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Designer Necklaces
Designer necklaces.

POSTAGE is $8.00 for most items.  Actual postage will be charged for large orders, or international orders.

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Enlarge photo 1
Very appropriate, this necklace is made by FLYING COLORS.  I love this one, it is ceramic and whimsical, but the black and white colors turn it into an elegant necklace.

Enlarge photo 2
I guess it's a duck.  Funny story here....According to Glen's mom, when his younger brother was about to be born...his mom told him that she was going into the hospital, and soon would bring home a baby.  Glen thought about that for a while, and then wanted to know if she could forget the baby and bring home a duck!

Enlarge photo 3
The necklace is 19 1/2" long with a screw barrel clasp.  In excellent condition.

PRICE:  100.00

Enlarge photo 4
Anne Klein is the name on the hang tag of this necklace.  It is a gorgeous gold color.

Enlarge photo 5
This is a close up of the intricate design.

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Enlarge photo 6
The necklace is 38" long, and because it has a lobster clasp, it can be doubled, as shown here.

PRICE:  38.00

Enlarge photo 7
Here is a fantastic necklace by JUDY LEE.  It features a huge "Juliana Easter Egg" stone.

Enlarge photo 8
The necklace chain is 22" and the pendant is a titch over 2".

Enlarge photo 9
In excellent condition, it is marked on the back of the pendant.  This one would go well with the earrings on this site in Designer earrings...the Juliana earrings are about 1/3 of the way down.

PRICE  35.00

Enlarge photo 10
This is a photo of the signature hang tag.  Looks a little more coppery than it is...it matches the gold of the necklace.

PRICE  40.00

Enlarge photo 11
An excellent pendant necklace by TRIFARI.  The necklace is 31" and the pendant is 2 3/4" tall.

Enlarge photo 12
I'm calling this a mask....looks like one to me.  In mint condition.

You could double this chain and wear the necklace with the pendant at the neck.

Enlarge photo 13
Here is the mark.  Although this piece looks like one done by Diane Love for Trifari, it is not.  Confirmed by Diane Love.

PRICE 28.00

Enlarge photo 14
This one is by Hobe.  It is a yummy bright lemon yellow and lavender moon glow beads.

Enlarge photo 15
The beads are strung on wire, and the necklace is marked Hobe on the gold colored findings.

The necklace is 19 1/2" including the 3" extender chain.

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PRICE  45.00

Enlarge photo 16
This necklace is two necklaces.

This is my movie star set.  Yep, it's starring in Leigh Leshner's Hidden Treasures video.  She made a few, and I can't remember which one this necklace was in.  The bit was only seconds long....but anyway....there it was.  :)

Enlarge photo 17
The set is by Celebrity, and this photo shows that the center chain can be disengaged and worn as a one chain necklace.

The round parts of the necklace are clear glass centers.  The necklace is 40" at the longest chain.  The center chain is about 28" long.

PRICE  45.00

Enlarge photo 18
This gorgeous necklace is by TRIFARI.  It is brushed gold tone, and emerald speckled stones.

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Enlarge photo 19
I'm sure there are earrings out there that go with this necklace.  The necklace is 17" and has the extra piece in there so that you can shorten it if you want.

PRICE  15.00

Enlarge photo 20
This gold necklace is like smooooth, like butta.  It is by NAPIER.  And it is mint.

Enlarge photo 21
It is 20 1/2" and is marked Napier.  Also, has the copywright symbol and F90.  The patent number is 4,774,743.

PRICE 22.00

Enlarge photo 22
Very elegant and sparkly is this gorgeous choker necklace by GIVENCHY, PARIS-NEW YORK.

The necklace is very clean....no scratches, metal wear or dead rhinestones.  The chain is a cobra style and is in excellent condition.

Enlarge photo 23
The clasp works well, and it is a fold over type clasp.  It is signed on the back of the clasp...GIVENCHY.

Enlarge photo 24
The necklace is signed behind the center focal, GIVENCHY PARIS-NEW YORK.

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Enlarge photo 25
The necklace is a choker style and is wearable at 17".  Very comfortable and really stylish.  A simple gold earring, or one with clear stones on it would be great with this necklace.  You will love it.

PRICE  28.00

Enlarge photo 26
D&E Elephant necklace.  The elephant is on page 256 of Ann Pitman's Juliana Reference book.

This one is a brushed silver tone.  It has the exact chain, clasp and construction as the one in the book. It is in two pieces so the figure is articulated. He is all curly and swirly.  Black glass eyes.
Chain is 25" long....elephant is 3 1/2" tall.

Enlarge photo 27
He's soooo cute!  Look at all those curls.

Enlarge photo 28

Enlarge photo 29
The back.

Enlarge photo 30
He moves.

Enlarge photo 31
From the side.


TO PLACE AN ORDER - Judy's email
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Banglecaddies & Vintage Costume Jewelry

Enlarge photo 32
DeLillo is the name on this necklace.  Not for the timid....this one is a show stopper.  The necklace is in excellent condition, having been recently re strung.

Enlarge photo 33
Sort of a hairy looking thing, the gold colored dangly things have tortoise colored plastic beads and brass spacers too.

Enlarge photo 34
This is the eye behind all the dangly things.  A tortoise colored cab that is plastic, and is 1 1/2" across.

Enlarge photo 35
The back is nicely finished with filagree.

Enlarge photo 36
These earrings are by Trifari, but they look smashing with this deLillo necklace.  I am going to include these with the necklace at no extra charge if you want them.

Enlarge photo 37
The mark on the back of these Trifari clip earrings.  They are 1 1/2" long.

Enlarge photo 38
The bow hook includes a hang tag that says deLillo on one side.  The wearable length is 19" which includes the extender chain.

PRICE  325.00

Enlarge photo 39
This bright necklace is by JOAN RIVERS.  It is very well made and the colors are vibrant.

Enlarge photo 40

Enlarge photo 41
The clasp is a lobster type, and is signed with a hang tag.

Enlarge photo 42
The necklace is 17" and has an extension of 4" added to that.

PRICE  40.00

Enlarge photo 43
Do you like frogs?  This one is rather elegant for a frog....he is golden and on a large golden chain.

By Mimidin, this little guy will look wonderful on you.

Enlarge photo 44
The frog is 2 1/4" long, and the necklace is wearable at 23".

Enlarge photo 45
The frog is marked on the back...Mimidin and the mark at the top of this photo is 1971.

PRICE:  225.00

Enlarge photo 46
This is a sterling necklace produced by Norwegian Uni David Andersen in the 1960's.  
The abstract art piece may be used as a necklace, or a brooch.

Enlarge photo 47
Uni is evidently the great grandaughter of David Andersen, who founded the Norweigan company.

Enlarge photo 48
The necklace is 27 1/2" long with a spring ring clasp.  The pendant is 1 3/4" long.

Enlarge photo 49
Here you can see the pin stem and the hook for the necklace.

Enlarge photo 50
The mark reads
UNI 925 S DA
Norway Sterling


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