little light can shine through, showing off the great amethyst color.

Enlarge photo 4
Darling earrings signed Vogue.

They are 7/8" across and are clips.

Enlarge photo 5
This necklace is by Langani.  It is marked on the back of the center piece.

Enlarge photo 6
Here is the signature black bead.  The necklace is 17" long.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 7
This set is waaaaay Deco.  The pin is 2 1/2" long, and the earrings are for pierced ears.  Some enamel loss to the earring hats.

Enlarge photo 8
Don't you just love TORTOLANI?  They do the finest, most detailed work on every piece.

This little bird is in such good shape, and he is so cute too.

Enlarge photo 9
Here is a spring set for you.  Pink and purple all over.

The acetate flower brooch is 3 1/4" across, and it is 1 1/4" deep.  This set is very light weight, and in great condition.  

The earrings are 1 1/2" across, and are clips.

Enlarge photo 10
Here is a vintage Bakelite cuff.  It is 1 1/4" wide, and the walls are 3/8" thick.

Enlarge photo 11
These earrings are wonderful old Czech earrings.

Enlarge photo 12
Here is a fun one!  This is a reproduction of the Boucher Griphon.  And when compared to the photo of the real thing it holds up pretty well.

This photo is a better picture of the true color of this brooch.  My other photo has a better view of the brooch, but this one shows the color.

Enlarge photo 13
This is a pin that I call "blue pin".  Duh.  Anyway it really is a stunner.  I think it may be a Juliana, it has all the characteristics.

Enlarge photo 14
A charming charm bracelet.

Enlarge photo 15
This brooch is so sparkly and nice.  It should have a designer name on it, but it does not.

Very dimensional.

Enlarge photo 16
I just love this Deco looking bird.  I think it's a heron.

Very cool looking dude.  He is just over 2 1/2" tall, and has cream colored enamel on his feathers.  Rhinestones sparkle on his shoulders and neck.  He has a green rhinestone eye.

Excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 17
This demi is by Art.  A brooch and two clip earrings, encrusted with flowers.

There are rhinestones, and glass cabs and enamel leaves all making up the delicious flower display.

Enlarge photo 18
I'm calling these earrings, pinwheel earrings.  Because of the iridescent looking pinwheel stone in the center.

Enlarge photo 19
This is a golden Lucite brooch.

In excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 20
Here is some elegance for you.  The classic Swarvoski crystal bracelet.  In mint condition.

Enlarge photo 21
This is a vintage apple juice Bakelite bangle.  A spacer bangle.

Beautiful and clear.  Would look great with your other Bakelite bangles.

Enlarge photo 22
This darling little duckie will wink at you!  Check out both photos, I tried to get both eye movements.  

He is plastic and is 2 1/8" tall.

Enlarge photo 23
This is a huge bracelet.  It's on elastic, so it will fit most.  Even the skinny wristies.  The material is plastic and the metal is brassy looking, but I'm not sure if it is real brass.

Enlarge photo 24
This bracelet is an unsigned beauty for sure!  It falls in the humungus bracelet category, as it is so large.

Enlarge photo 25
This is a book piece.  :)  On page 97 of the book Plastic Bangles, you will see this one.

Enlarge photo 26
These are vintage sterling earrings.  Just wonderful detailed little sterling earrings.  They are marked sterling.

Price  15.00  HOLD

Enlarge photo 27
This is a darling Trifari pin.  In mint condition.

Price 12.00  HOLD

Enlarge photo 28
This is a gorgeous green marbled Bakelite dress clip.  It is 2 1/8" long and in wonderful condition.  It says Made in USA on the clip.

Price 38.00  SOLD

Enlarge photo 29
These are great enamel and rhinestone earrings.  The enamel is clear, and the rhinestones are all good.

Enlarge photo 30
I call this one PRETTY WOMAN.  And isn't she just the thing.  Her hat is a wonder.  Beautiful condition, she is 2 1/4" tall.

Price 16.00   SOLD

Enlarge photo 31
This bracelet is so beautiful, but really hard to photograph.  :)  It is gold color with emerald color chanel set stones.  

I will keep trying for that close up of the stones cause they are really wonderful.  None are missing.

Price 25.00  SOLD

Enlarge photo 32
This is the best looking enamel brooch!  The enamel is perfect, and the colors are outstanding.

Enlarge photo 33
The red fuzzy is clean, and there are two slots here for rings.

Price 35.00  SOLD

Enlarge photo 34
Well.....Kermit deserves a drink now and then, doncha think!

He is by J.J. and is 2 1/4" tall.

Price  15.00  SOLD

Enlarge photo 35
Now THIS is a necklace!  My model is too small to fit this necklace.

It is brass colored and there are 10 strands here.

Enlarge photo 36
Isn't this a kick!  It's a two part horse!

For pierced ears, the earrings are ceramic, and are 1 1/8" square.  10.00 SOLD

Enlarge photo 37
Guess who???  Yep, you got it.  It is J.J., and that cat is about to snag that little fish.

The fish is articulated.

Excellent condition, the pin is 2 1/4" tall.

Price 10.00  SOLD

Enlarge photo 38
Here is a neat little J.J. pin.  It's the world, and on it are the tree of life, a heron, an elephant, a tiger, a dolphin, a seal a rhinoceros, two giraffes and a dove in the top of the tree!
Well...maybe it's a parrot.

The pin is in excellent condition, and it is 2 1/4" across.  

Price 20.00 SOLD

Enlarge photo 39
MIRIAM HASKELL is the signature on these great little earrings.  They are green art glass, and have some swirls in the mottled green design.

Enlarge photo 40
Don't you just love elephants?  This one is just perfect, and he is a good size at 2 1/4" tall.

He is by J.J.

Enlarge photo 41
This one is marked REGENCY.  I had the darndest time trying to get the colors right.  The hard part was the creamy light yellow on the pearly parts.

Enlarge photo 42
This set makes a statement!  Not for the shy.....it is marked HOBE on the bracelet and on the earrings.  With the small oval plaque.

The bracelet is mint...and is a whopping 2 1/4" wide.  The earrings are clips, and hang down 2 1/4".

Enlarge photo 43
The stones are all sparkly and clear.  Some smoky, some clear, and the larger stones are abs.  The ab stones are 5/8" across.

Price 495.00 HOLD

Enlarge photo 44
A little tiny bird tending her nest.  She has a tiny pink rhinestone eye, and there are some rhinestones in the leaves.

The pin is tiny, at 1 14" wide.

Price SOLD

Enlarge photo 45
Here is a sweet pair of English porcelain rose earrings.

Enlarge photo 46
This is a gorgeous pale green and ivory colored rose.  The material is hard plastic and goldtone metal.

Enlarge photo 47
Large yummy pink and white HOBE earrings.  They are 1 1/2" across and are clips.

Enlarge photo 48
This perfect little bird is JOMAZ.  He is almost 3" long, and is in great shape.

Price SOLD

Enlarge photo 49
This is such a nice, bright little necklace.  And...it has a ring to go with it.  Hard to see in the photo, but it is peeking at you on top of the model.

The necklace is in great shape.  The beads are glass, and it has a push in clasp.  The ring is a 5 1/2 and is adjustable.  The necklace is 25" long.

Price SOLD

Enlarge photo 50
And here she is folks....Minnie Mouse!

Swarvoski crystals, and black enamel.  She's in excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 51
One sweet little sail fish.  He is not old, but he is a cutie, and in wonderful shape!

He is 1 3/4" long from tip of nose to tip of tail.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 52
These are a kick.  I had fun photographing these, so I just left all the photos in.

This is a trio of rock chip bracelets on elastic cords.

Enlarge photo 53
This little duck waving to you is by JJ.  He is 1 3/4" tall.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 54
This pin has the stone effect called givre.  There is a sort of band of bright green running through the stone centers.  A very lively brooch.
It is 2" across and in great shape.

Price SOLD

Enlarge photo 55
Here is a white earring that will go with your summer outfits.  They are clips, and are almost an inch tall.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 56
These little beauties are in perfect shape.  Made by Trifari, the topaz and black stones are sparkly.

An inch across, they are clips.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 57
This brooch is marked Made Germany on the pin stem.  It's a really nice pin with lacy fillagree, pearls, topaz stones and abs.

It is 2 1/4" tall, with dangles.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 58
This is a wonderful leaf brooch.  It would look so nice on a lapel!

It is tall at 4 1/2".

Price  SOLD
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Enlarge photo 59
This is a great little art deco brooch.  Everything works, and sparkles!

Enlarge photo 60
Just over 20" long, this one is a real beauty.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 61
Be the first on your block to own this striking aluminum bangle attributed to Glenn Yank.

The opening is the standard 2 1/2".

Enlarge photo 62
I think this is a pretty spectacular Celluloid bracelet.

Most that I have seen, are the beautiful skinny bracelets that are one continuous piece of Celluloid.  This one is a bit different.

Enlarge photo 63
Is your birthday in August?  You might like this peridot color crystal necklace.

Enlarge photo 64
This is a parure that I just couldn't resist!  It's Kenny Ma of San Francisco, and it's contemporary, but it is to die for.

Enlarge photo 65
Here is a wonderful Bakelite reverse carved dress clip.  It is in excellent condition!

Enlarge photo 66
This is a darling tiny enamel drummer boy and his drum.

Most of the enamel is there and in good shape.  A little tiny bit missing on his left arm toward the side. The dots look like marcasites but they are little indents that sparkle.

He is about 2" tall, and has a c clasp.  No marks on him. A vintage piece.

Price SOLD

Enlarge photo 67
Here is a wonderful little seahorse in turquoise color with a red eye.  He is gold tone and unmarked.

Excellent condition.  He is 2" tall.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 68
Here they are...the chocolate sprinkles on a marshmallow.  ?  The earrings are marked Vogue and they are 1 1/8" across.

Enlarge photo 69
This sterling brooch has that nice soft silver patina that we love.  It is a flower, maybe a hybiscus?

Enlarge photo 70
This is a grand parure marked J.J.J. sterling.  The only thing I can find on this mark, is a similar mark on a piece by an American Indian named JoJak.  I'm not sure this is his piece, but it is so marked.

Enlarge photo 71
The stones in this set are California Jade, not to be confused with Jadite or nephrite.  All stones are good, and nicely matched.

Enlarge photo 72
This sweet pin is by Sarah Coventry.  It is "Sarah's Mothers Pin".  It is 2" tall.

Enlarge photo 73
This is the inscription on the front of the box.

Enlarge photo 74
OK this little guy had a buddy of his in our front yard last night.  Pheeeew!

This one is harmless though.

Enlarge photo 75
LOT #5
Total glitz in this lot.
29 pieces
2 bracelets
1 shoe clip set
18 earring pairs
3 brooches


Enlarge photo 76
Miriam Haskell earrings 2nd from top, then Merle Dunsen and shoe clips on the bottom.
The Merle Dunsen earrings are not signed, and the back is workable, but someone has messed with it.  35.00 price tag on still on the back of the card.
The first necklace and earrings on the left is outstanding! As are the next two necklaces to it's right.

Enlarge photo 77
This is a close up of the Miriam Haskell earrings.  They are really pretty, and although they are marked Haskell, I don't think they are.

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 78
The earrings both have this backing on them.

Enlarge photo 79
This bracelet is really nice. The end piece on the top is loose.  It needs to be soldered.  Nothing missing here, and the bracelet works, just needs that loose piece soldered.  It is 1" wide and 7" long.

Enlarge photo 80
The earrings at the top right part of the photo are all really nice.  The photo is a little blurry, but all these earrings and pieces are nice.  The earrings in the bottom right corner are Kramer.

Enlarge photo 81
A powder blue set here in the foreground is stunning, and those blue-green, (aqua) colored earrings are just yummy.

Enlarge photo 82
Close up of the bracelet and a necklace.

Enlarge photo 83
Close up of those nice earrings.


Enlarge photo 84
Called a prison/mourning ring, it has been worn, but is in great shape considering its age.

The size is a 6 1/2.

Price  SOLD

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 85
This is an interesting ring that is a prison ring.  It was made by and inmate, and probably in the 1940's judging by the hairstyle of the lady in the photo.

The ring is plastic, with a heavy coating of resin of some kind over the photo of the lady.

Enlarge photo 86
At first, I thought the pin was missing the second half, but as I look at it, I think it was made this way.  It could be a building, or maybe a lightning bolt?

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 87
My dad was an osteopath doctor before the Air Force.  These cuff links are in excellent condition.

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 88
EISENBERG is the name on the back of this wonderful clip. The stones are beautiful strong colors and are in great shape for such an old piece. Clear and sparkly. This is a rare piece.
It is the exact clip that is pictured in the colored photo section of Dolan's Collecting Rhinestone & Colored Jewelry 3rd Edition.

Enlarge photo 89
It is marked Eisenberg on the back and is pot metal, not sterling. The clip is just longer than 3".w

Price: SOLD

Enlarge photo 90
Isn't this a wonderful brooch? It is a CORO enamel that can be dated to about 1940.

Enlarge photo 91
Aren't these great!  They are clip earrings by St. John.

Enlarge photo 92
These earrings are a yummy concoction of poured glass.

Enlarge photo 93
These earrings are such a hit with the ladies.  They are chrome, and Lucite.  Ice cubes!
"> How would one go about getting these? Please."
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Enlarge photo 94
This is a chrome and Bakelite piece that was shown in the book Plastic Bangles.

Enlarge photo 95
This is a wonderful set.  Click on the photo to see the intricate facets on this rock crystal necklace and earring set.

Enlarge photo 96
Here is a wonderful little pineapple, apple juice Bakelite dress clip.  What a mouth full!

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 97
Moooooo!  Ain't she cute!  This cow brooch is such a happy girl.  She is some sort of plastic I think, and she is 2 3/4" tall.

Price SOLD

Enlarge photo 98
This is my Dior,bracelet/perfume bottle.

A real kick, this piece.  It does contain perfume, and it will go to the new owner with the perfume in it.  The perfume is old, and it is not full.

Enlarge photo 99
This set is by Seleni.  Just a gorgeous set done in gold tone metal.  In excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 100
Another huge necklace, this time by Valentino.  Not signed, but comes with an original paper tag - Valentino Garavani.

I have it placed on the model with the clasp on the side.

Judy's email
Banglecaddies and Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 101
This necklace is not signed, but the characteristics of Coppola e Toppo are unmistakable.  The hand wired, heart shaped clasp, the weave of faceted crystals and the graduation of colors are trademarks of this designer team.

Enlarge photo 102
For pierced ears, the earrings are ceramic, and are 1 1/8" square.

10.00  SOLD

Enlarge photo 103
This parure is by Kramer of New York, and is so marked on the necklace.  The other pieces are all marked Kramer.

These items are all on the image event in album #10 now.  The only difference is the price to you.  The last item is not discounted cause I don't have any room on that one.

Enlarge photo 104
Here is a great retro set for you .  The green is a deep emerald, and the cabachons are domed to a point.

Enlarge photo 105
The aqua marine color stones on this set are magnificent.  The Russian gold color of the filigree sets off the stones perfectly.

Enlarge photo 106
This festoon necklace is just to die for. It has four strands on each side and ten strands across the bottom. The red cabochons on the sides in the center of the floral pieces add interest to an elegant piece.

Enlarge photo 107
This is a fine retro bracelet.  It had all kinds of interesting sections, with wonderful stones.

Enlarge photo 108
Now here is one big honkin pin. :) This one is by KENNETH J. LANE.

Enlarge photo 109
The signature in an oval on the back of the flower clasp is MIRIAM HASKELL. This is a wonderful example of the fine work that Miriam Haskell did in the fifties.

Enlarge photo 110
These earrings are sterling, and they are by Theodor Fahrner.  In excellent shape.

These earrings have a gold wash over the top.  The center "pearl" is the grey silver color that one expects to see on sterling pieces.

Enlarge photo 111
This brooch set is by Juliana.  The stones are all perfect and the sparkle is outstanding!

Enlarge photo 112
This is a little enamel pin set.  The brooch is 2 1/2" tall and the clip earrings are 7/8" tall.  In excellent shape.


Enlarge photo 113
This is a great old sterling set that is quite unusual. It has been called a triplet, having three layers, and it has also been call Mexican fire opal. The stones are cabochons with faceted sides. The faceted sides are really hard to see, but they are there. Look at the stones through the light and they are amber and perfectly clear. Look at them from the side, and they are blue. Look straight down on them, and they have a blue wavy pattern to them.

Enlarge photo 114
It is 36" long and has no clasp.  It will not go over your head twice.  The largest crystal is 1/2" across.


Enlarge photo 115
This is a scrappy little Mexican silver pin.  He is small, at only 2" long.

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Enlarge photo 116
This is a Mexican sterling piece.  The stone is lapis.

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Enlarge photo 117
This little enamel elephant is sterling also.  He is tiny at 1" across.  He has a painted red eye.

Enlarge photo 118
Another gorgeous loooooog necklace.  Not marked, but a quality item.  The necklace is 60" long.

There is a hand knot in between each bead.

Enlarge photo 119
The necklace is wearable at 16".

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 120
Here is a mess of bracelets from the Plastic Bangles book by Lyons and Tortoriello, page 85.  All in the rope design.

Enlarge photo 121
The three are hooked together with this metal band.

The bracelets are the standard 2 1/2" diameter.

Price SOLD

Enlarge photo 122
You have seen these before I think.  From Hong Kong, or Japan.  There are four necklaces here, and all of them are fun pieces.  Some are longer than the others.  

The white one is the shortest, at 34", yellow is 46", green is 51" and the orange is 50".

Enlarge photo 123
This Bakelite bar pin is sooo nice.  The rhinestones are all there and sparkle.

The pin is 3 1/4" long and 1/2" wide.

Enlarge photo 124
Miriam HASKELL parure in gorgeous fall colors. This set is really spectacular. The necklace is nine strands of glass beads. Pinks, yellows, ambers, oranges and greens. The clasp is the push in type and decorated with pink rhinestones and pink glass beads.

Enlarge photo 125
It is 16" long. The earrings are clips and are 1 1/2" across. The bracelet has seven strands of butterscotch and amber beads with a push in clasp and is 7" long. The clasp is decorated with rhinestones and the same beads that are in the necklace.

Enlarge photo 126
The whole set is in excellent condition. The signature on the back of the bracelet and the necklace clasp is Miriam Haskell in the oval. The earrings have MIRIAM HASKELL on the back.ws

Price: SOLD

Enlarge photo 127
HOBE clamper bracelet and moonstone earrings. The bracelet is just wonderful to wear. The hinge opens just enough to slip it on, and it is comfortable once it is on. The white stones in the bracelet and the white bracelet inserts are plastic. An oval shape, it is 2 1/2" across the wide part of the oval. The earrings are marked HOBE, but the bracelet is unmarked.

Enlarge photo 128
This wonderful enamel set is by Kay Denning.  A great little red, white and blue set.

Enlarge photo 129
The necklace has a push in clasp and is wearable at 16".  The bracelet is 7 1/4" with a push in clasp, and the clip earrings are almost 1 1/2" long, they have the Hobe roller on them.


Enlarge photo 130
This is Kenneth Lane's interpretation of the famous Chanel cuff.  This piece was done in the 1960's or later.  The copyright symbol is just before the Lane, with a space in between.

Enlarge photo 131
Miriam Haskell earrings are pearls and Russian gold color.  The match the necklace in the following photos.

Enlarge photo 132
Just love these J.J. cats!  This one is silver tone with black whiskers.

Enlarge photo 133
Here is one more brooch by J.J.  This cat swings from a tree brance and those birds are asking for it by being so close to a cat!

Enlarge photo 134
This is a beautiful autuum colored brooch by Florenza.  The center stone is molded glass with two tones.

Enlarge photo 135
Anyone out there have this doggie?  He is a Sharpei and he is by J.J.

Enlarge photo 136
My very first Harry Iskin brooch.  It is a good one too!  The stones are good, and the gold wash is intact.  Some wear on the back.

Enlarge photo 137
This is a little Italian purse with lime green balls all over it. The fabric underneath the balls appears to be a green silk.  I'm no expert on fabric, but that is what it looks like.

Enlarge photo 138
This little dangly set is adorable.  It is gold tone with sparkly rhinestones accenting.  The necklace is 18" long and has a fold over clasp.  The tree is 3" long.

Enlarge photo 139
The set is unmarked, and in excellent condition.  The earrings are clips and they are 1 7/8" long.


Enlarge photo 140
Mimi Di N, is the name on the back of this necklace.  The colors on this necklace are so rich.

Enlarge photo 141
This acetate flower set is a deep cobalt blue.  The set is in excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 142
The bracelets have the standard 2 1/2" opening and they have a nice vintage patina.  The walls are 1/8" and they are 3/8" wide.


Enlarge photo 143
This is an old crystal continuous drape necklace with a gold color metal at the neck.  It is wearable at 16" with a push in clasp.

Enlarge photo 144
Here is the artist's palette brooch and earring set, signed Matisse and Renoir.  The set is in excellent condition.

Banglecaddies and Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 145
This set was made by the David Anderson company of Norway.  Probably in the 1940's.  My mom purchased this set in Denmark in the 50's.

Enlarge photo 146
Pell, is the mark on this delicious pin and earring demi.  Baby blue rhinestones are set into this wonderful gold tone setting.

Enlarge photo 147
This bracelet is a wonder.  It is such a yummy shade of blue, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Enlarge photo 148
The men's jewelry on the site are from my dad.  He was in the Air Force and stationed in Denmark for a time, with the M.A.A.G.  This is why so much of it is Danish.

This particular tie clip is by E. Dragsted, and it is sterling.  Love the little Viking ship.

Enlarge photo 149
This is an outstanding piece by Georg Jensen.  Purchased in about 1954 in Copenhagen.

Enlarge photo 150
This is another piece by Georg Jensen.  It is a collar clip that goes over the tie.  It is one purchased in Denmark in the 50's.

Enlarge photo 151
Sterling silver, the apparatus clips to each collar wing, and goes just below the tie knot.  It looks really spiffy, and is in stlye now.

Judy's email
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Enlarge photo 152
This is a beautiful Coro set.  It's in great condition, with no missing stones, or dead stones.  The earrings are screw backs.

The necklace is 16" long, and the earrings are 1 1/4" across.

Price  SOLD

Enlarge photo 153
The green marbled balls are plastic.

Enlarge photo 154
These blue earrings are clips, and I'm sorry I didn't phtograph the signature on the back of the clips.

Enlarge photo 155

Enlarge photo 156
Just a small necklace, but very elegant.

Enlarge photo 157
These earrings are about 2 inches long, they are clips, and the beads are glass.

Enlarge photo 158
Here is a great brooch for your 4th of July celebration.  You can't get more patriotic than a red, white and blue eagle.  He is by Eisenberg Ice.

Enlarge photo 159
Anybody out there sell Real Estate on the side?  Here is a great brooch for your blazer lapel.  The little sold sign is articulated.

Enlarge photo 160
Be sure to enlarge these peacock photos....you will love to see the design close up.

This demi set is by R. Derosa.  It is a fur clip and clip earring set.

Enlarge photo 161
The peacock fur clip is 2 1/2" tall, and he is in excellent condition.  He has green enamel on his body, and red accents on his beak and head.  The body has slashes of yellow enamel to emulate feathers.

Enlarge photo 162
The earrings here are by Hobe.  They are cobalt blue beads, and aurora borealis beads that are green on one side.

Enlarge photo 163
This is one cool necklace.  It is 26 1/2" long and has a hook clasp.

Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry
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Enlarge photo 164
Hmmm I seem to be doing the green thing today.  Must have something to do with the Irish thing coming up soon.  St. Patrick's Day.

This wonderful green art glass necklace is 63" long, and has a clasp.

Enlarge photo 165
The set is very light weight, and in great condition.  No greenies, and nothing missing or broken.

Enlarge photo 166
This is a gorgeous pendant necklace made by the German firm Langani.

Enlarge photo 167
The pendant is 2 1/2" X 2" and is vibrant with mother of pearl and a bright metalic deep purple base.  The piece is accented with gold and purple cording. Click on the photo for details, including the black signature bead.

Enlarge photo 168
This is a set by Miriam Haskell.  A whole pile of gorgeous pink and white glass givre stones.

Enlarge photo 169
The earrings are the same color pink as the brooch, and have tiny seed beads around the swirly pink glass center stone.

Enlarge photo 170
These are some incredible Lucite hoops.  Also pictured in the book Plastic Bangles.  These will go with that Lucite jewelry that is so popular these days.

Enlarge photo 171
These Bakelite earrings are a kick.  I've never seen any quite like these.  A  tiny piece missing on the back, but not at all noticeable on the front.#8


Enlarge photo 172
On her way to the web.

Enlarge photo 173
Bracelets left to right.
Clear saucer - 20.00
Clear with spots - SOLD
Clear clamper - SOLD#9

Earrings are sold.

Enlarge photo 174
Frosted clamper and earrings.  The earrings are marked Les Bernard.

Enlarge photo 175
Ohhhh, this set is so scrumptious!
It is by Corocraft, and it has all the gorgeous colors of spring on it.

Enlarge photo 176
Carmen Miranda would be proud to own this one.  A bunch of bananas by Selini.

Enlarge photo 177
This is one doozie of a plastic bracelet.  The smooth inside is a raspberry color and the outside has 5 colors repeating around the bracelet.

Enlarge photo 178
I just love this set....I don't know why I'm selling it!  it is prystal Bakelite, and it is the most gorgeous lime green Jello color.

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Enlarge photo 179
This necklace gives a new meaning to the words "long necklace!" It is 60" long. A confirmed unsigned MIRIAM HASKELL, done in the rope style.

Enlarge photo 180
You can get three strands here if you want. :)

Enlarge photo 181
The beads are green glass, rhinestone rondells and gray baroque pearls. The clasp is a simple spring ring.w


Enlarge photo 182
This beauty is huge, and it is made by Selro.  This one makes a statement as it is 2" wide.

Enlarge photo 183
This one isn't marked, but it sure looks like the work of Miriam Haskell to me.  Just the look and feel of the piece says it to me.

Enlarge photo 184
This wonderful festoon is by Givenchy.  It is a nice size, at 20 1/2" of wearable length.  The length from the top of the center to the bottom of the drop is just about 5".

Enlarge photo 185
The stones are a pinky amethyst.  They are all there, and they are all in excellent shape.

Enlarge photo 186
The earrings are for pierced ears, and they hang 2 1/4".

Enlarge photo 187
The fold over clasp says Givenchy, Paris-New York.

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Enlarge photo 188
The necklace is wearable at 19".  The center stone is 1", or 26mm.  All stones are clear and bright.

Enlarge photo 189
A beautiful, perfect topaz set in sterling silver.  Tested on the Presidium gem tester.  The stone is perfect, no chips or cracks.  It measures 18.8mm from point to point.

Enlarge photo 190
This is a fabulous necklace.  Just clear rhinestones, but the design and the way the necklace lays is spectacular.

Enlarge photo 191
This set was a surprise to me.  It is by NAPIER.  The rootbeer colored beads are glass, and the gold colored beads are metal.

Enlarge photo 192
This is a fun mod set to wear.  The disks are large at 1 7/8" across.  The disks move, so you could have them centered, or displayed to the side.

Enlarge photo 193
The set is in excellent condition.  The large black faceted beads are plastic.

Enlarge photo 194
This is a wonderful Trifari fish!  He seems so happy!

Enlarge photo 195
Juliana necklace and earrings in a gorgeous cobalt blue.

Enlarge photo 196
The necklace is 15" and is the standard Juliana 5 links.  The earrings are clips, and are 1" long.

Both are mint.

Enlarge photo 197
Price 135.00 SOLD

Enlarge photo 198
HAR is the name on this gorgeous bracelet. It is a hinge bracelet, and the hinge works fine. The bracelet is in excellent condition. The large kernel looking things are a plastic, and there are purply green rhinestones in there too. I have seen this bracelet pictured in a book with earrings to match.w


Enlarge photo 199
These beauties are by Dominique Aurientis.  They are in excellent condition.  The pearl finish is unchipped, and the gold finish is perfect.  Probably made in the 1980's or before.

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Enlarge photo 200
Very ellegant,they are marked Dominique Aurientis Paris on each earring.  They are 1 3/8" across, and the clips are secure.  


Enlarge photo 201
This TRIFARI set is to die for!  I don't know why I'm selling this one....the colors are fabulous.

Enlarge photo 202
The stones on the necklace are prong set in a bezel setting.  The stones are color clear though...no backing on the stones at all.  Yummy!

Enlarge photo 203
This is a brooch/pendant.  You could hook this brooch to the necklace.  I tried it, and it works.  It is 1 5/8" across.

Enlarge photo 204
Here you can see the pin stem, the necklace hook and the mark.

Enlarge photo 205
The earrings are clips and they are both marked.

Enlarge photo 206
The necklace is marked on the fold over clasp.  The necklace is almost 23" long.


Enlarge photo 207
These Neiger Brothers Art Deco items are some of my favorites.  Love the jewelry and art from this time frame.  The Egyptian theme is one design that you see often in the Art Deco period - 1920's into the 1930's.
This neckace is a prime example of that design and period.

Enlarge photo 208
The back of the pendant is exactly like the front....just wanted you to know that the pendant has a design on both sides.

Enlarge photo 209
The side.  This necklace is in excellent condition.  The chain is 17" long with a spring ring clasp.  The pendant is 1 7/8" tall.

PRICE:  125.00 SOLD

Enlarge photo 210
The chain is sterling, and the pendant is molded glass.  I'm calling this as the front...the bale defines it.

Enlarge photo 211
Love this old CELLULOID pin.  It is one of the partiotic pins designed around WWII.  The V is for victory.

Enlarge photo 212
The back is smooth sided and the pin mechanism is intact.  All stones are good, and there is no wear apparent on the brooch.

Enlarge photo 213
The pin is 2 1/4" tall.

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